Sugar Baby Chapter 5

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After Qiu Qiu left, Fu Ruien hastily finished his work and suddenly became idle.

Xiang Jiang villa was the golden house where he kept his lovers. It was a quiet place far from the city. With his hands behind his back, he stood in front of the French window in the study room on the second floor. For the first time, as he looked out into the pitch black distance, his heart was empty and desolate.

Strange. Xiang Jiang villa has seen many people come and go. How is it that this time, there is a "lonely" feeling?

Qiu Qiu wasn't a loud person. Usually, when the two spent time with one another, the most common thing Qiu Qiu would do was sing to him.

At the time, Fu Ruien mistakenly thought that this was a hint that Qiu Qiu wanted to enter the entertainment circle, so he commented poisonously, "sounds horrible."

Qiu Qiu's temper is soft so he didn't get angry. He only rolled up the music score to hit him on the head. "Daddy, don't be so dishonest. If you really think it sounds horrible, then don't use my song as a ringtone ah."

Fu Ruien dodged the blow while thinking about how this child was unexpectedly this cheeky. In order to show Qiu Qiu who was the "elder" deserving respect, he carried him to the bedroom. In the end, the two of them wrestled for a whole afternoon.

Realizing that he unexpectedly got caught up in memories, Fu Ruien laughed at himself mockingly. He poured himself a cup of wine and let himself relax into the sofa. 

He and Qiu Qiu had always contacted each other through phone. They added each other as friends on WeChat, but their chats never exceeded three lines. Fu Ruien opened the app and pressed on Qiu Qiu's profile picture. He looked at it for a good while. This little idiot was smiling directly into the sun, but the smile was especially resplendent. Whoever looked at him also couldn't help but be charmed and smile with him.

Fu Ruien's finger hovered over the "delete friend" b.u.t.ton for a long while, but in the end he couldn't bear to do it and ended up clicking on Qiu Qiu's Moments.

He looked once, and suddenly he was looking all night. Qiu Qiu posted something every day in his Moments. If he saw a particular flower, a particular blade of gra.s.s, a particular cat, or a particular dog, there's always a photo; if he ate something delicious, there were a series of nine photos to express his inner excitement.

Not only did Fu Ruien browse these photos, he also gave them a "like."

Qiu Qiu received his new cell phone and SIM card the next morning. When he opened WeChat, he saw a total of two hundred and eighty-three likes. The earliest like that Sugar Daddy [1] gave was as early as three years ago, when he posted his college admissions notice in his Moments.

Qiu Qiu was shocked. Even he thought that his posts three years ago were childish. Who knew Fu Ruien had rummaged through it all?

His dorm mate Da Xiong saw his distressed expression and asked him what was wrong.

Qiu Qiu avoided mentioning the major problem [2] and instead chose to talk about the minor problem. "……last night someone gave me three hundred likes."

Da Xiong adopted anger as if this person was an enemy. "Is he stalking [3] you? Is he mentally ill?"

"Not ill. In fact, he's very bright."

"Then he is ugly and without friends?"

"Not ugly," Qiu Qiu solemnly corrected him. "Exceptionally handsome."

Da Xiong's eyes brightened when he heard this and asked for pictures. Da Xiong was from the sculpting department. The arts department didn't have enough rooms for their students, so Da Xiong was thrown over here in the literature department's dorm.

Da Xiong had a pair of eyes that particularly appreciated beauty. The first time he saw Qiu Qiu, he was shocked to heavens. One evening, Qiu Qiu thought his leg itched. He opened his eyes and saw Da Xiong pinching his hip bone, a small notebook laptop at his side as he drew Qiu Qiu's body. Da Xiong explained that beauty was in the bones, not the skin. He was embarra.s.sed to pinch Qiu Qiu during the day, afraid he would think it was s.e.xual hara.s.sment, so he could only pinch during the middle of the night.

……Apparently climbing into your dorm mate's bed in the middle of the night, touching here and there, did not count as s.e.xual hara.s.sment. 

Qiu Qiu had mixed feelings when Da Xiong said he wanted to see Fu Ruien's pictures.

Actually, Qiu Qiu's cloud disk had many, many pictures of Fu Ruien that he secretly took. There was the solemnly working daddy, the satisfied expression after a good meal daddy, the frustrated pinching nose bridge daddy, and even quietly resting daddy……he hid all these photos in the deepest parts of his files, only sneakily looking at them at night when he was under the quilts.

He was like a hardworking mouse who was making a sweet candy ball from all these memories and dragging it into his little hiding hole. Every day in the dead of the night, he secretly takes it out and savors it like honey.

Qiu Qiu was reluctant to take out his private collection so he conditionally** picked out a random, blurry photo for Da Xiong to see.

But can Fu Ruien's handsomeness even be blurred?

At a glance, Da Xiong immediately clutched his chest and collapsed onto his chair, shouting, "I can't take it, I can't take it, he's just too f.u.c.king handsome."

