Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across The Galaxy Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The results are announced!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

No, if you directly drink it, your chrysanthemums will be in full bloom.

Xie Yan made a 'shh' gesture, with a smile in his eyes, “How to eat it? Let me work on it for a moment. You will know later.”

At this time, the executives of the live network were glad to be able to find someone like Xie Yan. This man seemed to have magic. The number of people on the live network had broken the record!

The smell of this soup made countless people addicted. They called friends and then those friends called their friends to come to the STAR Net to inhale the smell. The grand occasion was unprecedented. There were more people here than those who wanted to smell the prince's pheromone.

Prince Huo Nai once claimed that he would never give in to pheromones and marry an omega. This sudden manifesto made everyone so astonished that they paid high prices for a taste of the Prince's pheromones. Omegas accounted for the vast majority of the buyers. After all, so many people wanted to be with the crown prince and be crowned queen. The ridiculous statement from the Prince made them flash their wallets.

How could they marry into the royal family with this statement though?!

Of course, in the end, they didn't get the pheromone data of the prince.

The newly made spicy Doubanjiang needed to sit for twelve hours, which was why Xie Yan first made the Doubanjiang. 1

What was left was the mushroom chicken broth, 2 tomatoes, Sichuan peppercorns, all of which were easier to deal with. For the mushroom soup, Xie Yan decided to directly use the water used in boiling the chicken (broth). He made the stew by putting the whole chicken in, then used the broth. If he did that, the flavor of the chicken would not be lost, and the soup would also have plenty of chicken flavor. At last, he would add the mushrooms in, elevating the flavor of the soup to another level.

After that, the main event was just beginning.

The ingredients were essential for hot pot.

The stock seasonings were on the STAR Network, but many of the ingredients did not appear on the market. Xie Yan wanted to take this opportunity to make them, not only for this compet.i.tion, but also to bring something different to the interstellar community.

Beef, mutton, tripe, duck intestines, duck blood all of this cut, fresh, chilled, frozen, or pickled, should be prepared and put into the machine; 3 soaked soybeans were ground into soybean paste, white vinegar added so it could marinate, and according to the different concentrations, made into soybean tofu, 4 Northern tofu, 5 and old tofu.6 He took out the congeals formed on the surface during the process of making tofu, using the machine to accelerate the air-drying to form tofu skin, part of which were fried to make it crunchy. 7 For the mushrooms, he chose Enokitake mushrooms, 8 s.h.i.+take mushrooms 9 and white snow mushrooms (snow fungus). 10 For vegetables, there were bamboo shoots, bok choy, lettuce, potatoes, bean sprouts, scallions and lotus root slices.

It took four hours to prepare these items and Xie Yan was hungry. He made some snacks to fill his stomach.

Sour plum tea, 11 double skinned milk, 12 ice-cold noodles, 13 cold mungbean jelly. 14 Using the sweet potatoes, he shredded them, spread out a few pancakes, fried a few pieces of pork tenderloin, spread a layer of homemade sauce on the pancakes, rolled them together, and ate it. 15

Qiao Jiaze secretly looked at Xie Yan and found that he didn't stir fry these dishes at all. He was more puzzled, but he didn't care about him. No matter what he did, the winner of today's game must be him!

One after another, contestants had begun to hand in their creations.

Xie Yan had finished most of the preparatory work and was making sesame paste. There were sesame seeds but no one used them at all. This made it cheaper for Xie Yan. He washed the sesame seeds, put them in a pot, fried them until they were dry, stir-fried them until they were crispy and gave off a fragrant smell. He then ground them into powder with the grinder, transferred them to the blender, added olive oil and stirred them until the oily powder was fully integrated, and he ended up with a bowl of fragrant sesame paste. 16

Minced pork, cilantro, shallots, coriander, garlic, minced peanuts, and the dipping ingredients were made. It had taken nearly ten hours.

There was only Xie Yan left in the exam room.

People on STAR Net had been excited from the beginning to now, and people were waiting for it to be boring.

【What the heck is he doing? Up till now, he is still preparing seasonings.】

【You can't just present these raw things, can you just wash them? It's too easy to be a chef.】

【What's the noise? Isn't this game 24 hours? It's only half the time now.】

The comments were bustling, it was like boiling hot pot soup.

A robot pushed a two-layer cart over, and a huge pot immediately attracted everyone's attention.

【What is that? Is it a pot?】

【Where did he make such a big pot? It's so big. Wait, is there a grill in it?】

【Is it? I think so??】

【Poster, can you finish your sentence? Just say it. I wish you can never find the other half!】

【Too vicious!】

“All right.”

This sound was like a command, all people immediately felt their spirits rise, like the horn of the charge.

Xie Yan stood up, took over the robot's pot, cleaned it with water, and then poured in the prepared spicy Doubanjiang. The four kinds were poured into the four grids respectively. In order to prevent soup splas.h.i.+ng into the other sides, a wide design similar to a moat was made in the middle.

