My Funny Consort Chapter 23 Qing Guifei Came

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Mu Yexiao looked at the table filled with breakfast, he was very satisfied. No matter what, the Qian Jiujiu in front of him, although she looked a little ordinary, she did not know how to draw a zither or calligraphy.

But at least he could still grab onto's stomach. Mu Yexiao was barely satisfied with this person as he sat down with Qian Jiujiu and had breakfast together.

The ancient people all talked about not eating in the bedroom, while she understood that if you sleep, you don't speak, but if you don't, Qian Jiujiu indicated that it would be very difficult.

After seeing Mu Yexiao eat half of it, Qian Jiujiu could no longer hold back and asked: "How's the taste?"

Mu Yexiao glanced at Qian Jiujiu: "No rules."

After saying that, he lowered his head to continue eating. Qian Jiujiu's heart was in her throat, what did that mean? She was just concerned about it.

Ungrateful to his good intentions, Qian Jiujiu's shoulders instantly collapsed, and no longer bothered with Mu Yexiao. Even after he finished his breakfast, he still continued to ignore Mu Yexiao.

Mu Yexiao frowned, and looked at Qian Jiujiu: "Qian Jiujiu, what are you doing? With a listless look? "

In the past few days, it was Mu Yexiao's first time seeing Qian Jiujiu like this. Qian Jiujiu rolled her eyes.

With a snort, he turned his head away and ignored them. Mu Yexiao closed the door and was a little conflicted. He suddenly thought of something and glanced at Qian Jiujiu.

"Qian Jiujiu, I remember something. Do you want to hear it or not, if you don't, don't regret it."

Qian Jiujiu turned her head to look at Mu Yexiao: "I wonder what Your Highness is talking about? Don't regret it yet, I'll just listen to it. "

This att.i.tude caused Mu Yexiao to be displeased, but compared to that, he disliked it even more. Qian Jiujiu's lifeless look made him sigh.

"I remember that your aunt's condition doesn't seem too good. This King had originally wanted to send someone to protect her from the shadows. It seems that this person doesn't appreciate it."

When Qian Jiujiu heard this, her eyes instantly lit up. "Is what the Duke said true? You want to help me protect my Aunt?"

Mu Yexiao couldn't help but find it funny when he saw Qian Jiujiu's spirit rise all of a sudden, "This king has always been …"

As he said till here, Mu Yexiao deliberately stopped, just to see Qian Jiujiu become anxious. His original intention was to say, that this king had always been so generous.

However, when Qian Jiujiu heard that she was not speaking anymore, she started to make wild guesses. Squinting her eyes, she thought about it. The two of them were partners after all. Since they were going to put in some effort, they naturally couldn't let them do it for free.

Thinking about it, Qian Jiujiu looked like she had suddenly come to a realization as she looked at Mu Yexiao.

"I understand. Your Highness, are you saying that you've never made a loss in any business? You can rest a.s.sured on this point. If you get someone to protect my mother, I won't let you suffer any losses."

"Speak. Whatever you want me to do, I will promise you anything within my abilities."

Mu Yexiao looked at Qian Jiujiu with suspicion as her brows knitted together further. "Qian Jiujiu, what kind of image does this duke have in your heart?"

What image? Was the prince having a fit today? Why are you suddenly concerned about this? Blinking his eyes, he said, "Your highness' image is really high and mighty."

"My reverence for you is like a torrential river."

"Alright, what nonsense are you talking about? I want to say that This King is a man of great promise, so of course I will. Alright, This King will send people to protect your mother."

"Dong Chen, push me out for a walk."

Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao's leaving background in shock. Did she say something wrong? She was clearly praising him, yet she left just like that!

"Hong Ling, why did your master leave? You even rudely interrupted me. "

Hong Ling immediately looked towards the direction where Mu Yexiao left in a pitiful manner, and was at a loss as to how to answer Qian Jiujiu. In fact, even she herself was a little confused.

He could only shake his head, "This servant doesn't know why Mistress is angry. "How about you, Princess, cook a delicious meal to coax the Prince in the afternoon?"

Qian Jiujiu rolled her eyes, and humphed haughtily: "Why should I coax him? I didn't do anything wrong, why would I coax him? "

Hong Chou thought for a while, then said: "Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, this servant saw that the Duke had promised to protect your mother, shouldn't I thank the Duke?"

That's right! Qian Jiujiu nodded her head: "That's more like it, then I'll go to the kitchen now."

After Mu Yexiao left, he became a little depressed, because what kind of image did he have in Qian Jiujiu's heart?

He really wanted to know, but if he were to ask Qian Jiujiu, he would probably spout nonsense, making it so that no one could hurt him. Mu Yexiao couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Why did it seem like he had met Qian Jiujiu, as if he had met her nemesis?

He glanced at Dong Chen and said, "Dong Chen, go take a look. What is the w.a.n.gfei doing?"

There were a hundred thousand things in Dong Chen's heart that he was unwilling to do, so he looked at Mu Yexiao, "Your Highness, why do you care so much about her? Do you really want her to be an imperial concubine? "

Mu Yexiao did not get angry after hearing Dong Chen's words. Instead, he carefully considered for a moment.