"I already told you he's really handsome, la."

Da Xiong admired to the point of envy. "Such a handsome person. Don't talk about stalking, I'd even let him violate me ah!"

Qiu Qiu: "……why is it you're the type of person with no bottom line, ah."

At this time, how can Da Xiong hear what Qiu Qiu said when he was so busy day dreaming? "Heavens, I've already thought of where I'll raise·my·child after marriage if he stood right in front of me and said a single word to me."

He had an extremely happy expression. "I say, Qiu ah, you must attend our marriage ah."

Not knowing why, when Qiu Qiu heard this, he felt strangely upset. This feeling……was like the little mouse had his sugar ball stolen by black bear.

He had to give his dorm mate a little face and could only say with difficulty, "your marriage to him, I'll go for sure……"

"Hey, you're a real good brother!"

"……but it's uncertain whether he'll go or not."


In the afternoon, he was originally going to eat in the dining hall with Da Xiong. However, his father called for him to come back home for lunch.

Qiu Qiu was unwilling. The year he entered college, his mother was sent out to a European country as the Dean of the Confucius Inst.i.tute. The Dean's term of office was four years, just like a president. Once the only person who knew how to cook left the house, his dad started to fool around. A pot of something was cooked like pig's feed, so Qiu Qiu had to learn how to cook himself.

Qiu Qiu asked his father, "what's at home, ah?"

His father replied, "there's a fifty-five year old, peerlessly talented father of yours."


Qiu Qiu thought about his biological father's beer belly, his receding hairline [4] and his thick He thought about it, and decided that his adoptive father is even more "peerlessly talented" [5].

Qiu Qiu was no match for Qiu father's life-s.n.a.t.c.hing, chaining call, and could only go home anyway. On the way home, he bought a Chinese crepe [6]. He was afraid of going home and being abused, forced to eat some unknown substance.

Once he returned home, his father threw a brand new iPhone 7plus at him. The packaging was still intact.

Qiu Qiu was both excited and helpless. Heavens, today he unexpectedly received two brand new high-end smartphones. He had the world's two best dads.

"Your mom looks down on me for not knowing how to use WeChat. I specifically bought a new phone. Hurry, help me set it up and then teach me how to use it."


Ai, so actually he only had one great dad.

Young people knew how to use electronics extremely well. Barely a few minutes had pa.s.sed when Qiu Qiu finished helping his dad set up his new phone, and even downloaded WeChat before setting up a new account for it. 

His father had a lot of co-workers and students. Not long after creating an account, the phone went "pi-lpla" with notifications for friend requests. Qiu Qiu clicked "confirm" to the point his hand hurt. It wasn't easy for the notifications to finally settle down when suddenly, a single message jumped out.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui [7] : Old Qiu, you finally have a WeChat ah!

Teacher Shang was Qiu Qiu's maternal uncle [8]. He was an archeology professor of good moral standing and reputation. 

Old Qiu: En.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui: Come, come, come. Let me share with you something especially interesting.

Old Qiu: …… 

Shang Shan Ruo Shui: Shared an article.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui: 《These pictures are the truth! In broad daylight, these few unkempt men stripped a beautiful young married woman of her clothes!》

Old Qiu: …… 

Old Qiu: …… 

Old Qiu: ……uncle, I'm Qiu Qiu.

Uncle Shang remained silent.

Qiu Qiu stared at the screen unable to look away. He looked for his dad and when he discovered he was watering the plants, he immediately took the phone and hid in the bedroom.

He excitedly clicked on the article.

……This report was about an archaeological team who excavated a Han Dynasty mausoleum in some city. They had found a female corpse in one of the master coffins that was perfectly preserved for thousands of years.

Qiu Qiu: ……???

This was truly too interesting.


[1]: For the first time, the raws actually called Fu Ruien a sugar daddy rather than adoptive father or the slang for sugar daddy.

[2]: "挑挑拣拣避重就轻," or "conditionally avoiding the major problem while dwelling on the trivial." He uses the first four characters, "conditionally," at ** when dealing with Fu Ruien lol.

[3]: "视奸," which I translated to "stalking," is technically "looking violating." In addition, "violating" could be replaced with "r*pe." So it could be translated as "look r*pe."

[4]: "地中海" means Mediterranean Sea, which is like a descriptor for a balding hairline, so I took a guess.

[5]: Qiu Qiu is basically saying if his dad is the best, Fu Ruien is still better—

[6]: Chinese crepes! Made with wheat flour, sesame, and savory fillings like lettuce, meats, etc.

[7]: "尚善若水" means to be "esteemed, virtuous like water."

[8]: Clarification, he's the maternal aunt's husband.

I feel like if I didn't paraphrase as much I'd have less footnotes to edit in…and yet…sighh.

Sugar Baby Chapter 5

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