My Funny Consort Chapter 44 Break His Legs

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Break his legs

Mu Yexiao was a little baffled by Qian Jiujiu's sudden words of thanks. She coughed unnaturally: "Are you still going to open the medicine store?"

Qian Jiujiu nodded his head: "Why not? I have the skills, and I even have you as my background, right? At most, I'll give you 30%. "

"At most thirty percent. If it gets any more, I won't be opening the gate."

The corner of Mu Yexiao's mouth twitched as he looked at Qian Jiujiu. But whatever, just let her be happy.

"Fine, thirty percent. I really want to see if my w.a.n.gfei is also very talented in the mall."

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes. Inherent skill? "I just want to open a shop and make a move on the pills in my hand."

"I really don't have any talent, but I can sell some of them, or I can sell some beauty pills."

Thinking about it here, Qian Jiujiu became excited: "Let's go, let's go and find a medicine shop to buy medicine."

Cough cough! Mu Yexiao expressed his helplessness, wife, are you really going to do business like this? It seemed like he should find a capable female owner for his wife.

Thinking up to here, Mu Yexiao took a glance at Dong Chen: "Dong Chen, go call a female owner over."

The expression on Dong Chen's face was somewhat cracked. "Your Highness, are you really so pampered?"

However, he still replied, "This subordinate understands."

Qian Jiujiu also heard what Mu Yexiao said, looked at his, and suddenly realised, Mu Yexiao was very good to her, and smiled to his.

"My prince, where do you think we should go to buy medicinal herbs?" I can't just keep going to the medicine store, it would be a loss for me. "

Mu Yexiao could not help but look up into the sky. My wife, your husband is a prince, he is not a merchant who knows everything.

"Jiu Er, let's go back first. There's still a lot of time in the future, let's find the shop to talk. Your husband will be responsible for finding a very talented person to appear for you, will you? "

Qian Jiujiu thought for a while, and accepted it: "Alright then, since it's getting dark, let's go back."

When the group of people returned home, Qian Jiujiu saw that she was in a dilemma to open a medicine store and couldn't help but feel depressed.

Why did the other female hosts, who had just thought of something to do, suddenly find it difficult?

Was this a warning from the heavens? Whatever she was thinking about, forget it, she would just treat Mu Yexiao first, other things would have to be done slowly.

After quickly eating dinner, Qian Jiujiu once again prepared the medicinal liquid she prepared for Mu Yexiao, and pushed him in.

Qian Jiujiu waited at the side for Mu Yexiao to wake up. This time, after Mu Yexiao spat out a large mouthful of blood, Qian Jiujiu was a little surprised.

"I thought you needed three times to cure the poison! I wish I hadn't thought of it twice. "

Qian Jiujiu was a little confused. Seems like the ancient herbs were not contaminated, so the effects are even better? Thinking about this reasoning, Qian Jiujiu couldn't help but laugh.

Mu Yexiao was startled: "So you mean that the poison in my body has been removed?"

Qian Jiujiu nodded: "That's right, congratulations to you, Mu Yexiao, the poison in your body has been cleansed, and now it's time to treat your legs, it's just that your legs are a little painful."

Mu Yexiao found it funny, "I'm not afraid of pain. As long as I can stand up again, I'll be able to endure everything else."

Qian Jiujiu coughed twice. "My treatment methods are also very brutal, after your legs were broken, you haven't been able to walk well on the street, so you're somewhat deformed."

"I'm going to break your legs again and help you reattach them. The previous month has been especially important, so I can't let anyone disturb you."

"That's why both you and I need to stay home for a month."

Mu Yexiao nodded his head, not even frowning a single bit: "Okay, this matter, no problem. I will announce to the outside world tomorrow that the disease has occurred, and we will not see anyone within a month."

Qian Jiujiu nodded her head: "This is for the best, then you should first take care of it for two days, in these two days, it would be best for your body to be in peak condition."

In this regard, Mu Yexiao naturally listened to Qian Jiujiu and looked at him. "If that's the case, then I'll teach you inner force. I'll teach you Qing Gong when I'm done."

"This way, if you encounter any danger, at least you can escape first."

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes: "Why do your words sound like I can only run away?"

Hearing Qian Jiujiu's words, Mu Yexiao could not help but be amused: "I'm just in case. Alright, let me teach you."

Qian Jiujiu looked at the sky outside. It was already very late, was it time to rest? But Mu Yexiao had no intention to leave at all, on the contrary, he was teaching her very seriously.

This made Qian Jiujiu a little unsure. Was it really not an excuse that Mu Yexiao had thought of ways to stay?

Forget it, since Mu Yexiao wanted to teach his, she should learn from him. It was rare for a man and woman to be serious in teaching one another by the bedside.

The only thing left was the warm glow of the red candle.

