Forever Youth Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Chapter 05 . Holiday

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It was at that time that I took a break and returned home with excuse for sick leave .

Everything back at home was still the same as before . Nothing had changed . My father was still the same . He only asked about my situation at school before proceeding to ignore me . Fine, then I would ignore him too .

I didn’t want to say in that house during the time of my stay so I went straight to Sister Qing Qing’s house .

She was still as beautiful as ever . Time was good to her .

Sister Qing Qing was quite the overjoyed girl happy to see me back . She was a special existence in my heart and I to her . I realized she had been waiting for my return for the entire time . I was grateful for his sincerity . As I thought, she was the only one .

That day, I had dinner at Sister Qing Qing’s house . It wasn’t grand, only four dishes and a soup .

That night, Sister Qing Qing’s rosy cheeks looked exceptionally cute . I walked forward and caressed her cheeks . It felt very soft . She blushed subconsciously and instinctively walked backwards, causing me to fall on the ground . I originally thought that it was the proper time that she knows of my feelings towards her but who’d have thought that she would misunderstand my actions!

Sister Qing Qing walked up to me and gently reached out her hand . “Did it hurt? Let me give you a rub,” she said, and helped me inter her coc.o.o.n embrace . It was my first time in a long while . Her embrace gave me comfort .

As I was lost in my own thoughts, Sister Qing Qing bashfully said, “You can slee here for the night . ”

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I was secretly delighted . This had always been my dream! I had always wanted a chance to get close to my Sister Qing Qing and today was as good as any . I had already learned from previous few unsuccessful attempts and I was no longer as anxious as I had been before . I would wait patiently for Sister Qing Qing .

I like to think that those past encounters with women where to help me gain experience .

At this time, Sister Qing Qing said, “I’ll go take a bath first . ”

Thereafter, I lied down on the soft bed, hearing nothing but the sound of the bath water running . I blushed red at that time and my heart thumped like a fawn . The dream I had always dreamed of was finally going to happen today .

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As she got out of the bath, Sister Qing Qing was even more beautiful than usual . Maybe it was the effect of the lotus flower that she often liked to bathe in . I really wanted to embrace her in my arms .

Tonight would be the night… .

I noticed that Sister Qing Qing wore a pink-laced panties as she lied down on the bed . I looked at her silhouette and it was truly of utter perfection . She removed enticing black robe and what followed next was the world turning upside down .

Looking at Sister Qing Qing’s divine sounds that kept gasping for breath, I had this urge… she was so beautiful that any man would react .

Just as I enjoyed myself gazing at her body, my mother came to Sister Qing Qing’s house and saw us . At that time, I had thoughts of dying . My mother had ruthlessly destroyed my hopes of success . I wanted to cry but there were no tears .

Am I that unlucky? Will I never get the chance to feast on a woman?

I sighed and retracted my anger . I quickly dressed up and followed her home . I couldn’t stay mad at her . After knowing what I know now, how could I? She wouldn’t have to live such a painful life if only my b.a.s.t.a.r.d father was a bit more promising .

As we walked back home, I found out that she just came back from the hospital . She’d been having so many guests lately that she contracted an infection . It might have been syphilis . I couldn’t help her .

I vividly remember her saying, “As long as it’s a girl you lie, I won’t interfere with your life . You just relax and go love with all your heart . As for your dad, don’t be too upset with him . I still have some feelings for him . After all, he and I created you… regarding Qing Qing, that girl is not bad . Don’t let her down . ”

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Forever Youth Chapter 5

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