My Funny Consort Chapter 47 It Is More Precious Than Anything Else

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Seeing Qian Jiujiu welcoming him pa.s.sionately, Qian Yuge could not help but be shocked, but soon after, she became complacent. Looking at Qian Jiujiu, he snorted with her nose to the sky. (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU))

He came to Qian Jiujiu's front: "Yo, isn't this Princess Xiao!? Who did I think it was! Why didn't you act arrogantly in your Xiao w.a.n.g Manor, and even run out to the Shang Shu Fu to do something? "

"Oh, I almost forgot, you're about to be unable to continue acting arrogantly, aren't you? That sickly prince of yours is going to die, hahaha. "

Qian Jiujiu really wanted to roll her eyes, was there a need to be so proud! However, she still lowered her head: "Elder sister, I am your younger sister, and I am representing you to marry the Xiao Prince Lord.

Qian Yuge coldly snorted, "What, you still want to threaten me? Qian Jiujiu, you are very brave. You think that you are amazing just because you have become an imperial concubine, don't you? "

"You actually dared to humiliate me in front of so many people. Don't tell me that you think this debt will be settled just like that?"

Qian Jiujiu asked with an innocent expression, "Big sister, why are you saying things like that? That day, it was clearly that Zheng Fu who pushed you down. I didn't know that you had pimples on your face that day. "

"That's right. Speaking of pimples, big sis, you've recovered so quickly. Look at your face, you've actually recovered so quickly."

As Qian Jiujiu said this, she wanted to reach out and touch Qian Yuge's face, but was pushed away by Qian Yuge. "Scram!

"See if I beat you to death today."

Seeing that Qian Yuge was really going to attack, Qian Jiujiu pretended to be shocked as she stood up and started to run all over the courtyard. In fact, she was thinking about which door to go out from to find Hong Ling.

Right now, Jiu Jiu really misses Hong Ling. Come and lead the way. It was a pity that Qian Jiujiu's hopes were destined to fail, because she had chosen the opposite door.

Behind the door, the Qian Shang Shu and the Third Prince Mu Yesheng were both standing there. And under Qian Jiujiu's panic, without turning back, they actually b.u.mped into the Third Prince Mu Yesheng.

It was fortunate that Mu Yesheng managed to hold Qian Jiujiu back and kept him from falling to the ground. However, Qian Yuge caught up to him and she saw how Qian Jiujiu and Third Prince Mu Yesheng looked at each other.

She was so angry that she did not care about maintaining her image in front of Mu Yesheng anymore, and directly rushed towards Qian Jiujiu, cursing loudly.

"Qian Jiujiu, you shameless little b.i.t.c.h. Little b.i.t.c.h, your Prince is still lying on the bed and not dead yet! You want to seduce your sister's man and see if I'll beat you to death today? "

Qian Jiujiu clicked her tongue twice, feeling hungry, she said those rude words. Seeing that Qian Yuge was about to pounce on him, and the person in front of him was already prepared, Qian Jiujiu immediately dodged to the side.

Hiding behind Third Prince Mu Yesheng, he looked at Qian Yuge with a face full of grievance: "Big sister, I'm not here, don't wrongly accuse me."

Qian Yuge saw that Qian Jiujiu had always been hiding and hiding near Third Prince Mu Yesheng and had already determined that Qian Jiujiu was doing this on purpose.

No matter what Qian Jiujiu said, she would not believe it. Furthermore, she must teach Qian Jiujiu a good lesson today in order to avenge the fact that Qian Jiujiu caused her to fall into the water.

Qian Jiujiu was naturally clear of Qian Yuge's thoughts as well. "Big sister, I really wasn't the one who caused you to fall into the water, it was Zheng Fu, this isn't related to me, why did you keep hitting me?"

Just as Qian Yuge was about to catch up with Qian Jiujiu, and just as Qian Yuge's hand was about to land on Qian Jiujiu's face, someone suddenly grabbed onto her hand. The one who stopped Qian Yuge was the third prince, Mu Yesheng.

Qian Yuge looked at Mu Yesheng with a face full of shock: "Third Prince, don't stop me, I must properly teach this little b.i.t.c.h a lesson today."

Mu Yesheng instead coughed, "Alright Yu Ge, no matter what, Little Sister Jiu Er is still an imperial concubine of the Xiao Prince, how can you be so rude?!"

When Qian Jiujiu heard this, her eyebrows raised, it looked like Mu Yesheng believed the news that Xiao Prince was about to die? With a bitter face, she looked at Mu Yesheng.

He wanted to say something but he didn't. That look of wanting to say something but wanting to stop made Qian Yuge so angry that he almost died. Qian Jiujiu never thought that Mu Yesheng's possessiveness would actually be so strong at his age.

This was an ancient version of a jealous woman. Mu Yesheng's appet.i.te was really heavy, and any person could get his eyes on her, so he could not help but shake his head.

Mu Yesheng glanced at Qian Jiujiu: "Sixth Sister-in-Law, I wonder how Sixth Brother's body is doing?"

"Third Brother, the prince's health isn't good. The imperial physician said he's afraid it'll only be a month."

As he said that, Qian Jiujiu actually started crying, and even started sobbing about the matter of the martyrs being buried, he cried even harder than tears, to the point of showing the people who were about to die, showing their love for life.

