Chaos Fiend In The Naruto World 28 Strike Back

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Being cautious, Hiruzen reminded everybody to stay sharp and ordered a few of his to flank around in the unlikely case it wasn't Fuzen.

However, Hiruzen immediately recognized the tiger-mask and the familiar figure waiting on the tree branch.

"He's safe! Gaijin here is part of the Anbu squad sent here previous to this whole incident," Hiruzen placated those behind him.

"Took you guys long enough!" Fuzen admonished. "Well, let's get a move on. What's left of our team has created an entry hole in their perimeter which should allow us an easier attack route."

Standing up, he indicated for them to follow his lead.

"The little fellow makes quite the impression, doesn't he?" Jiraiya noted.

"Oh, that's for d.a.m.n sure, he always had a flair for the dramatic."

Following Fuzen's guidance, they soon reached the small fortification where Akata and Koda were found waiting. Both of them greeted the Hokage and escorted him inside.

"Jiraiya, you're with me. Everybody else spread out in a perimeter!" Hiruzen ordered his people.

Without wasting unnecessary time, Akata guided Jiraiya and Hiruzen over to a desk where maps lay spread out. Fuzen followed after them. Using the map as reference points, she explained what had happened since they successfully managed to kill the Mountains Daimyo and their representatives.

A minute in, Jiraiya held up a hand for her to pause. "Hold on a second... You're saying the little one by himself killed both the Daimyo and representatives while they were being guarded by the Kazekage? And he's still alive? How?"

"Yes, that's right," Akata confirmed with a flat voice. "Now if you'll allow me to continue?"

"Ah, yeah. Sure," Jiraiya appeared embarra.s.sed.

Fuzen suspected Akata secretly enjoyed making men feel dumb, she certainly had a certain flair for it. She reminded him of a predator that attacked the second men didn't appear confident in themselves.

"And that's what we've gathered so far," Akata finished her briefing.

"You forgot one detail," Fuzen reminded her and nodded towards the tied up Pakura.

"That's right! We got ourselves a prisoner, sir! Her name is Pakura and apparently, she's the pupil of the Kazekage."

Hiruzen turned to see whom Akata was referring to, "For now, our goal is to break up this deal between the Land of Wind and Land of Mountains. Negotiating her release isn't enough for Sunagakure to just give and return home. We need to show them we're willing to fight! We have to make sure they know Konoha won't simply stand by idle while they conspire behind our backs!"

Jiraiya nodded his head in agreement. He'd no intention of standing by idle while something was being stolen from under their noses.

"So, what's the plan?" Jiraiya asked.

"It depends on whether or not the Suna force is just a warning for us to back off, or is actually there to fight," Hiruzen noted and faced Akata. "What's your impression of the enemies. If we attack, will Sunagakure rally together with the Land of Mountains?"

"I can't say for sure. However, if Suna is faking it, they're putting up one h.e.l.l of a show for us."

Hiruzen pulled one of the maps closer. "Okay, so let us a.s.sume they're here to fight, not bluffing. We can't rival the size of their force but we're quicker, more agile..." He mused. "The Fire Daimyo basically asked me to raze Kagero Village to the ground."

"As it stands that's going to be mighty difficult," Jiraiya said.

"Woaw, aren't you smart," Akata congratulated him for stating the obvious.

Hiruzen, Akata and Jiraiya studied the maps in the hope of them eventually revealing a clear way for them to accomplish the goal set by the Fire Daimyo.

"I don't see why this need to be so difficult. As you said, we're faster and we've got the element of surprise. They don't know where we're going to attack from. There's more than one way to raze a village to the ground," Fuzen said tired of there being zero progress.

"What do you mean?"

"Isn't it obvious? In order for there to ever be a deal between these two nations, representatives who can make that deal are needed. Sunagakure knows this, and I bet they're making the people of Kagero Village elect a new Daimyo as we speak. However, what if none of those representatives could support this deal?"

"You're suggesting we ignore the enemy force entirely and focus on killing the city's general population?" Koda asked.

"I don't see why not? If we kill enough, I'm quite sure reasonable souls inside Kagero Village would eventually speak out against this deal only causing the death. Up until this point, the Land Of Wind has shown them the carrot, the benefits of joining. Now, it's our turn to show them the stick, the consequences if they turn to our enemies for support."

Considering the plan, Hiruzen took a pencil and began drawing on the map, "This could work..."

Hiruzen decided they would split up into four separate teams and attack at the light of first dawn. The goal was to make sure the general population in Kagero Village became aware of the dire consequences if they went through with the deal.

"Jiraiya and Akata, each of you will be given command of a team consisting of twenty," Hiruzen instructed.

With the fourth commanding spot left open, Fuzen called attention to himself. "Since I was the one who came up with the plan, isn't it only right I get to spearhead one of these teams?"

Hiruzen looked at him like he'd grown a second head. "You're too young and too inexperienced, you're still on your first mission. No, I'll have one of my veterans take command of the fourth team."

"Tsk, stingy, Old Man..."

From there, it didn't long for people to get organized in teams. Altogether they numbered just above eighty people. Not many considering the enemy force they soon encounter. However, what they lacked in numbers was compensated by pure strength.

The plan was simple; go in and kill every civilian encountered. It was brutal, yet necessary to avoid even further bloodshed, at least that's how Hiruzen argued it. Fuzen wasn't sure he believed it.

Pakura was left behind, sealed inside an artificially created cave. This meant, that unless they returned for her, she'd die a slow death. Hiruzen figured she could be used as a bargaining chip to convince Sunagakure of returning home. If things went as expected, the relations.h.i.+p between their two nations would soon turn quite sour. In order to incentivize both parties to break off from this deal, Pakura could help motivate the Kazekage and by proxy, Sunagakure.

Just before take off, Fuzen teleported beside Jiraiya and Akata without them noticing and elbowed Jiraiya lightly. "Oi, want to make a quick bet?"

"What sort of bet?" Jiraiya inquired, interest peaked.

Fuzen held up two fingers. "I want to bet two million Ryo that my team reaches the centre square of Kagero Village first."

"Idiot, it's my team, not yours!" Akata interrupted them. "And you don't even have that kind of money."

"I will after this mission is over," Fuzen grinned, confident in getting a significant payday after this mission. If not, he would definitely launch a complaint with the Konoha Union that protects the rights of all hardworking protectors of the Land of Fire.

"Well, in that case, I do believe we have a bet, Gaijin." They shook hands.

As Fuzen left together with Akata's team, Jiraiya heard gleeful laughter spreading through the air. "Why do I feel like I just made a bet with a devil?"

Hiruzen came up behind and patted him on the shoulder. "You have much to learn, young Jiraiya. Let this be a learning experience."

"Hey, I haven't lost yet, you know!"

Chaos Fiend In The Naruto World 28 Strike Back

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