Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 27

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Ding Xiuxiu and the two followers looked at each other, but no one dared to say a thing. 

Wei Shenglan ignored the crying girl, picked up Ye Xi's hand, and pulled her away.

'Emm……why is this plot developing in a weird day? School prince, you're not overbearing when you're supposed to, but you act overbearing when you're not supposed to.'

Ye Xi was dragged away while blankly staring at him. When they pa.s.sed by a few people, the crowd stared at them as if they were looking at new gossip. Ye Xi finally came to her senses and reacted by quickly freeing herself from Wei Shenglan's grasp. 

"What's the matter?" Wei Shenglan's tone was much better. 

Ye Xi, "Why do you make them misunderstand our relations.h.i.+p?" 

Wei Shenglan was a bit unhappy, "I saved you and you say this? You can't differentiate the good from the bad."

Ye Xi thought that was true so she skipped this topic and asked, "But how did you appear so coincidentally?"

Wei Shenglan s.h.i.+fted his gaze and replied a bit stiffly, "I forgot to take my phone."

At this time, the sound of a ringtone echoed. 

Ye Xi took her phone out but it wasn't hers that was ringing, so she expectantly looked at Wei Shenglan.

Wei Shenglan was silent for a moment before he took out his phone and hung up, "I have two phones."

'School prince, ah, school prince. You took too long to explain, especially during this delicate atmosphere right now.

Who would've guessed that you're a young man who's not good at lying?

I misunderstood you.'

10,000 horses were stomping inside Ye Xi's head, but she just silently stared at his face, trying to see his shameful expression.

Wei Shenglan found out that ever he met Ye Xi, she never says anything flattering to him.

He got angry and left without saying goodbye.  

Although he was impolite and she didn't know why he lied, he was a bit cute. Haha~ 

Ye Xi's mood became better.

Up ahead, Wei Shenglan slightly slowed down his steps. 

In the afternoon, every young girl in school had heard Wei Shenglan's words. Ye Xi couldn't understand these seventeen-year-old girls' thoughts and their mindset. But it can be easily seen that no one dared to find trouble for her in broad daylight, so this was something worth celebrating.

Ye Xi safely went about her day, up till the evening. 

An Mudie was a great gossiper. She didn't hastily ask Ye Xi about her relations.h.i.+p with the school prince, but waited instead until the self-study period was over. The two friends returned to the dorms and An Mudie waited for Ye Xi to finish was.h.i.+ng up, using moisturizer, and changing into her pajamas, before the pair went to bed. After Ye Xi laid on her bed, An Mudie then moved closer to Ye Xi and with sparkling eyes and asked, "Ye Xi, are you and Wei Shenglan really dating?"

When Ye Xi saw her expression, she couldn't help but sigh at the laziness of the author. How could the creator so casually give everyone the 'gossiping trait'? He even gave it to the female lead!

She patted the young girl's head and said, "Don't disturb me, go to sleep."

An Mudie pursed her lips, obviously not satisfied. 

But seeing that Ye Xi didn't want to say anything, she obediently went to sleep. 

Ye Xi had just gotten ready to sleep when the phone rang. She didn't want to pick it up but only the slag author would call her at this time, so she picked it up to see. It indeed was the slag author. 

Ye Xi went to the balcony to pick up. 

An Mudie's eyes brightened and her eyes followed her silhouette. She thought that it must be Wei Shenglan's call so it was better not to disturb her. 

Au Mudie got on her bad with a happy mood, even thinking about how cute Ye Xi and Wei Shenglan's child would be. 

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 27

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