Dong Chen actually didn't want to roll his eyes, but he couldn't help it. "But Your Highness, she's just a concubinage.

"I definitely won't agree. If you put in too much effort, you'll be the one injured."

Mu Yexiao frowned: "You mean to say, my Concubine Mother will beat them up?"

Just as Mu Yexiao finished speaking, he heard the voice of a woman: "What is my son saying? What do you mean beating up a mandarin duck? "Who do I want to hit?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Mu Yexiao jumped in shock. He turned his head to look at Qing Guifei who had walked in and asked in disbelief, "Concubine Mother, why are you here?"

Qing Guifei coldly snorted. "I heard that you went to the Shang Shu Fu yesterday when you were returning to your room? You child, what do you mean you? Don't you know your royal father and mother are worried about your health? "

"You can go out now, but you actually didn't come to the palace to see us, instead, you went to that Shang Shu Fu. That's right, where is your w.a.n.gfei?"

"I've made it so that she can't even go to the palace to pay her respects. I told her to stay in the mansion and take good care of your prince. Where is she?"

Dong Chen lowered his head, looking calm, as if he didn't hear anything. But Mu Yexiao had a headache, his Concubine Mother was very valiant.

He knew, it seems like not mentioning beating the mandarin ducks, he had already come to cause trouble.

Mu Yexiao coughed twice, "Concubine Mother, Jiu Jiu she …"

When Qing Guifei heard this unfamiliar name, he could not help but become a little doubtful. "Wait, who is this ninety-nine? Concubine Mother is asking about your w.a.n.gfei Qian Yuge, not about 99%. "

Mu Yexiao thought that he could not even hide that stupid woman, or to be exact, he did not hide anything from him, not to mention the smart and powerful Concubine Mother that he had hidden from him.

It would be better to speak honestly. With him protecting her, nothing would happen to her. Thinking of this, Mu Yexiao decided to tell the truth.

"Concubine Mother, my son's w.a.n.gfei is Qian Jiujiu, not Qian Yuge."

Qing Guifei opened his eyes wide, "What did you say? But I remember that your royal father bestowed this marriage to me, was clearly Qian Yuge, what is Qian Jiujiu supposed to be? "

Mu Yexiao had a headache: "Concubine Mother, is Qian Jiujiu a human?

n.o.ble person? Qing Guifei could not help but be puzzled, looking at Mu Yexiao: "How expensive is it?"

Cough cough! Mu Yexiao felt like he was being held back, and sighed: "Concubine Mother, do you want this son of yours to stand up?"

When Qing Guifei heard this, he was instantly agitated. He looked at Mu Yexiao: "My son found a genius doctor? That would really be great. If it wasn't for Concubine Mother being careless at the moment, I definitely wouldn't have let anything happen to you. "

After speaking of the matter of the accident, Mu Yexiao's face immediately turned cold: "We can't blame the Concubine Mother, it's all because of those people that they were truly ruthless. But the son is destined not to be ruined. "

"This Qian Jiujiu is the one who can cure this son, so this son wishes Concubine Mother, on account of this matter, to not bother about the ident.i.ty of this son."

Qing Guifei opened his mouth: "Your son isn't lying to me? Is a little girl really able to save you? "

Mu Yexiao nodded his head, "This son knows my own body very well. Now, I can sit in a wheelchair and come out to bask in the sun.

"I'm waiting for my body to get better before I start gambling on myself. After that, I'll be able to heal my legs."

Qing Guifei saw that Mu Yexiao's words were logical, and believed this matter temporarily: "Then let me see this Qian Jiujiu."

Mu Yexiao naturally would not stop him. After thinking for a moment, he still did not know what Qian Jiujiu was doing. He glanced at Dong Chen.

Then, he used his eyes to signal Dong Chen, telling him to hurry up and tell Qian Jiujiu that her Concubine Mother, Qing Guifei, was here.

Dong Chen naturally received it too, only that these two people's expressions did not escape Qing Guifei's eyes. Seeing that Dong Chen was about to leave, Qing Guifei coldly snorted.

"Wait a moment, I want to go with you. I want to see what your w.a.n.gfei is doing now."

He then looked at Dong Chen, "Dong Chen, why aren't you leading the way?"

Dong Chen led the way helplessly, while Mu Yexiao also followed. When he saw the butler of the manor, he fiercely glared at him.

The butler felt that something was amiss. That did not matter to him at all, as the Imperial Concubine had forbidden him to report Yun Che.

With their heads lowered, they naturally followed behind her. Hence, the group of people walked towards the courtyard Qian Jiujiu was currently living in.

Qian Jiujiu was busy cooking in the kitchen, sniffing the chicken soup that had stopped for a few hours, it was really fragrant.

Mu Yexiao would definitely like it later.

Thinking of this, Qian Jiujiu became happy.

At this time, Qing Guifei had also arrived, yet there was not a single person who was looking at the w.a.n.gfei's courtyard.

My Funny Consort Chapter 23 Qing Guifei Came

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