Forever Youth Chapter 2 - Dress

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Chapter 2. Dress

Just as I wanted to slip the strings of her dress off her shoulder, Big Sister Qing Qing started struggling violently. Before I could react, she ran away.

Days pa.s.sed and I was admitted to an ordinary high school in the city I requested because the there were more convenient.

During those times, I'd only ever seen my parents occasionally.

My father, he truly lived the life of a hoodlum, a gangster from head to toe. He'd live in the underworld for so long that the world from up there was distorted in his view. Rarely does he ever go home and not once had he shown any care towards my growth nor studies.

And my mother, a vulgar woman she was, always worked on lowly jobs. I had lost my face in school. My teachers and cla.s.smates made things difficult for me… because of her position.

I had always wondered why when I was little.

After high school, I'd occasionally visit the home I grew up in, but that was only during the weekends.

The time that had pa.s.sed, the time Big Sister Qing Qing and I didn't talk crumbled. She had yearned for me day and night.

My heart warmed.

When I looked at her, her body was still as enchanting as ever. Time had blessed her. And she was still the shy girl I knew.

Every time I'd visit, I'd bring with me delicious food from the city, and every time, Big Sister Qing Qing would happily accept it with a sincere smile. I knew that it wasn't the gift that brought her happiness, but me. It was something no one could replace.

She still looked at me the same way. If I had trouble paying for my school fees, she'd come to me at the first moment to help deal with the "urgent" matter.

She was a good person, Big Sister Qing Qing.

That holiday, I visited mother and father. In the evening, I personally cooked a few delicious dish. While doing so, I looked back at the two people who gave birth to me. My eyes landed on mother, her movements as graceful as ever. There was no doubt that her mannerisms and actions revealed a touch of desire towards l.u.s.tful men. She'd always play around with her body to arouse the interest of my b.a.s.t.a.r.d father.


I knew very well what would happen while I was asleep. When I went to use the toilet in the middle of the night, I could hear sounds of heavy breathing in the room next to me.

Early the next morning, I said my farewell to Big Sister Qing Qing. Told her that I'd be leaving while not forgetting to remind her to pay attention to her own safety and not to get too close to my father. After all, I am my father's son. I was very clear about his moral compa.s.s.

Then I left.

But on the way, mother stopped me.

She told me about herself as she looked at the distant horizon.

When she was young, mother was beautiful and had an exquisite figure. Her slender body, fair skin, and elegant makeup drew in many potential suitors.

One night, on the way home, mother stumbled upon a few gangsters from the upper echelons of society. And just when she was about to suffer injustice, my b.a.s.t.a.r.d father came out of nowhere and saved her.

Mother fell in love at first sight and they got married.


But her happiness was short lived. Not long after their marriage, father became addicted to bad habits and started gambling. Mother needed to make a living to pay off the debts and drowned in the world of prost.i.tution. She became a lady of the evening.

I understand now. I respect her decision.

When I left, mother told me, "Son, if there's anything you need, you can look for me. Take good care of yourself."

I nodded, a smile on my lips. She was worried.

Back in the city, I b.u.mped into Xu Xiaoxiao, a girl who I hadn't seen in ages. She was still as fresh and lovely as ever, giving off an inexplicable urge to hug her. It turned out that she lived in the same city county as me, but not in the same school.

At that time, I invited her to go to the movies, in which she happily agreed. We hadn't seen each other in years. It was time to catch up on lost times.

I ordered us a fish head, chili fried meat, and some snacks from the restaurant that took 2 hours to finish. After dinner, we went to the movies. While in the theater, I touched her smooth, lily-white hands from time to time. She didn't refuse me and looked at me with a smile.

I knew my chance had come!


After the movie ended, we stopped by a hotel and rushed towards the room, our bodies pressed against one another. We had a bit of an intense moment which was short lived. I didn't expect that she'd push me away, tidy her clothing, and rush out.

I was late for the morning self-study next day because I didn't get much sleep last night.

For the first time I was trapped.

My grades were never good to begin with, even back in high school. So that I'd not drag the cla.s.s down, my teacher would often call me to her office to study.

During those evening hours, she'd often help me study and talk about the results of my final exam. But most of the time, she'd give me a scolding and go out to do some business while I was alone in her office reading and taking notes.

One day, while in the office, a beautiful woman flew past me. The scent of her fragrant perfume garnered my curiosity. I looked up, wondering what kind of woman she was. She had a devilish body, the kind that looked and seemed better than my cherished Qing Qing's body.

I snuck a glance at her peaks… it was a sight to behold.

After that, I found out that she was called Yuan Yuan and she came from a remote place.

She looked pretty. As I had the chance to glance at her good figure, I really felt that I was the luckiest person in the world at that time.


Her family's condition was similar to mine — her parents divorced. Now she lives with her mother. Their untimely divorce occurred when she was young and she had experienced the eyes of disdain and contempt from outsiders who know nothing.

Yuan Yuan did tell me many happy things about her past and I learned she was only a year or two younger than me. One would not believe the stories of her past 'nor could you find any bitterness in it for all they would see was a lively, clever little girl.

She gently said to me, "In the future, I will treat you as my big brother."

I smiled. In my heart, I too would have liked to have a sister. I'd always been alone growing up in that house where I had never received any decent care.

But that aside, I was a lucky person. I had a proper reason to keep contact with Yuan Yuan.

In all honesty, a normal man would find it difficult to control themselves when in front of a beauty, especially the kind that made you salivate.

I wanted to kiss her right away whenever and wherever I wanted.

Who knew that the door would suddenly open from the outside…


Forever Youth Chapter 2 - Dress

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