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Luan's phoenix fate? Isn't that the life of a born phoenix? Someone who wants to be a queen in the future? In that case, wouldn't the future emperor be Mu Yexiao?

This knowledge caused the Emperor's mood to immediately improve. However, when he thought about how that Daoist priest had previously said that his fifth son was born to be the ruler of the world, it caused others to be puzzled.

Then who was it? However, from the perspective of the emperor, it was a good thing no matter who it was. As long as it wasn't the villain of the third prince, the emperor wouldn't care about this matter anymore.

Furthermore, with the words of the Master of Wisdom, the emperor's worries were all gone. Thinking of this, the emperor couldn't help but laugh loudly, and then, he went to Qing Guifei's palace.

Very quickly, news spread among the people that the Master of Wisdom had appeared in the capital and given orders to the Lord and the Princess Xiao. The two of them were a match made in heaven and were fated to have a marriage.

No one brought up the matter of Qian Jiujiu's ident.i.ty, and after this matter, Qian Jiujiu became the most fortunate and most expensive person in the entire Zhou Dynasty.

Very quickly, Qian Jiujiu received this news. When Hong Ling found out about this news, she immediately went to the Sky Prison to tell Qian Jiujiu this great news.

When Qian Jiujiu heard it, she was also shocked, but what she was shocked about was that with just one sentence, this monk was really powerful.

"Your Highness, are you the one who invited Master of Wisdom here? Aren't you worried that a monk would have such great influence? "

Mu Yexiao rolled his eyes at Qian Jiujiu: "What are you worried about? Let me tell you, this Master of Wisdom is really an expert, don't not believe me, I did not invite this. "

"It was the Master of Wisdom himself who called me here a few days ago. He said that our relations.h.i.+p would be affected by a calamity and he would step out to help us dissolve it."

The corner of Qian Jiujiu's mouth twitched. She really didn't believe such a miraculous thing happened!

However, regardless of whether Qian Jiujiu believed it or not, as long as the citizens of the Great Zhou Empire believed it, the Emperor would believe it. Very quickly, the royal decree was pa.s.sed down. The Princess Xiao was innocent and was released without guilt.

The people of thousand were all implicated, and they were not released for any crime. Only the Madame Qian was convicted of looking down on the royalty, but there were some mistakes in Madame Qian's moves which allowed them to help the Xiao Prince and the Princess Xiao.

Therefore, a death sentence could be avoided. A crime could not be avoided, and a hundred canons could be executed. If he did not die, then this matter would be considered as a matter of the past.

When Qian Jiujiu heard the news, she could not help but blink her eyes. With Madame Qian's body, even if she did not die, he would be crippled.

Mu Yexiao glanced at Qian Jiujiu: "Let's go home, are you still interested in seeing the Madame Qian play board?"

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes: "Can I go take a look? Oh right, why does it feel like there's only the punishment Madame Qian, where did Qian Yuge escape to? "

Hearing that, Mu Yexiao laughed: "That father of yours, I'm afraid he still hasn't given up on Qian Yuge. He actually took responsibility for Qian Yuge's sake."

It turns out that when the emperor sentenced Qian Yuge, he thought of Qian Yuge, and dared to look down on his son. The emperor naturally wished for nothing more than to kill Qian Yuge, but Qian Shang Shu was begging for mercy at this time.

To say that Qian Yuge was innocent, and because the Madame Qian was lazy enough to blame him, even the Emperor wanted to completely remove the blame, so he wanted to punish Qian Yuge.

Since he could not find a name, he could only mislead those that were not too serious and punished Qian Yuge to stay in the Buddha Temple for three months, to earnestly listen to the buddhist chant.

Qian Jiujiu blinked, and looked at Mu Yexiao. "So that means Qian Yuge's punishment, is to be sentenced to be a nun for three months?"

Mu Yexiao found it funny and caressed Qian Jiujiu's hair, "Forget it, don't bother with Qian Yuge. It's worth being happy to not see her for three months."

Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao: "Why do I feel like you have an even bigger scheme behind you?"

Mu Yexiao laughed, "What greater scheme? This king is doing this for Qian Yuge's own good. Didn't she wholeheartedly want to marry the Third Prince? We can help her. "

Qian Jiujiu's mouth dropped open, she would not admit that Mu Yexiao was that kind! However, she remembered that Qian Yuge seemed to have lost her virginity if she really married the Third Prince.

That would be fun, but all of this had nothing to do with her. Looking at Mu Yexiao: "Alright, let's go, let's go home."

Hearing the two words Qian Jiujiu said "go home", Mu Yexiao smiled in satisfaction, but still reminded him: "Didn't you want to go see the beating board?"

Qian Jiujiu rolled her eyes: "What's there to look at when I hit the board? I might as well go home and catch up. It's all because of you, I didn't sleep well last night."

When Mu Yexiao heard this, he was overjoyed. "My wife, don't you think that your words are inconvenient to say in front of so many people?

Hearing that, Qian Jiujiu couldn't help but look at Mu Yexiao: "You're a man. How can your thoughts be so dirty?"

