My Funny Consort Chapter 17 Will You Come With Me?

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Will you come with me?

Seeing Madame Qian this way, Qian Jiujiu couldn't help but have a bad premonition. Could it be that her original body's aunt was in trouble?

Otherwise, how could he not look? This wasn't good. Since she had taken over the original body, she naturally had an additional responsibility to the original aunt.

Furthermore, she had come today to discuss a very important matter with the concubine. She was not allowed to meet with anyone? How can that be?

And when Madame Qian heard Qian Jiujiu's voice, she couldn't help but feel dissatisfied, she even said with a happy face, "My daughter, you're now a n.o.ble princess."

"Those people who are not in a hurry are also not easy to see. You only need to know that your mother is very good. Isn't that fine?"

When Qian Jiujiu heard this, she snorted coldly. She still wanted to say something, but she was already able to hear the words of the Madame Qian, "Furthermore, the Aunt Wan is not feeling well, and is not suited to entertaining guests."

"Ninety-nine. If you want your aunt to be fine, then you better be obedient."

"I thought you didn't care about your aunt when you first came in!" Since you care, then we can have a good chat. "

Seeing Madame Qian's change in expression, Qian Jiujiu couldn't help but feel amused. It seems that these people had long discussed about giving her the status of direct daughter.

This was to show her weakness so that she would feel that she could bully them and then reveal her purpose for coming back.

Now that she said it herself, they thought that they had gotten hold of Qian Jiujiu's weakness and could openly threaten her like this.

When Qian Jiujiu thought of this, she could not help but make two tsk sounds. "Everyone says that the older the spicier, the more powerful the Madame Qian is."

"So you're now prepared to see through me and use my aunt to threaten me?"

Madame Qian laughed as she looked at Qian Jiujiu: "What Jiu Jiu said is not right, we are all family, what threat are you talking about! Furthermore, we do want to know something. "

"Tell me everything that happened to you in the Prince's Mansion, or else I'm afraid your aunt is in trouble."

Qian Jiujiu smirked: "Madame Qian thinks I'm stupid! I've already told you, what else can I use to exchange for it? Actually, it's not hard for you to find out. I still have the same words, I want to see my aunt. "

"Otherwise, we wouldn't have to be afraid of shoes on our bare feet. In fact, my Prince has been very good to me in the past few days. If I brought him to kill my way out the door and brought my aunt out, what would be the result? "

Madame Qian laughed coldly: "Who do you think you are? You can order your highness around now? "

Do you know who the ones accompanying me today are? Dong Chen, you must be's personal bodyguard. "

Madame Qian hesitated a bit when she heard this. If that was really the case, then this Qian Jiujiu really received a favor from the Duke Palaces?

Just like that, did the Xiao Prince see anything special? When Qian Jiujiu saw the look in Madame Qian's eyes and the disdain in her eyes, he could not help but let out a cough.

What was wrong with her appearance? Although she wasn't a beauty that could topple empires, she was still a piece of jade from a small family. Besides, her skin had turned red from the recent days, making her look even cuter.

Why did it seem like she was disdainful in the eyes of that old woman? This really angered her to death.

"Actually, I have to thank my wife and sister for this! This word 'eight' is just right. If it were elder sister's' eight ', then it might not be good for the prince. "

"But for my eight words, Your Highness has asked for the approval of a master, w.a.n.gfu! "Of course it's against people. It's just that those who were restrained by me were all blessed people."

"In other words, the Blessed One cannot suppress my orders."

When Qian Jiujiu saw how the three thousand girls were angered to death by him, it was not because she instantly felt carefree in her heart, but rather, she knew this very well.

The reason why this woman from thousand used her to marry was because she wanted to say that she was the bandit, but now, he was the bandit, instead of the bandit.

They had completely cured the Xiao Prince that was almost dead. Madame Qian's face changed, it was not because of the light, but because she had thought of another matter.

"Qian Jiujiu, then doesn't that mean that Xiao Prince already knows about you not being direct daughter?"

Qian Jiujiu blinked, "I don't know. Isn't the capital's number one beauty always wearing a veil when she goes out? "Oh, I understand. Say those eight words."

"Speaking of this, it's quite a coincidence. On the day of our wedding, wasn't there a master who came here and said that it wouldn't be appropriate to say anything about Xiao Prince?"

"That's why I said my 'eight' and 'these are my original eight'. I didn't doubt it and I believed it just like that."

Qian Jiujiu said it in a simple manner, but Madame Qian and the rest could not believe it so easily, and they did not know if what Qian Jiujiu had said was true or not.

"Alright, Madame Qian, I don't want to talk to you anymore. I want to see my aunt. And I've already told you all about the Xiao w.a.n.g Manor's matter. "

"If you guys don't let me see, I'll call Dong Chen in. I might as well barge in right now."