The current Qian Jiujiu was no longer the Qian Jiujiu of before. After being nurtured in the Xiao w.a.n.g Manor for so many days, Qian Jiujiu's skin had become transparent red, just a part of it that had not been developed before.

It must be known that the Aunt Wan was many times more beautiful than the Madame Qian, and was the daughter of the Aunt Wan.

Qian Jiujiu was naturally a beauty too. It was just that in the past, her skin was sallow and she was malnourished, so she could not compare to Qian Yuge in terms of looks.

But now, he had flung Qian Yuge out of the streets several times over, not to mention that although Qian Yuge's face now had a lot less pimples, there were still some.

Under such a strong comparison, Mu Yesheng suddenly felt that Qian Jiujiu was much prettier than him, and Qian Yuge's personality was naturally arrogant and despotic.

"Sixth Sister-in-Law, don't say that. I believe royal father will not let this happen."

When Qian Jiujiu heard this, her eyes instantly lit up. "Third brother, is what you said true? royal father will not let me be buried alive? "

As he spoke till here, Qian Jiujiu was stunned again, and his gaze dimmed: "I knew Third Brother was trying to comfort me, royal father really likes the prince, how could I not accept your request."

"Third brother, father, big sister, if there's nothing else, Jiu Er will be going back."

He casually found a door and left. His luck was not bad this time, because he found the right path, and finally returned to Aunt Wan's courtyard.

Hong Ling and the rest's eyes were red when they saw Qian Jiujiu return. They were all worried, "Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, what happened to you? Did they bully you? "

"I will take revenge for you, our prince is still here! "How dare he bully you like this!"

After speaking, Hong Ling was about to rush out when Qian Jiujiu's eyes suddenly reddened again. "Come back, Hong Ling, be obedient. Although your highness is still here, not too long, not too long …"

After saying that, Qian Jiujiu began to cry again, "Hong Ling, we are already in such a predicament, do not go and cause trouble anymore. For today's matter, do not tell the Duke about it when we return."

Hong Ling looked unwilling. "But … Princess …"

"Alright, I am the princess consort. You have to listen to me, Cyan Jade Lotus, do you know that you have to properly protect the Aunt Wan here? No matter what, you are still people of the Duke Palaces. "

"The royal estate is still able to protect you. Hong Ling, let's go back."

Although Hong Ling was unwilling, she still turned and followed Qian Jiujiu out of the Shang Shu Fu, and only after the few of them had left the Shang Shu Fu did the hidden guards who were secretly observing Qian Jiujiu return to report.

Atop the carriage, Hong Ling finally felt that some of the supervising gazes had disappeared. This time, she looked at Qian Jiujiu and said, "Esteemed w.a.n.gfei, the person from the other party shouldn't be following us anymore."

Qian Jiujiu rubbed his eyes, "It's been so hard on my eyes today. I haven't cried for a long time, to the point where I didn't think that tears would come just because I wanted to."

Hong Ling was also very surprised by this matter. "Royal Consort, you're really amazing. You're so good at crying. I don't think anyone can compare to you, and you're getting more and more beautiful."

"If you go out now, no one will believe that you are not the capital's number one beauty."

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes, "Really? "Indeed, people say that a woman with tears on her face is the most beautiful. Hong Ling, that mouth of yours really knows how to speak."

As the master and servant talked, they had already reached the Duke Palaces. When the people of the Duke Palaces saw that the princess had returned, they immediately opened the door and welcomed Qian Jiujiu in. Qian Jiujiu went back to his room to wash her face and then went back to Mu Yexiao's room.

Once again checking on Mu Yexiao, he found that everything was fine, and heaved a sigh of relief. When he raised his head, he saw Mu Yexiao looking at him the whole time, and couldn't help but roll his eyes.

He looked at Mu Yexiao: "Why are you looking at me like that for? Is there something on my face? "

Mu Yexiao actually extended his hand and caressed it in front of Qian Jiujiu's eyes: "You're crying? Did the old man from Qian Shang Shu bully you? "

From the looks of it, Mu Yexiao was not angry at all, but Qian Jiujiu rolled her eyes and looked at Mu Yexiao.

"If you want to recuperate now, why are you so angry? Aren't I lying? If necessary, show weakness and you can have a good effect. "

"I can cry like this for at least a month's time in exchange for our peaceful days. It's already good enough for a few tears to have such a value."

When Mu Yexiao heard these words, his eyes that looked at Qian Jiujiu filled with heartache. "Jiu Er, I have implicated you."

Qian Jiujiu didn't know why Mu Yexiao had gone crazy, but she looked at Mu Yexiao with a puzzled expression: "Mu Yexiao, what's wrong? It can't be that you feel ashamed that I, as your woman, cried in front of the enemy, right? "

"Are you looking down on me for losing face? I didn't expect you to be so macho. "

Qian Jiujiu had not even finished speaking before her entire body was already tightly embraced by him, "I am not ashamed of you. It is just that Jiu Er, I am able to receive such treatment from you."

"I am very happy, but Jiu Er, next time, do not cry, and even more so in front of others. Your tears are more precious than anything else, just one drop is enough to melt my heart."

"So you know how precious your tears are?"

My Funny Consort Chapter 47 It Is More Precious Than Anything Else

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