Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 18

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Ye Xi didn't say anything and simply watched the young man leave. After a moment, she turned around to get a taxi back to school.

Once she got back to school, Ye Xi suddenly remembered that she was supposed to eat with one of her new cla.s.smates……however, she regretted not eating something outside before heading back to school.

Ye Xi rubbed her temples and decided to head for the school cafeteria, hoping that it was still open. 

Apparently, this aristocratic high school's cafeteria didn't disappoint Ye Xi because it was still open. 

Ye Xi went in to get some food. It was still early so she had some spare time to go and take on a stroll before going back to the dorm. 

As she was wandering around, Ye Xi pa.s.sed by the library. She contemplated that she could just go and find some novels to read. 

What shocked her was that An Mudie was at the reception desk. It seemed like she worked here. 

"Ye Xi!" An Mudie saw her and looked very delighted. 

Ye Xi smiled at her and went over to ask, "Why are you here? Do you work here?"

An Mudie smiled in a bashful way, "Stuff here are a bit expensive, so I am trying to earn money for my living expenses."

"So this turned out to be the case." Ye Xi smiled with a feeling of admiration, and said, "That sounds pretty good. keep working hard, then."

An Mudie showed a wide smile and replied, "Ok."

The two chatted for a bit. After Ye Xi finished setting up a library card, she bade An Mudie goodbye and went off to find a book. 

Ye Xi looked around the library and found that there weren't a lot of popular books. There were just some engineering books and cla.s.sical texts, so she surveyed around for a more well-known book to read. She normally treated these kinds of books as stories and entertainment instead of what they were originally intended for – educational purposes.

Ye Xi only read through a couple pages in the book when she suddenly heard a loud commotion. She heard whispers, along with some indistinct laughter. It sounded like they were laughing at someone's misfortune. 

After carefully listening for a while, it seemed as if it had something to do with An Mudie. Under these circ.u.mstances, she closed the book and returned it to its original place. Ye Xi walked over to the edge of the bookshelf, revealing only half her head. She secretly observed An Mudie's situation from a distance.

By the reception desk, Ding Xiuxiu and two of her followers were arguing with An Mudie about something. 

An Mudie firmly stood up for what she believed to be right, but one mouth was unable to defeat three mouths. She was angry to the point that her face turned red. 

Ding Xiuxiu lived up to her role as the villainess school beauty. No matter where she went, she always looked for trouble for the female lead, even if it was in the library where people were expected to maintain quiet studies.

Meanwhile, An Mudie lived up to her name as the female lead; even if she relented or tried to make peace, she still ran into trouble wherever she went.

Gu Ren would never lie to me. 

Senior Gu would never say to me.

At this time, the situation changed as the F4 walked into the library. The four princes walked side by side, handsome and extremely eye-catching. They immediately attracting everyone's gazes.

The four princes made eye contact with Ding Xiuxiu and the others.  

Ding Xiuxiu and her friend's looks of accomplishment weren't put away in time. For a moment, Ding Xiuxiu had her eyes locked on Wei Shenglan, making the atmosphere very tense.

Ye Xi secretly nodded her head. It looked like she didn't need to reveal herself to protect An Mudie. 

At this time, the school belle should act miserable and make it seem like it was An Mudie who went to find trouble first. Then, the F4 will definitely misunderstand An Mudie and support the school belle and others. An Mudie will certainly feel wronged and become angry. Then, she will push everyone out of her way and run off, leaving her work to find a place to cry. At that time, Wei Shenglan would accidentally end up meeting An Mudie who seemed to be crying in a hidden yet extremely conspicuous place, after which he will become deeply attracted by her fragile and cute look.

This problem will be out of Ye Xi's hands.

Ye Xi leaned the bookshelf and bit her fingers, waiting for the plot to develop.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 18

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