My Obsession 9 Don't Make Her Cry!

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Without the boss insight, a.s.sistant Tseng felt the need to complain to w.a.n.g Yi-An a bit. "This is all too sudden, sometimes he would make sudden decisions like this and hope I can accomplish it all." He sighs and still packs up as he was told.

"Has he always been very impulsive?"

"Not so much, but lately, yes. Yes, He has." He said as he sarcastically nodded.

"I see…" w.a.n.g Yi-An wasn't someone who likes to gossip, and she felt like she had taken over a.s.sistant Tseng's desk. "I'm sorry I took your spot.

"Oh, no, no." He stated, "This wasn't really my desk, to begin with anyway. As President Yang said, I have my own office upstairs on the 8th floor. This desk used to belong to Mrs Mo. It's a shame about what happened to her and the General Manager."

"What happened to them?" w.a.n.g Yi-An was a bit interested after all she was currently occupying somebody's desk.

"Considerably, you know about the missing plane, Medaria. Right?" a.s.sistant Tseng started off with a question, and then he explains what had happened to Manager Jiang and Secretary Mo who had vanished mysteriously. w.a.n.g Yi-An starts to tear up, and a drop of tear falls down to her face.

"I'm sorry…" she uttered gently, as she attempted to repress her emotions.

Yang Tian-Xu saw w.a.n.g Yi-An sad face and a tear had dropped from her face, and immediately he bolted out of his seat. He believed that his a.s.sistant was bullying her, and then he came over to reprimand him, "She is new, how could you be so pity about a desk with a newcomer? Do you like the desk that much?"

"No No I wasn't!" a.s.sistant Tseng tries to explain himself, he waves his hands defensively, and w.a.n.g Yi-An wiped her tears and said, "No, Mr Tseng had been very nice to me. It's just… someone very important to me was also a pa.s.senger on Medaria."

"I'm… so sorry to hear that." a.s.sistant Tseng felt ashamed, he speaks about the incident like it was zilch. He possessed no idea that there were still friends and kin members of those victims still in sorrow.

Yang Tian-Xu was angry at a.s.sistant Tseng, "Go back upstairs and wait for me in my office!" He looked at a.s.sistant Tseng and wanted to kick him in his rear end, but he did not. Nevertheless, a.s.sistant Tseng had already felt the abuse emotionally. "Oh G.o.dd.a.m.n, I am in trouble now." He thought to himself, so he went away with a large box of his belongings.

Yang Tian-Xu had been very gentle towards w.a.n.g Yi-An, and a.s.sistant Tseng followed orders and went upstairs to wait for him to arrive. Yang Tian-Xu pulled out a hanky from his pouch and handed it to her. w.a.n.g Yi-An quickly let out a laugh and smiled at him, "Who still uses a handkerchief nowadays?" Then she pulls out of her pocket a packet of bio-degradable tissues. "Thank you very much, President Yang."

Yang Tian-Xu was left speechless for a second, he couldn't believe how quickly she bounces back, but he was glad. He prefers to see her smile, after all, her smiles make his heart skips. w.a.n.g Yi-An quickly sat down in her place and seemed like she was ready for anything. There was no way you can see her now and tell that she had just cried. However, Yang Tian-Xu was at ease. And so he enjoined her, "You settle in your station first, I will be back soon."

"OK," and so she inquired, "Is there anything I need to do first?"

"No, not yet. You can simply sit there until I come back." He fed her a soft smile before he speeds out and he broke into the lift with an angry look on his face."

He walked into the elevator, and the elevator-lady greeted him. He didn't even bother with the woman, and quickly reaches out his hand to push the b.u.t.ton to the 8th level. He got off immediately and saw a.s.sistant Tseng's back. He was still making his way to the office with a large box of his belonging in his arms. "Tseng Kuan-yin!" He shouted angrily.

a.s.sistant Tseng heard his name being cried and twisted around. He saw President Yang, looking at him with a very angry expression. Then he went up to him and told him in a serious voice. "I would like it that from now on you don't make her cry."

a.s.sistant Tseng felt like he wanted to cry! "What have I done wrong?"

"I'm only warning you. Don't make w.a.n.g Yi-An cry again. If you make her cry once more, you are very much in trouble with me." After giving a.s.sistant Tseng a warning, he twisted around and proceeded to walk, then he paused and turned around again and tell him. "After you take your belonging back in the office, arrange for w.a.n.g Yi-An to have her new access card done quickly."

"Yes… Yes, sir!" a.s.sistant Tseng didn't know what he has done amiss, but it seems that the boss was showing favouritism towards w.a.n.g Yi-An. Then he thought again as he rocked his head. "Ah, no way! Boss can't like her, they just met! Besides, she's not even pretty…" while a.s.sistant Tseng was lost in his sentiments, he proceeded back towards his original office.

Meanwhile, Yang Tian-Xu quickly rushes back to the 7th level. And so he hurries towards the general manager's office, as he walks by w.a.n.g Yi-An, she smiled at him and stated, "Welcome back President Yang."

He nodded and lower his head as he steps back into the office, he shut the door, and then his heart pounds quickly. w.a.n.g Yi-An was still outside, she was a bit dis...o...b..bulated as she recalled, "Shouldn't he a.s.sign me some work to do?" It was confusing for her, and she simply sat there wondering to herself. "What do I do now?"

My Obsession 9 Don't Make Her Cry!

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