Horror Game Escape Guide Chapter 3

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Zombie Town (3) First teammate

Xin Meng stared at the zombies and even found the man and woman who had blocked his door before. They were all slow and rigid, but the number was too much. Xin Meng was at loss.

What could he do?

Xin Meng couldn't help but look around. His line of sight fell on several cars parked next to the building. It seems to be a good idea to drive out there.

Problem is he has no car key. He can't drive if he can't unlock.

However, Xin Meng is not easy to give up. He looked at the environmental layout of the neighborhood, and brainstorming, he had a faint guess. The parking lots in the neighborhood are everywhere, but there aren't many cars, and as long as they can, the car owners would park their cars at their doorsteps, so he just chooses a car and goes inside the apartment to see the situation. If he's lucky, he will be able to open a door and get the car keys. Most of the zombies are outside during the day, so there shouldn't be many of them inside.

Since this is a game, there must be a correct path to clear it. It must have some clues. After Xin Meng determined this was a game, during the difficult time of waiting for dawn, he arrived at such conclusion.

At this moment, the scattered cars around seem to be a hidden clue. In Xin Meng's opinion, there should be cars all around, which district would have that few cars? It must be a hint to which ones can be used.

Xin Meng randomly selected a nearby building with a Pa.s.sat parked and sneaked in. The zombies at the door were ignorant, slowly walking around with heavy steps.

As soon as he entered the corridor, Xin Meng was surprised to find out that most of the doors of this building were open, and there were a lot of debris in front of the doors, as if there was an urgent need to close them. His guess was correct, then, otherwise, would an entire building forget to close the door?

Carefully entering and making sure no zombies were inside, Xin Meng began to search around quickly, but after four or five apartments, he did not find the keys, but found some biscuits and bread, and a few bottles of mineral water. He put there on the backpack he just found and carried it on his back. If he can't find the keys before the sun sets, he will continue to hide. Food and water are the most important things to ensure his survival.

Finally, after looking through the entire building and not finding the key to the car, Xin Meng quickly entered the next building, and spent almost the entire day looking around every building with a parked car. But nothing with a key-shape has been found – whether is a car key or not.

Maybe he was wrong?

Xin Meng helplessly looked at the sun that was about to set and looked at the black door in front of him. This is the last building, if there's no key in it, it means he's wrong. The zombies may enter the corridor at night, so he can only find a safe place for now.

There's a new white Land Rover parked at the door and Xin Meng liked it at first glance, and secretly had a little bit of hope, that one was better than the Pa.s.sat! With confidence raised, he went in.

As usual, he searched around the first floor. When he walked to the fourth floor, he found out that the door of 401 was closed.

This was a bit unusual, because when he was looking for the car keys, no door was locked. What's going on?

He was a little concerned. Leaning against the door and putting his ear on it, he tried to hear the movement inside. He only listened for a while, his face changed color and he reached out to knock on it.

Soon, there was a loud voice of a man,: “Who is there?”

Xin Meng did not answer, but continued to knock on the door until it was opened from the inside. Xin Meng took a step back and looked at the person who had opened it.

It was a young man older than him. His long feather-like hair was dyed in five colors of red, green, yellow and blue. He had several, maybe eight, piercings, wore earring and had a piercing on his lower lip. He also had a nose ring piercing and wore a leather jacket with rivets with ripped jeans and dirty white shoes. Standing with one leg straight and one on the door frame, he had his chin lifted high.

Where did you come from?!

Xin Meng really wants to turn around and leave, but his gaze is attracted by a black armband on the young man's arm. It had a silver S in uppercase crossed by a lowercase M that resembled a snake, or a hand-drawn wavy line.

Just like the one in Xin Meng's arm.

Xin Meng reluctantly reached out and made a self-introduction. “h.e.l.lo, I'm Xin Meng, your teammate…”

He thought that, according to the style of the youth, he would definitely keep his chin high, stare at him and ignore. As a result, he did not expect the other party to grab his arms and sway him with both hands, simply shedding tears: “Ah, heavens, I finally saw a living person! What a h.e.l.l of a place! I was drinking with my buddies and went to the toilet… I didn't want to urinate, just get some water, and then everything went black. When I woke up, I was at someone's house. I thought my buddy paid for me and brought me to his house. When I opened the door, I saw a monster! Fortunately Laozi has quick reflexes, otherwise I would have been eaten, ah!”

The excited youth was broken and kept complaint. Watching the tears, Xin Meng is speechless. His teammate is so unreliable, can they really complete the task?

At this time, the sun finally disappeared and the last red glow could be seen in the horizon. The sky was completely dark and the zombies outside were eager to move, and hungrily began to look for food.

Xin Meng feared that their movements would attract zombies and pushed the young man into the house, closing the door behind.

The young man was shocked at first, but fortunately he wasn't particularly stupid. Seeing him acting so cautious, he also lowered his voice, but he was still complaining.