The Madame Qian looked at Qian Jiujiu. It was indeed different from the past, she actually dared to challenge the Shang Shu Fu at once.

However, there was no problem if he let her take a look at that sickly plant. "Sure, you go take a look then."

He then looked at the big girl beside her, "Bring Esteemed w.a.n.gfei there."

Qian Jiujiu did not mind, shsheonly acknowledged her and followed the head maid. When she came out, he saw the Qian Shang Shu and the Third Prince standing there.

Based on the original owner's memories, Qian Jiujiu recognized the third prince at a glance. However, he didn't go forward and turned around as if he didn't see him.

Qian Jiujiu was actually wondering in her heart, just how did this Qian Shang Shu get the position of Minister?

Did he feel that he had lived too long by brazenly partic.i.p.ating in the battle for the throne? This won't do. She had to hurry so that her aunt wouldn't be dragged down to death by these people.

After thinking for a while, he arrived at a dilapidated courtyard: "Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, we have arrived. This servant will wait here for you."

Qian Jiujiu replied, she was not too concerned about it, and directly walked in, looking at the person in front of him, she laid on the bed, looking weak.

The most puzzling thing was that she was dressed in coa.r.s.e hemp clothes, and it was impossible to tell that she was a concubine from Shang Shu Fu, so they thought that she was a peasant woman!

The corner of Qian Jiujiu's mouth twitched twice, but a familiar feeling surfaced in her heart. It was a little wronged, a little uncomfortable.

Affected, Qian Jiujiu's eyes were somewhat moist. She walked over and looked at the person on the bed: "Mother."

Aunt Wan, who was on the bed, struggled to open her eyes. Looking at the person in front of her, her eyes flashed with joy. It's Mother who's come back. "

All these years, Aunt Wan also lived with Qian Jiujiu in the villa, the two of them relying on each other for survival.

He had not expected that such a calamity would come and bring the mother and daughter back, yet they had immediately separated as mother and daughter. When he saw Qian Jiujiu again, how could the Aunt Wan not be excited?

But when he got excited, Aunt Wan immediately coughed out blood, which startled Qian Jiujiu.

"Mother, Mother, what happened to you?"

In the panic, the voice of the calling mother blurted out, it did not feel out of place, and even forgot to hide in the middle of anxiety, he directly grabbed Aunt Wan's hand and started checking his pulse.

The expression on her face became uglier and uglier. Aunt Wan had only been back to the manor for a few days, but these people couldn't tolerate her.

Qian Jiujiu's expression became even more unsightly, "Mother, let me bring you away, this place is simply a wolf's lair."

The Aunt Wan looked at Qian Jiujiu, "Mother's Jiu Er is so capable, but mother's incompetent. She allowed you to marry that …"

"Mother, Prince is very well. Today, I came to see you because I have something to ask you."

"Mom, are you willing to come with me?"

Aunt Wan was startled for a moment, then shook his head: "Mother's Jiu Er is very filial, but Mother cannot continue to implicate you, since you said that the Prince is not bad."

"Then you can just stay by my side and don't have to worry about me, okay? Mother knows. I'm afraid it's been a few days since I've recuperated. "

Hearing that this Aunt Wan was about to die, and was still thinking about him, although she was only the mother of this body, at this moment, Qian Jiujiu was still moved.

Hugging Aunt Wan tightly, "Mother, listen to me. We have relied on each other for so many years. You can't leave me behind, your body. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. "

"I still want you to live a good life, a long and long life. I want you to see my child being born in the future. You still have to help me take care of my child!"

"I just want to ask you, if I have a way, to let Qian Shang Shu let you free, are you willing to go with me and leave you alone?"

Aunt Wan suddenly laughed, "You fool, Mother is only her concubine. Mother has nothing in her life. "

"You're the only one left. If it weren't for you supporting my mother in the manor all these years, my mother would have died a long time ago. If I could take my concubine, my mother would be willing to leave with you."

Qian Jiujiu scratched her head. That was true, her mother was not the real wife, so she naturally did not need to leave. As for the letter, it was much simpler.

Furthermore, hearing that this mother was willing to follow him, Qian Jiujiu's heart was overjoyed. She looked at Aunt Wan and said, "Mother, open your mouth."

Aunt Wan did not doubt him. His mouth was naturally stuffed with detoxification pill s by Qian Jiujiu.

"Mother, this is the detoxification pill. The prince gave it to me. You must promise me, you must wait here for me to come pick you up, and take care of yourself. "

Aunt Wan heard about the detoxification pill, "You foolish child, I leave such a thing with you to protect your life. How can you give it to me?"

Seeing that Aunt Wan was speaking in such a rush for her sake, Qian Jiujiu smiled as she looked at him.

"Mom, don't worry. Your daughter still has more. Remember to wait for me. I'll definitely come back and pick you up. "

My Funny Consort Chapter 17 Will You Come With Me?

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