Everything Was A Mistake Chapter 9

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Translator: nevermoorian

“Unfortunately, something happened so he dropped me off and left right away.”

“An engagement—?”

“I got engaged exactly half a year ago. It's only three months earlier than the day when Duke Edgar met his prospective fiancée.”

That's why I didn't kick it.

In fact, it's not like I'm getting dumped, but it's not a good thing.

No matter how hard the explanation is, it would be meaningless for people who frequently say we're lovers.

“It's not really hidden, but I guess it didn't come into your ears. That's weird, His Grace. His engagement's gone before, and you all know it.”

“I guess—”

“But it's pity for the young lady of Bornaine. I heard the Marquis sent a marriage proposal to His Grace in the name of his youngest daughter. The result is … well, it's like this.”

“What are you talking about!”

Sheryl Bornaine's face turned red in a flash.

Her face turns redder than the dress she's wearing, just like a girl of her age.

I can't believe there was a time when she tried to mock Nocton.

Her flock was staring to each other, perhaps new to the story.

In fact, an offer of marriage must have been secret between families.

No one would know it unless they were Bornaine and Edgar.

In that sense, I didn't say anything lightly, but I can't afford to be merciful to my enemy because she's the one who started arguing with me.

We live in a world where you'll be eaten if you show any weakness.

It's wrong to pick up on someone by mentioning Nocton Edgar and try to get off the hook.

Of course no one knew if I was with Nocton a while ago, except Alice.

I don't know about my situation, but I don't have any reason to think about your situation.

Hiding my smile, I opened my fan and covered with mouth.

“Is not right? The Duke himself told me because he was my friend, I'm sorry if it's wrong. But, His Grace did—”

“That's enough! Stop talking about it!”

Her voice rose in a stiff tone.

There was a loud noise in the midst of what many people had seen, and not it's hard not to stare at Bornaine.

I would have been the today's main character as planned, but at the moment, it was another person.

Unable to bear the sight of the crowd, Bornaine turned around and ran away.

The bewildered crowd finally grasped the situation and followed her.

For once Sheryl Bornaine was defeated, but what's next.

Not everyone who wanted to mock me had talked to Nocton.

If I don't have any weapons to fight back in such a situation, I'll lose a face and humiliating myself.

It would be better to go back before finis.h.i.+ng anything.

I didn't want to hear that I was running away do I came here, but after a few words with Nocton, my patience has been running out.


When I was absorbed in thought, someone called me.

I thought I heard it wrong, but when I turned around, it was Aaron Claymore.

“Didn't you say you had a job?”

“I dealt with it in a hurry. I thought I shouldn't let you do anything alone.”

That's very sweet of him. It's like a fruit that I shouldn't eat.

He may not have mean it, but I was really touched because no one ever said something like that to me.

“Thank you, anyway. I just wanted to go back.”

Though he was just here and I asked to go back as soon as I saw him, his face brightened a little. He, too, likes to avoid the ball.

Anyway, just before I go back, thanks to Aaron for his personal appearance, I might be able to escape from the image of being chained to Nocton.

If Aaron is attached, there's no one else to rush in.

Aaron Claymore, if not as good as Nocton, was also the top prey in the marriage mart.

It was a mockery for a fiancé's level to sink from top to bottom, but there was not much scandal if the statuses were only a little different.

Besides, this looks pretty much like a good couple.

However, I had to endure the outpouring of attention as many times as when I was alone.

Some of them were not enough to just whimper, and a young lady from Count Erlin's house, who had never said a word to me, approached.

“Llady Roa Valrose! Was it Sir Claymore that you were engaged to?”

“That's right.”

“That can't be….! Sir Claymore definitely said he doesn't want to get married!”

Oh, you've been talking openly?

“It's a story when he doesn't know love.”


“I'm sorry, Lady Erlin, but I'm so tired. I'd like you to postpone your story with Aaron until next time.”

I was forced to be rude because I'm not in the spirit to understand and step down.

Now I was so tired, and I felt worse than that.

It's not a situation where I can be considerate of others.

Using honorifics with a smiling face was the result of my last patience.

The young lady's face was red, perhaps offended, but frankly it didn't bother me.

If there was no longer any chance of seeing Nocton or Alice, the number of enemies did not matter.

I met both of the best men in the novel, but the more impactful moment was my first meeting with Aaron.

It may be a little ambiguous to be called the first meeting since I saw him face to face before then.

But, the first time he was left alone in the drawing room, he was on his knees.

“I'm sorry, Lady Roa Valrose, but please do not marry me.”

I haven't done anything, but I'm getting dumped already.

