Library Of Heaven's Path: Anime Art 1 Prolouge: Scammer

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"Scammer! Grand Scammer!"

An angry yell can be heard throughout a random street of a j.a.panese-style shanty town, of which wouldn't have been out of place hundreds of years ago. Then the pitter-patter of waraji made from rice straw can be heard going down this random street.

Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella as he said, "I'm not a scammer! I'm a skilled physician... I only want to heal you! By the way, must you really add 'Grand' at the end of your words? You make it sound as though I'm the type of person who would break your things and make you pay me for the inconvenience!"

Shortly afterwards, he suddenly recalled the words of his landlord and sighed. "If I can't find someone to treat soon.... then I'll be forced to live on the streets. Ha ha..... I seem to recall something similar happening to me shortly after arriving on my previous world"

You heard that correctly. Zhang Xuan isn't from this j.a.panese-style world, but from a world known as the Master Teacher Continent where those who take up the occupation of the same name and guide humanity reign supreme. If that wasn't surprising enough, then the fact that Zhang Xuan wasn't from that world will surprise you further. He was originally from a planet called Earth where he worked as a librarian when all of a sudden his soul transmigrated to a citizen of the Master Teacher Continent by the same name.

"I would use the Spirit Stones left in my storage ring as payment were it not for the ants that came out the last time." Zhang Xuan thought as he continued to rub his glabella.

"Don't give up sensei as I'm sure you'll find a way!"

A young man no older that 21 or 22, with brown hair, a pair of, and a black robe known as a s.h.i.+hakushō.

"Ah Little Aizen, I take it you were done with patrol for the day? I take it you've also been practicing since I last saw you?"

As a Master Teacher one must have students to teach, and if he doesn't then that venerable t.i.tle would be nothing more than a paper tiger even if he didn't.

"Yes sensei, the unique power of my zanpakutō can affect small animals for 5 minutes longer now."

This young man that was reporting to Zhang Xuan is known as Sōsuke Aizen, of whom would otherwise be known as his first student in this second new world. He is also a Soul Reaper fresh out of an academy of this world tasked with the single purpose of training many more like him. Soul Reapers themselves are a profession that serves as this world's police and military force. As for how he became a student under Zhang Xuan, well that will be a story for another day.

"Tell me Little Aizen, have you heard of anyone in other parts of the Rukongai that need treatment?"

"Yes sensei, I noticed several people along my patrol route that were injured in an accident in the 72 Eastern District."

"Then do lead the way as you are more familliar with this place than I"

"I'm sure you'll learn in no time at all sensei"

"I must do well to remember that this second new world of mine is a fudeal j.a.panese one instead of Chinese." Zhang Xuan thought, "Still..... the chance to obtain the piece Kong-s.h.i.+'s legacy that will allow me to cure my condition as well as obtain the unique knowledge of these different worlds was too good an oppurtunity to pa.s.s up."

At this moment Zhang Xuan starts to recall just how he ended up in this situation. He remembers that it started shortly after he returned to the great Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy after an outing with the leaders of the academy's four major student factions. After giving his students a few more pointers along the path of cultivation, Zhang Xuan was informed by the butler he hired under his alias "Yang Xuan" that a very special visitor had arrived at his door.

Library Of Heaven's Path: Anime Art 1 Prolouge: Scammer

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