The K-Pop Dream 2 Who Am I? Where Am I? Why Am I?

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Okay, so first things first.

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?

Question 1: Who am I?

After searching around for a bit, I found my student ID in the top drawer. Name: Dylan Park (Same as in my previous life). Age: 18 (Same as my previous life). Seems like I'm in my senior year.

Living situation: Alone in a penthouse apartment.
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Parents: Unconfirmed

Siblings: Unconfirmed

Question 2: Where am I?

South Korea, Daegu 2008. Ten years in my past. Google states this is Earth, so everything seems the same. Today's top story was even that of Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas. The possibility of Magic and Cultivation existing in this world is therefore unlikely.

Question 3: Why am I?

3 possible theories:

1) I died and reincarnated/transmigrated to another world. Issues? How did I die? Why can I recognize the language? And what happened to this life's memories?

2) My previous life was a dream. Issues? An 18 year long vivid dream? Is this some "Vanilla Sky" b/s or something?

3) I'm in an alternate reality/universe/timeline. I regard this as the most likely explanation; why? The similarities between me and this version of myself; from location, to name, to age, to style, and even birthday (see Student ID).

Hey, it happened in "Versatile Mage".

Another important fact I have learnt after running a "quick" Google search of my name, is that I am somewhat of a big deal in this world.

While the speed of dial-up is a little inconvenient when compared to the 100mb/s fibre line, I was used to in 2018. The search eventually produced results. A h.e.l.l OF A LOT of them.

"Dylan Park" Search Results- about 32,000,000 results (0.51 seconds)

Wiki: Dylan Park is the son of the deceased Michael and Gloria Park, and current majority shareholder of S Group....

Born: 31 December 1991 (age 18 years); Seoul, South Korea

Height: 1.82 m

My parents names are even the same. Like in the other world, they seem to have pa.s.sed away before their time. I guess some things don't change even in a parallel dimension.

The most important thing though is that I'm the owner of "S Group"?

S Group: Founded in 1938; is a South Korean multinational conglomerate with HQ in Seoul. It Is the largest South Korean chaebol.

I know what you all are thinking 'S Group? That S Group? That technology company? THAT TECHNOLOGY COMPANY?! The one that's said to be more powerful than the president?!'

Yes ! The very same!

You are now looking at the most powerful 18 year old in the world.

I'm not just rich. I'm stupid rich!!!

Some things do not seem to add up however, What am I doing living alone? Enrolled in a public Daegu High school and not in some super exclusive prestigious school in Seoul surrounded by lackeys or in a boardroom with Old men in suits kissing my a.s.s?

According to Wiki, Vice President Suk Lee has been taking care of me since my parents' accident. Maybe I should call him?

Taking out my cell phone, I start scrolling through my contacts;

I say scrolling but I only have 5 and they all seem to be people I pay: Dentist , Doctor , Driver, VP and Maid.

It appears that I am quite the loner.

It seems like rich me, was pretty anti-social. I was never the most liked of guys but even in my past life I had a few good acquaintances numbers. I never used them, but I at least had them; just in case. That definitely counts for something right?

I dial the VP and wait....

The K-Pop Dream 2 Who Am I? Where Am I? Why Am I?

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