The next day, early in the morning, Mu Yexiao got the butler to spread the news that his body had a relapse and that he had closed door for a month to thank his guest.

The people who received this news naturally had different reactions. Within the Imperial Palace, the Emperor thought of something and did not care about this matter.

Just when Qing Guifei wanted to leave the palace to meet Mu Yexiao, he was stopped by the Emperor, which made Qing Guifei a little unhappy.

And inside the Duke Palaces, Qian Jiujiu was currently looking at Mu Yexiao with a serious expression, "Your Highness, I'm going to make my move."

Mu Yexiao nodded: "Go ahead."

Such a serious conversation made the two bodyguards beside Mu Yexiao a little dazed. He wondered what this couple was up to now.

Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao's leg, and then burst out: "But I don't have any Qi, it's painful to be broken like this, how about Dong Chen do it, he's quick and accurate."

Suddenly, Dong Chen heard his own name mentioned by his wife. He felt a little helpless, as he didn't know what was going on.

Actually, what Qian Jiujiu was thinking was that now that she had broken both of her legs, what if she had to settle the score with her in the future? Moreover, she would leave Mu Yexiao in the future.

Even if Mu Yexiao did not have such thoughts, what about Mu Yexiao's new w.a.n.gfei? Would he cause trouble for her? He was only thinking about the matter of Mu Yexiao having a new w.a.n.gfei in the future.

Qian Jiujiu immediately felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, but she quickly put this matter aside and looked at Dong Chen.

"Dong Chen, come over here quickly. Break both of your Duke's legs."

Dong Chen was stunned, as if his entire body had been frozen solid. He looked at Qian Jiujiu and asked, "Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, are you joking?"

Qian Jiujiu looked at Dong Chen with some unhappiness: "You're going to do it if I tell you to, when did I joke around?"

With a snort, Dong Chen looked towards the prince, wanting him to break his legs. How could this be?

Although he couldn't stand up, but …

"If you keep blabbering, I'll break your legs."

Dong Chen silently cried in his heart! Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, can you not be so crude? Mu Yexiao could not watch any longer, and glared at Dong Chen: "Dong Chen, hurry up and make your move, this is an order."

Hearing Mu Yexiao's words, the thing did not dare say anymore, and directly attacked him. After a few cracking sounds, Mu Yexiao once again felt the pain of his legs being broken.

The cold sweat on her forehead had all stayed, and Qian Jiujiu also felt a bit of heartache when she saw this. But she quickly took out a plywood and other things to tie up Mu Yexiao's legs.

After doing all this, Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao, "Alright, your highness, in this month, you cannot get out of bed, you cannot move.

"Of course it's the same, I'll control your diet for one month. A bowl of soup with a big bone is served every day. "

Dong Chen and Nan Feng looked at each other. From beginning to end, he had seen how the prince's legs had been broken and how skillfully he had handled it.

They didn't even blink their eyes. How cruel and hard was her heart? It was only at this moment that Dong Chen and Nan Feng finally had a sliver of recognition towards this w.a.n.gfei in their hearts.

He felt that as expected of the prince of his own clan who had taken a fancy to them. He was usually careless and had done so just to conceal himself. After all, although Qian Jiujiu looked very stupid, he had been in the Palace for a long time.

It was as if nothing bad had ever happened. It was as if others had suffered a loss.

Immediately, Qian Jiujiu's image in both Dong Chen's and Nan Feng's hearts became lofty and lofty. However, Qian Jiujiu had already turned around and went to prepare lunch for Mu Yexiao.

Mu Yexiao sat on the bed, but being unable to move his feet did not affect him from doing other things. "Dong Chen, have you invited the person you invited over yet?"

Dong Chen looked at Mu Yexiao with a little puzzlement: "There are already people waiting, but Your Highness, you've given the order to thank our guest behind closed doors for a month. If you bring him back, would it be a little inappropriate?"

Qian Jiujiu walked in while carrying a bowl of bone soup, and immediately asked after hearing Dong Chen's words: "What's inappropriate? Mu Yexiao, where are you unwell? "

After saying that, Qian Jiujiu immediately put the bowl to the side, and then took Mu Yexiao's pulse. What's wrong with that? "

Mu Yexiao found it funny, but in the end he did not laugh out loud. He was only secretly happy, it seemed that Qian Jiujiu was still worried about him.

That's right, it was precisely like this. Unknowingly, he had fused himself into her heart, causing her to be unable to leave him no matter what.

"It's not my illness, I'm fine. I found a manager who's good at doing business for you."

So this was what he was talking about, "There's no rush. I'm mainly looking at your injuries. Let go of the rest. Unless you go back on your word when you've recovered?"

Mu Yexiao said somewhat helplessly, "This king will naturally not go back on his words."

My Funny Consort Chapter 44 Break His Legs

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