Mu Yexiao was confused: "What do you mean by dirty?"

Qian Jiujiu coughed twice. "I'm fine, I'm saying that I want to raise a turtle."

Mu Yexiao raised his eyebrows. "Filthy turtle?"

Although Qian Jiujiu felt that something was wrong, she still nodded. "That's right, turtle, get someone to help me catch one. I want a small one."

Saying that, Qian Jiujiu thought again, she did not know where the turtle was going to be caught, there should be a pond at Little Tian Manor, maybe there was one there, without her realizing it, Qian Jiujiu was already distracted.

Mu Yexiao however, continued to look at Qian Jiujiu. The carriage quickly left the palace and arrived at the entrance of the Duke Palace.

Seeing the two of them appear within the carriage, he sprinkled some of the water of the leaves on them and brought a brazier over. "Princess, quickly step over."

"To h.e.l.l with the bad luck. Only then will the princess be safe in the future."

Qian Jiujiu didn't feel anything, she only looked at the brazier in front of him and collapsed it with a single step. After that, she entered the manor and turned her head to look at Mu Yexiao, immediately smiling.

"Dong Chen, Nan Feng, go and bring your Duke over. Remember to hold on tight, don't fall into the brazier and become the Duke over the fire."

The corner of Mu Yexiao's mouth twitched. This girl, was really, but she was still able to cooperate well enough to be carried over the brazier. After that, she headed inside the Duke's Palace.

Hong Ling and the other four maids were already in front of Qian Jiujiu, chattering about what had happened to Qian Jiujiu during her day in prison and what had happened outside and in the Duke Palace.

Only when he walked into the hall did Qian Jiujiu stop, because there was a person here and this person was a monk.

But now that she saw the monk, she was more nervous. "You are Master of Wisdom?"

The monk was Master of Wisdom, and Mu Yexiao who was rus.h.i.+ng over saw him too. Master of Wisdom smiled at the two, and then looked at Mu Yexiao: "Xiao Prince has not seen you for a long time."

Mu Yexiao treated Master of Wisdom with respect and nodded: "Greetings, Master of Wisdom, you came this time?"

Master of Wisdom looked at Mu Yexiao, and then looked at Qian Jiujiu. "I wonder if Wisdom Master can speak a few words with Princess HuYang alone."

The corner of Qian Jiujiu's mouth twitched, but she was deeply moved in her heart. Old monk, you really don't follow the rules. Only, what made Qian Jiujiu surprised was that Mu Yexiao was actually looking at him.

"Jiu Er, you must have a good talk with Master, do you understand?"

Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao in bewilderment. Could it be that you can truly pa.s.s your wife to an unfamiliar monk? The question in Qian Jiujiu's heart had yet to be asked.

However, Mu Yexiao had already cleanly turned around and left. The corner of Qian Jiujiu's mouth twitched a few times, should she be glad that this monk had no ill intentions towards her?

Looking at Master of Wisdom, Qian Jiujiu was currently filled with depression. She raised his head and looked at Master of Wisdom, "Master, what are you looking for me for?"

A smile actually appeared on Master of Wisdom's amiable face. "To be able to meet with Benefactor in this world is truly a coincidence."

Qian Jiujiu's heart suddenly trembled, and immediately became somewhat excited: "Do you know where I come from?"

"Souls of a foreign world, this old monk has a sentence for you. Since you're here, please take care of it. When the time comes, please consider the love in your heart."

Qian Jiujiu still wanted to say something, but before shshecould calm down, the Master of Wisdom in front of him had already left. Before she left, he even left a sentence behind, "If in the future, Benefactor has something that you can't figure out, this old one will be waiting for you in Tai Hong Bao Temple."

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes. Now that she believed him, it meant that she was truly an expert.

Qian Jiujiu became excited and chased after him, but then she thought about what the monk had said.

What the h.e.l.l was this?

Qian Jiujiu had never thought about it. She had been in this world for so long, but she had never thought about doing anything for the common people.

Mu Yexiao walked in, and upon seeing his blank and puzzled expression, he could not help but cough twice. "My wife, did Master of Wisdom leave?"

Qian Jiujiu nodded: "Yes, I have decided. I want to go to Tai Hong Bao Temple to look for my Master of Wisdom."

Mu Yexiao stopped Qian Jiujiu in her tracks, "Why are you looking for the Great Master? Didn't you say something just now? What? There's still something that I haven't made clear. Did Master of Wisdom leave already? "

"It can't be, every time Master of Wisdom appears, he will give someone an answer before leaving. My wife, what did the master say to you?"

Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes, "Master told me to go with the flow, but I …"

When Mu Yexiao heard these words, he was overjoyed. "It should be like this, since you're by my side, you should stay by my side, and that's why you're my wife."

"Don't talk to me again in the future and leave me alone. Look, even Master of Wisdom is alarmed."

Qian Jiujiu looked at Mu Yexiao. She actually wanted to ask: Do you have face?

My Funny Consort Chapter 90 Staff Punishment Of 100

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