“I don't drink wine often, really” the young man said with indignation. “Just a few times… My buddies are all dogs! How good am I to them, so loyal! I tell you, the most important thing about a man is loyalty…”

Xin Meng ignored his broken thoughts. He listened to a few words of the man and got a general understanding of his character, so he only looked at him. The house he woke up was amazingly arranged and he (XM) also found a white card in the bed. It had familiar words. He waved to the youth and the young man wiped his nose with his index finger. He walked over reluctantly.

Xin Meng has no words.

“What is this?” The youth stared at the card with curiosity. The room was too dark and he couldn't see the words. Xin Meng had to use the same method of covering a lamp with a quilt to let him read. After the youth finished reading it, he was so stunned that he didn't speak for a long time, and finally exclaimed. “c.r.a.p! Which son of a b.i.t.c.h is doing this prank!”

“Although I really want to believe it, it seems that this is not a prank,” Xin Meng patiently explained. “The environment here, as well as the monsters outside, are real. I carefully observed that those zombies are not artificial machines and neither pretending. I thing we have found ourselves in a strange situation. The content on the card is the only clue we have now. I haven't eaten or drunk yet. If we don't want to die, we can only escape.”

“But…” the young man was stunned and scratched his colorful hair. “The monsters outside are terrible, do we really… Do we really need to go out? Is it impossible for the police to save us?”

“I don't think that will work” Xin Meng said without hesitation. “There are a lot of zombies outside, but I've seen no living beings. I think this game is about escaping from zombies. I have played similar games before, there are no police in these. Probably, there are only zombies in the city and we are the only six living people.”

Shamate ¹ s.h.i.+vered, also remembering that he had played several zombie games and indeed most of them were that ways. Sulking and crying, “What can we do? How can we escape?”

Xin Meng though before whispering, “Following the hints on the card, we should find the other players and, gathering everyone's information, we may find out what to do.”

s.h.i.+mate's shoulders dropped, as if the feather-like hair of his had bend a bit, “… Well, that's all it can be.” After that, he remembered that he had still not made his self introduction. With a exaggerated pat on Xin Meng's shoulder, he rushed to it, “Forgot to say, my name is Xiong JiaBao, 22 years old this year, working as a waiter in a bar. Although I have no money, if there's one thing in my life, that enough, I'm talking 'bout loyalty! Brother, looking at you, you should be younger than me, so rest a.s.sured, your gege will take care of you!” He straightened his posture and filled his chest.

Xin Meng went against his heart and thanked him. Not longer caring about the guy, took the card the card and turned it around, seeing the message.

[The once calm town was. .h.i.t by a meteorite a certain day. The falling meteorite carried a special virus, turning the people of the town in monsters who only know how to eat.]

[Three days later, the town degenerated.]

“Sure enough,” Xin Meng handed the card to Xiong JiaBao. “There are only zombies in this town. Besides us, there should be no other living people.”

Xion JiaBao looked at the weak light of the desk lamp and couldn't help but to ask Xin Meng, “Why don't you turn the lights on?”

Xin Meng asked, “Don't you know the lights will attract zombies? How did you do last night?”

Xion JiaBao was embarra.s.sed, messing with his hair, “Drunk too much, I have been sleeping until this morning.”

Xin Meng, “…”

He didn't explain, since Xiong JiaBao saw the contents on the back of the card.

“Well,” Xion JiaBao threw the card outside and looked at him. “What should we do next?”

Xin Meng turned back and picked the card. This thing can still be useful! He put all the card on his pocket and looked around the house, hesitating. “Zombies may enter the building. We can't do anything, just take a nap, rest well. Tomorrow we are looking for car keys in this building, so we can drive out.”

He didn't expect Xiong JiaBao to say, “Do you want a car key? There's one in the room!”

Xin Meng was overjoyed, “It's the Land Rover downstairs?!”

“There's a Land Rover downstairs? Good car, ah ah!” Xiong JiaBao went to the debris pile in front of the door, took out a key thing from a book and put on Xin Meng's hands. “I saw it this afternoon. I don't know if it's the car downstairs. I can't drive, can you?”

Xin Meng carefully observed the key. There's a Land Rover logo, he was right! Suddenly happy, he nodded, “No, but I'll do it anyways.”

“No? If we are caught by the police, won't we be arrested?” Xiong JiaBao casually said.

Xin Meng's eyes twitched, “I hope they still know how to arrest.”

“Right, they are all zombies” Xiong JiaBao slammed his head.

Xin Meng couldn't help but roll his eyes.

The two moved the light furniture to block the door. Then they divided the biscuits and bread from Xin Meng's backpack. Each person drank a bottle of water and found a knife to defend themselves. Then they went to sleep.


* ¹ Shamate: This Internet slang term mimics the p.r.o.nunciation of the English word "smart," but it is used to tease the teenagers and young adults who prefer a fas.h.i.+on style that emphasizes androgyny and bright colors.

Note: this Shamate 杀马特 got me so confused because google translated it as Killing Matt or Killing Horse LMAO Anyways, search Shamate in google images, what a weird style, huh… It was like I was back to the emo era of 2009. Btw, our shamate friend talks with too many slangs and it sucked having to search each quote he spoke… So, like, forgive me if there's anything wrong, it was too confusing!

Horror Game Escape Guide Chapter 3

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