The Concubine's Daughter Comes Around 18: They Had Been Exposed!

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It was dark in the midnight. Possibly because of the narrow s.p.a.ce, Dong Ling turned over and got into Wu Jitian’s arms. However, she was sleeping so soundly that she didn’t wake up.

Instead, Wu Jitian was awakened from light sleep. The girl in his arms more or less shocked him.

Hearing the noise, Lin Zang looked around at his master and gave an involuntary cry, “My Lord!”

Wu Jitian stopped him quickly. In order not to wake Dong Ling up, he just let her lie in his arms and stared at her.

When she was sleeping, she no longer looked as stern as she used to be in the daytime. Instead, she looked somehow ladylike.

Maybe Dong Ling felt warm, she pushed herself deeper in his arms. Having no alternative, Wu Jitian smiled and hugger her. He went back to sleep with his arms around her.

After they fell into a deep sleep, Lin Zang stared at them with a complicated look and then turned away.

Before anyone knew how long it had been, there came a scuffling noise of footsteps. Dong Ling woke up with a start immediately because she was sensitive to the noise.

Feeling the warmth around her, she was stunned for a few seconds before she realized that she was in Wu Jitian’s arms in a romantic way! Gos.h.!.+ She had never got close to any other man like this!

She felt her face burning! She knew she must be flushed.

“How dared he flirt with me when I was sleeping!” she thought angrily.

Just then, she could hear the steps coming closer, which really upset her.

She woke Wu Jitian and Lin Zang up in a very low voice, “Hey, wake up!”

Lin Zang was first awakened. “Doomed!” he thought and then tried to wake up Wu Jitian. He sounded scared, “Wake up, My Lord!”

Hardly had Wu Jitian opened his eyes when he saw Dong Ling glaring at him. He let go of her immediately and explained, “You rushed into my arms!”

Dong Ling didn’t want to argue over it at this moment. She asked them to listen carefully to the steps! At least dozens of guys were coming!

If they were found, being caught would be a sure thing.

All of them realized that those guys must have tracked them down with the help of footsteps. They had been exposed!

In this case, it wouldn’t be long before they found the cave.

Wu Jitian and Dong Ling looked at each other and made an immediate decision. Wu Jitian said, “Let’s leave before they find us!”

Dong Ling agreed and nodded. That was exactly what she was thinking. Lin Zang hurriedly packed up and got Wu Jitian up. Dong Ling still led the way.

Well, she had marital arts and tricks. But right at this moment, she wasn’t sure if she could fight her way out with Wu Jitian, the wounded guy.

Dong Ling crawled out of the cave, followed by other two. They trotted up to a mountain road. On the winding road, Dong Ling still led the way confidently. Lin Zang realized that she was familiar with this place.

Obviously, Dong Ling was mentally strong. She couldn’t be an ordinary girl. To Wu Jitian and Lin Zang, she was quite a mysterious girl with a lot of secrets.

The wind whistled through the trees. Lin Zang and Dong Ling looked scared immediately.

Lin Zang yelled, “My Lord. Doomed! Some other guys are getting closer from the north!”

“What the h.e.l.l! How many guys are coming?” asked Dong Ling with a frenzy of rage. In different uniforms, these guys looked obviously no partners with the former team.

Now, they were facing enemies from different directions. Hardly could they get away.

Dong Ling looked at Wu Jitian while the latter still couldn’t walk quickly with seriously wounded ankle. She sighed, “I really wonder how terrible you could be to get so many enemies to hunt you down!”

Wu Jitian replied with a speechless look, “You know… I’m too talented and some are jealous of me. Sorry for that.”

Dong Ling pulled a long face, took his hand and ran the other way. She said, “Stop showing off and just run! If they find us and attack us together, I can’t help you!”

Lin Zang was shocked when he looked at where they were running to and growled, “Where are you taking him? That’s a cliff!”

The Concubine's Daughter Comes Around 18: They Had Been Exposed!

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