Evolution God 34 A Truth

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Lucifer had finally found what he had been looking for all the time while being on the insanely huge battlefield where he killed the Third Prince of the Giants. The battlefield was also where he began his evolution to the Demonic Devil, but due to some unknown ent.i.ty interfering with his evolution he evolved into the Abyssal Dragon, maintaining his dragon form instead of changing. Back when he was on the battlefield, it was like a gigantic XP farm for Lucifer and because he didn't utilize it to the fullest he felt a slight hint of regret since it would've helped him Advancing to the later staged quicker.

The portal in front of Lucifer looked extremely intimidating. It was round, with ancient runes and patterns engraved in the material that didn't seem to be something mortals could touch. The material itself gave off a s.h.i.+ne that almost blinded anyone standing in front of it. The runes and patterns looked extremely profound while it emitted an aura of precision. It seemed as if the ones that had engraved the runes and patterns had put their life and soul into them, making them emit a weak aura of life.

The portal itself had all the different shades of red, orange and yellow mixed together. The different colours moved in and out of each other while twisting and turning as if it was possessed by a soul. It looked extremely beautiful as it gave off an aura of warmth and wisdom.

'Such a thing could've only been forged by G.o.ds...' As Lucifer looked over everything he felt that it was extremely hard to move his gaze away from it. When he first saw it in the dream he had where Thalia walked into it, the runes and patterns couldn't be spotted as if they were hiding from something. The feeling the portal emitted was ordinary, and it felt like there was nothing extraordinary about it. But now that Lucifer was here in person, he couldn't help but be extremely surprised. It was simply too well crafted that Lucifer found it hard to believe that someone could create something like that. But what also struck Lucifer was that it would simply be too weird if n.o.body spotted the portal before him. It was extremely huge, so it would be almost impossible to miss it unless one's eyes were missing. As he looked around he also noted that there wasn't a single corpse within a couple of hundred metres in diameter of the portal as if they had all got sucked into it.
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Since Lucifer wouldn't want to stall any longer, he slowly walked into the portal, and he instantly felt like he was in another place. The smell of blood couldn't be spotted, while the s.p.a.ce surrounding him was completely white. In front of him stood a girl. A girl smiling at him, with a blue and red eye. One eye was extremely violent while the other eye was calm as water. Even though there was no wind, her silver-like hair fluttered resembling silver fire. She stood in front of Lucifer and looked up at him as if she'd been waiting for a long time.

-"You're finally here."

She smiled at Lucifer with a friendly smile, that reminded Lucifer of when he was little and his grandmother would smile at him when he got home from school every day. A warmth rose in his heart as he looked at the girl in front of him.

-"Just who are you..?"

Lucifer had felt that something was different with Thalia, as she couldn't possibly meet him in such a place since she was so weak when he last met her. She shouldn't even have been able to get to the portal since it was likely that it was in the middle of the battlefield where the strongest of the armies fought each other.

-"She's my sister."

A sweet and mild voice sounded out behind Lucifer, making him turn around to see the one that had been the nicest to him on earth ever since he started in school. It was Madison. Her red hair fluttered making it look like extremely beautiful flames, almost giving it a life of its own. Her skin was so extremely smooth, while it was as white as white jade, making her look like a G.o.ddess. She wore a white dress that fluttered even without wind, giving her an extremely intimidating and mysterious look. A tear rolled down from one of Lucifers eyes as he looked at Madison. He had always felt that there was something special about her, and as if he had known her way before he met her at school. This had always puzzled him.

-"I wanted to bring you here from the start, but I weren't allowed to do so according to the rules."

She smiled at him while explaining some stuff about what had happened. She told Lucifer that she was a G.o.ddess of the world Zylghen, and she had travelled through time and s.p.a.ce to meet him, and get him into this world.

-"But why would you do that?"

Lucifer felt extremely puzzled now that he heard an explanation from Madison. He had always wondered why he would be reborn in the world Zylghen as he didn't know much about it. But now that he got some information, it just put more questions into his head that he already had.

-"I can't tell you everything now since it'll hinder your growth, but I'll answer that one question of yours. The reason for me going through all the hards.h.i.+ps to bring you to this world is because your soul is made out of many. It is made out of 8 souls, each of which came from a G.o.d that had been killed, as for why they were killed, you'll know once you get enough strength."

Instantly Lucifer was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say as the information he had gotten, simply didn't make much sense at all. It didn't feel real, but at the same time, he didn't doubt Madison's words.

Evolution God 34 A Truth

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