Rather than being shocked, I simply blinked because I didn't understand his sudden behavior.

“Uh … why?”

There's no return answer.

“You don't like me?”

I asked again, but Aaron Claymore still did not open his mouth.

A large man is looking down at the floor with his knees bent.

It was a bit burdensome, but it wasn't enough to tell him to get up.

I didn't ask him to get on his knees in the first place, so what about it.

If his bones hurt, he'll stand up, answer, or take care of himself.

It's not me who committed the offense, but the other side.

Putting a marriage into the family line was a simply matter of second thought.

Although they will only be married after a formal engagement, but the relations.h.i.+p was no different from an already established one.

It has pa.s.sed the stage in which people can say that they do not like the partner's looks it personality.

No, it's even more shocking to think so.

I've barely said h.e.l.lo and he doesn't know my personality … he doesn't like my face that much?

I was quite proud with my beauty so I was shocked.

My eyes are fierce so I hate this face at first, but I feel better every time I look in the mirror.

For a moment when I thought differently and turned a blind eye to reality, I soon became bored with the situation itself.

How long will he be like that?

Just kneeling down without telling me the reasons doesn't make things better.

The vague affinity for the opponent has been reduced and the latter has blossomed.

Perhaps Nocton's bad temper s.h.i.+fted to me.

Dozens of minutes have pa.s.sed since then.

Just then he did understand that silence alone would not solve anything, and a belated voice filled the drawing room.

“There is a person I love.”

I came close to counting the tea leaves.


I tried not to, but my shoulder sank unknowingly.

I knew this guy might end up liking Alice one day, but she didn't even meet Nocton yet.

When did that happen?

Although I have been constantly exchanging letters with Alice, the recent developments are only filled with the activity of the Duke of Limorand.

She was so busy receiving the love from her family after she came to the capital. She hardly ever walked out of the mansion.

How could he have fallen in love?

But even if I tried to guess, there was not much I could do.

Even though I came into the book's world, there wasn't much I could remember.

The male lead was described under a similar name to Ed, Alice's family background, and the villainous female character along with the well-mannered and tough male supporting character.

I remembered the small event Alice had when she made her social debut as a Limorand, and the fact that Nocton took over the Duke's seat as soon as he became an adult, but it was a shame to say I knew the future.

It was inevitable.

I read too many books, and the background was about the same. Moreover, I read a pile of similar books even after I was reborn.

Even on the day I died, it was just a pretty old book that I read, and I had to praise myself just for recognizing that I was reborn in a book.

Let's leave the useless excuses at this point.

I was confronted with a feeling of rejection.

“Do I have to refuse the marriage if Sir Claymore wants to marry that person?”

“That's not it. She can't get married.”

“Why is that?”

I've been talking a little bit but it's silent again.

I was suffocated by the frustrating atmosphere.

Not only the male lead, but the male's supporting character also has a fatal flaw. Alice was pitiful.

“Hey, Sir Claymore. It has been half an hour, but what you said is only ten words. If you have something you want to say, don't mumble like a child and speak straight. If you have nothing to say, please go back.”

Of course, if you go back, you'll have to take responsibility.

If you're going to say that in the first place, I don't know why you're here.

I wanted to leave the room first, but with the least amount of communication, I simply pointed at the door with minimal sophistication.

s.h.i.+vering astonishedly, Aaron Claymore slowly got up.

I didn't realize it when I came in, but since I was close to him, his body looked so big.

His broad shoulders and strong physique, no doubt he's a knight.

Aaron Claymore, who had exhausted himself, bowed deeply.

The appearance of his platinum hair was similar to the sand swept away at noon.

“I have been very rude. Lady Roa Valrose.”

Then the man, who was supposed to leave, opened his mouth slowly.

“I came looking for Valrose with the intention of repudiation because my decision was not recognized.”

“Are you talking about the adults of Claymore?”

“Yes. I've told them a few times that I have no desire to get married, but my parents didn't approve. It's a shame but I didn't even know it had come this far until today. It's something I should have made clear, but I'm sorry to have unintentionally offended you, young lady.”

“Are your parents against marrying her?”

“No, they don't even know it exists. As I said before, she can't get married. But I don't want to marry anyone else. I know it's just my ego, but I can't accept it with my heart.”

Alice Limorand, with whom you unable to marry….?

Something was wrong.

Tomorrow is the last day of my suffering two weeks of exams, so I published this now and the first chapter of TVIHT the next day.

I'm sorry for any typos or mistakes. Hope you like the chapters.

Oh, someone copied this to wattpad without permission (without even the credit tho) and honestly I'm not pleased.

Everything Was A Mistake Chapter 9

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