Blue Star Cultivator 139 Return.

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An explosion of blue sparks and particles cleaved through the evening sky and tinted everything blue for a split second. That phenomenon was followed by debris and wildlife scattering in chaos like a cave full of bats disturbed in slumber.

A mature Hartley outlined with a blue glow stood in the sky, his hair dancing with the wind like a Greek G.o.d.

There was no longer any need for the translucent sphere around his body to help him defy the laws of gravity. Gravity was now his domain, with a flex of his muscles the s.p.a.ce around his clenched fist wobbled.

Laying on the ground beneath his feet was the corpse of a giant beast bleeding from its eyes, the hard ground beneath it shattered into gravelly bits no bigger a pea.

"Are you in control now?" Zhi Ruo walked up from the distant treeline in the wilderness and questioned Hartley who had his eyes closed as if in deep contemplation.

She had kept her distance and nervously witnessed his spectacular breakthrough that almost painted the world blue. A beast the size of a dinosaur had tried a sneak attack in the midst of his breakthrough but was killed with a simple wave of a hand.

Hartley opened his s.h.i.+ning sapphire eyes with a smile dancing on his lips as he floated back to the ground.

"Let's head back for today," he said as he looked up at the darkening sky. He hugged her and they disappeared leaving a flash of black energy in the s.p.a.ce they formerly occupied.

After ten years in the pocket dimension Hartley was finally a saint.

The couple's achievements on their journey through the pocket dimension wasn't minor. They had learned the language of the land, though not flawless, they could at least communicate with the locals fluently.

Roaming the dangerous lands of the spell-weavers they rose in cultivation levels as they faced off the ma.s.sive beast or enemies.

Zhi Ruo had raced up to the eighth layer of the xiantian realm without the help of a single elixir...

A vertical slit opened in the fabric of s.p.a.ce at the entrance of the village that they had taken refuge in.

Black energy gushed out with thundering claps,a second later Hartley and Zhi Ruo were left standing as the dark energy puffed out of existence around them as if they were immune to raging energy.

Frightened guards raced to the scene calling for back up holding weapons menacingly, the normal villagers ran for cover expecting an attack.

Soon the old man appeared from thin air.

Hartley had returned to the squalor where they had first met, the old man came out smiling.

"You've broken through."

"I had some luck." Hartley replied.

Hartley had gotten his hands on a book of spell-weaving. It ill.u.s.trated the hand signs and how to have resonance frequency with elements. But he couldn't make heads or tails of it until today after his breakthrough.

Since he'd taken control of his elemental on Kang's estate but after traveling through the spatial cracks he had an unusual feeling of resonating with black energy.

Zhi Ruo also had some success with the water elements in spell-weaving.

Battle with a gold tier spell-weaver

Figure out why time related powers don't work.

more details

Return to Aidonia

Blue Star Cultivator 139 Return.

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