My Obsession 62 I Don't Like You...

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The moment when they walked outside, there is a locked door, and only those with access can open it. Yang Tian-Xu places one finger on it, and it automatically opened up. There was not a lot of people with authority on the top floor.

Yang Tian-Xu had w.a.n.g Yi-An in his hand and went to his present office, only a few people saw them. Perhaps one or two of the managers. However, most of them were to busy to have noticed.

As soon as Yang Tian-Xu got into his office, it was huge. Much more ma.s.sive than the manager's office. It was like a presidential suite of its own.

Yang Tian-Xu sat her down slowly on the sofa and hurried to look for the first-aid kit inside his cabinets. As soon as he found it, he rushed to her side.

w.a.n.g Yi-An didn't know what to say and just went along with him. She sat there quietly. She was still a bit confused and thought. "Wouldn't it be better just go to the clinic?"

Yang Tian-Xu kneel down and open up the first-aid case beside her, and he first used a clean cloth to wipe away the blood on her legs. She felt a bit uncomfortable and told him. "It's okay. I can do it myself." As she tried to take the cloth from his hand, he stopped her.

How could he let her? "It's better if I do it." He said as he continued to clean her legs. There were some fragments of the gla.s.s, but it wasn't as bad as it looks.

There were one big cut and two or three small ones from the shards on her left leg. The blood dripped all over Yang Tian-Xu's clothing, but he still gently wipe the blood off clean on both her legs. He inspects them to check if there are any more cuts and gla.s.s-fragments left on them.

Yang Tian-Xu was gentle, as he looks at them with all his focus. w.a.n.g Yi-An doesn't know what to do, and she can't help but feel embarra.s.sed. It was the first time that any other man had touched her legs.

While Yang Tian-Xu was removing the blood, he could see some gla.s.s shard stuck in her cut, and he was trying very hard to be as gentle as he could to remove them. Somehow he started to feel the pain in his heart. "Doesn't it hurt?" he asked, his face was full of concerns, as he tried to take the shard out.

w.a.n.g Yi-An shook her head. "No, it's okay. This is nothing." Just as Yang Tian-Xu tried to be so gentle, she said, "Here, let me." she just took the tweezer and pulled it out of her wounds. Without a change in expression on her face.

"You're really…" He wanted to say "brave." But the words just couldn't get out. If that were his leg, he would probably scream in pain. Then he realised that those cuts weren't the only ones she had. Both of her legs were filled with old scars, new cuts, and even bruises. It looked like her legs had been abused.

Yang Tian-Xu gently glide his finger on the older scars on her legs, "How come you have so many cuts and bruises?" he couldn't help but ask.

She looked at them and smiled. "Those are nothing. I got them from doing hard labour works at the mayor's garden last month."

"Garden work?" Yang Tian-Xu was a bit confused, he knew she works part-time at the Happiness Restaurant, but to work part-time as a gardener as well. It was impressive for him to hear more about her.

"Yeah, I didn't have a well-paying job yet, so I worked as a gardener to pay my tuition fees while I was in school, the mayor pays better than my wages at the Happiness Restaurant at times." She smiled, and he looked up and finally their eyes met. He didn't say anything for a long time and just stared into her eyes.

"Did my scars and bruises disgusted you?" w.a.n.g Yi-An asked as she looked away from his gaze. Yang Tian-Xu snapped back and immediately he said, "No! I…" he looked down at her legs, and took out some disinfecting wipes and wipe her leg as he said, "I just think you're very admirable."

"Me?" She turned back to look at his handsome face, and then she looked back down on her legs.

"Yes, you are a very hardworking girl. You're mother and father must be very proud of you." He said, and just as she had looked away from his face, he looked at hers.

Then the corner of her lip curled up, yet, it felt sorrowful. "I don't have a father." She nodded, and finally, she smiled, "But I'm sure my mother is very proud of me."

For the first time in Yang Tian-Xu's life, he wanted to know more about a girl. He stares at her and, she looked up and caught his eyes. "My mother is a single mom. But she really loved my brother and me.

Yang Tian-Xu was surprised he asked her, "You have a brother?"

"Yep!" she smiled, then her expression changed, and tears began to flow out of her eyes. Her tears were like a sword that jabbed his heart. How could she just smile one second and cry the next?

Yang Tian-Xu stood up and pull her in for a hug. His hug was shocking to her. She never expects it. "President…"

The shocked paused her for a moment. She didn't know what to do, but she quickly snapped back to her senses and pushed Yang Tian-Xu out. "President! If you keep showing me kindness like that, I'll start to misunderstand!"

w.a.n.g Yi-An's word had surprised him. He couldn't believe he had heard it. Then he had to ask her. "Misunderstand what?" Yang Tian-Xu needed to know. What would she misunderstand?

"I'll… Well… You…" w.a.n.g Yi-An began to blush. "You're too nice to me, and people will misunderstand that you like me, or something."

"Well… I don't like you." Yang Tian-Xu said in a clear voice.

For a second, w.a.n.g Yi-An's emotions had cool down, and she wanted to tell him. "You should only treat the girl you like with such care and kindness."

However, to her surprised. Yang Tian-Xu had continued. "I love you."

"I don't like you. I love you." Those are the words that had caught w.a.n.g Yi-An by surprise. In the president's office with just the two of them. In such a moment after Yang Tian-Xu had told her the three words of his true feelings. Time felt like it had stopped.

My Obsession 62 I Don't Like You...

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