The hot chicken soup could be drunk directly. It was delicious.

Ten judges sat around the table. In front of them was a special pot embedded in the table. The prepared dishes were placed on the cart one by one.

“The sauce is here. Everyone can make the sauce according to their favorite taste.” Xie Yan stood beside the sauces and introduced to them the differences.

When the judges heard this, their faces showed an expression of interest. Each of them prepared four kinds of sauces, and then put it in front of them. According to each kind of food introduced by Xie Yan, it needed to be scalded in the soup.

“Tripe needs to be cooked, which means that it's best to dip it in the sauce after scalding it in the soup. The uneven spots on the surface can make the tongue feel different. This is the difference between viscera and meat. The taste is unique, which is hard for meat to reach.”

The judge showed a memorable expression, “I didn't expect the taste of this thing to be so wonderful!”

“I used to think that the internal organs were filthy. I couldn't eat them. I didn't expect it to change after such treatment. It's so delicious!”

“The level of Doubanjiang is really wonderful. It's boiled with Doubanjiang, but it doesn't have any miscellaneous taste. On the contrary, it's spicy with a little sweetness, which makes your tongue numb. It's spicy, like it can ignite your blood, but it won't make you feel manic, just like-” the judge clapped his head, “I can't remember how to describe that word!”

“Mellow!” Another judge added his words.

“Yes, mellow! It's a spirit that nature gives to everything!”

Xie Yan's hand-cooked dishes were directly scanned by a special machine, and the smell and flavor would be directly transmitted to the STAR website, so that everyone could feel this flavor.

The people on the STAR Net had been waiting for too long! They were exhausted physically and mentally from the smell that they didn't have the heart to do anything else. Those who read articles, read novels, played games and went to work couldn't help but come out to try it. They waited patiently for Xie Yan to reveal the riddle. At this time, they finally got to try the taste and tears flowed down.

【When I taste this hot pot, even if I died at the moment, it's enough!】

【I don't want to die. I haven't tasted such delicious food myself. Omg, will this be extended to the whole galaxy in the future? It is really delicious. There's no way to satisfy the virtual data at all. Now I feel that the virtual taste given by the Chefs a.s.sociation can't match one thousandth of this!】

【It's like seeing a perfect beauty. Other beauties will never be seen again!】

【You're exaggerating too much. Is that good? I'll try it… Really sweet!】

Along the way, Xie Yan not only popularized the most appropriate way to eat everything, but also attached a sentence, “In fact, as long as the hot pot has a soup base, basically everything can be boiled, and then have that flavor. There is no standard answer. If you want to eat sweet, put sugar, if you want to eat spicy, put pepper. Each has its own flavor. Just add it according to your own preference.”

The judges and the audience had a good time.

Many people didn't find anything suitable for their taste before. They only ate nutritious liquid as a life-saving battery every day. The hot pot brought by Xie Yan this time made them find their favorite flavor. Now they went to find the video made by Xie Yan before, made popular by other people, and rewarded a lot of crystal coins. Xie Yan's fans in the studio broke through a billion at once, and the number kept increasing, and they were about to break the 10 billion mark.

When the threshold of 10 billion audiences. .h.i.t, Xie Yan could be said to be the real 'first brother' of live network name.

At the moment, the number of people who paid attention to this 'Delicious Galaxy' compet.i.tion was more than the historical peak data, which was several times more than the previous most watched one. It can be said that it had reached an unprecedented level. Everyone thought that Xie Yan was the first. They had forgotten the taste of other people's dishes. The hot pot brought by Xie Yan had a magic power and had conquered them completely!

They were even ready to suggest to the food companies that they should bring hotpot to all parts of the galaxy and let them taste it. The virtual data on the Internet couldn't satisfy them at all! They wanted to taste the real hot pot!

At this time, the judges received the news from the vice president, they looked at each other, and finally turned their eyes to the backbone. This time they looked towards the leader of the judges, Bai Juan, a senior elder in the Chefs a.s.sociation.

Bai Juan was a member of the Bai family. He had heard the message that Xie Yan should go away, and the message was enough to destroy the young man.

Besides, for his own sake, he wanted to keep Qiao Jiaze. He touched his chin. Although the taste just now was very good, Xie Yan broke a rule and they couldn't let him pa.s.s.

“Please rate Xie Yan's hot pot.” 17

Every time they tasted a person's food, they would score, and it couldn't be changed after scoring, ensuring the fairness and justice of the game.

Xie Yan finally handed over his dishes and scored. The scores of the whole game were now in front of everyone. Everyone's scores appeared in front of the public. The score was from top to bottom, from high to low.

“The winner is Qiao Jiaze.” Bai Juan announced and his eyes were merciless.

Xie Yan had the lowest score, all the way at the bottom.




Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across The Galaxy Chapter 10

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