Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 23

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Ye Xi saw that the people became absentminded after hearing her words. They forgot that they were supposed to beat her up, now that they were solely focused on finding an excuse to retort her claim. She thought that it was about time to leave as she slowly stepped down from the chair. Ye Xi pulled An Mudie along with her as she walked out of the library with large strides. Her calm and collected att.i.tude along with her unhurried footsteps made her seem like she wasn't trying to run away at all.

She didn't expect those people to become enlightened and understand how stupid their behaviors were just by her speech alone. On the contrary, she believed that once the girls come to their senses, they will become even angrier than before.

But there's a time limit to anger. Since they didn't beat her up today, their anger will turn into self-doubt tomorrow.

As long as no one takes the lead to find trouble for her, then there won't be anyone who has enough courage to do it alone.

An Mudie blankly followed her out, only to return to her senses once they've reached the dormitory.

"Ye Xi, you said it very well!" An Mudie's eyes were sparkling like an infatuated little girl. 

Ye Xi slightly smiled as she replied, "It's best if you don't go to work for the next few days. I'm afraid they will go to your workplace and make some trouble for you."

An Mudie patted her chest and said, "Don't worry, they can't beat me."

Ye Xi smiled at her childish actions and immediately replied, "It's hard for one person to defend against four people."

An Mudie carefully thought about it and acknowledged, "I agree."

Ye Xi said, "I, your roommate, am from the second generation of a wealthy family. I have more money than I can ever spend so if you run out of money, tell me and I will cover your daily expenses."

An Mudie immediately shook her head, "No, I can't do that!"

Ye Xi smiled but didn't say anything more. If An Mudie runs out of money, she can just tactfully ask her out to eat dinner and such.

After Wei Shenglan had pretended to kiss Ye Xi, he returned to his dormitory.

His dorm was located on the west side of the campus, in front of a small forest. The dorm was more like a single-family villa than a student dorm, which was a typical treatment for the male lead to receive.

There were only three other people living in the villa besides him.

Nangong Hai headed back to his dormitory after he left the library. His mood was very good as he hummed a song on his way back.

In the past 18 years of his life, he had always been pursued after, chased after, and sought after…….

He, Wei Shenglan, Shang Guangxi, and Dongfang Yu were all the same because they had the same experience.

However, a girl had suddenly popped out from nowhere. She actually dared to pour dirty water on them while standing high above others, spilling to them the cold hard truth.

She was very amusing.

After he reached the dormitory, he immediately went straight into Wei Shenglan's room.

Wei Shenglan was playing computer games. When he heard a noise, he turned around and glanced up at Nangong Hai before returning his gaze back on the game.

Nangong Hai gracefully walked to Wei Shenglan's side and sat down. His tone was excited as he said, "This transfer student is quite amusing~"

Wei Shenglan's fingertips slightly tremble but he restrained himself from asking how the transfer student was amusing. After being friends with this young man for over ten years, Wei Shenglan knew that if Nangong Hai starts saying something, he will definitely finish saying the rest.

Nangong Hai reached out and took Wei Shenglan's computer from him. He closed the website that Wei Shenglan was currently watching, darkened the library's monitor and adjusted the monitor to the best angle.

On the screen, two girls were surrounded by a group of girls and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Wei Shenglan raised his eyebrows, he didn't expect that his sudden action would lead to this kind of result.

Nangong Hai took out his phone and opened the recording inside his phone. The sound from the recording was very noisy, and people cursing Ye Xi in rage could be heard without end. Nangong Hai started to broadcast the scene on the monitor with the recording.

He adjusted the timing of the scene on the monitor and the recording so that they were in sync.

On the screen, an extremely fierce girl was pulling another girl out of the crowd. No matter how many people came at them, the fierce-looking girl standing in front was able to push them all away. However, the girl standing behind her was shoved and pushed by others as they tried to make their escape.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 23

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