Library Of Heaven's Path: Anime Art 5 Prelude To Guidance

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After being saved and processed through the Soul Society's equivalent of ICE for the souls of the dearly departed, the G.o.d of Destruction was directed to follow someone throughout the streets of the Rukon District to where he would be staying.

"How much farther is it?"

"Just a few more moments."

Despite still being exhausted of qi, Zhang Xuan is more than capable of moving at a much faster pace with his physical body alone yet was instead walking at the pace of an ordinary commoner. Until he knows more about this world it's best that he be prudent and avoid making a fuss. If the people who've had their property wrecked beyond recognition by this Celestial Master Teacher knew of his thoughts….. then they'd all scream at the top of their lungs "Why couldn't you be prudent for me?!!!"

"Really? It feels like I've been waiting around here for over a year."

"Well it's not really that surprising ….. a sense of time are among many things new souls will have to adjust to….. ah yes… now I remember.

Thankfully Zhang Xuan's guide was more than willing to answer many of the questions he had about this new world.

"So then then just like how the Soul Reapers are divided into multiple parts….."

Zhang Xuan learns that he is currently in the capital city of the Eastern Branch of the Soul Society, of whom are in charge of managing the flow of souls between the realm of the living and here until they can go through the cycle of reincarnation. Soul Reapers serve as the civil police and military power of the Eastern Branch, and are divided into 13 divisions each having their own specialty. The 4th Division for example handles the medical needs and miscellaneous duties of the Soul Reapers….. and that Zhang Xuan can learn anything else he might want to know from his neighbors or any patrolling soul reaper with a free moment on their hand.

"... and the biggest difference between here and the realm of the living is that whereas one has their soul and their physical there…. up here there is only the soul…. or perhaps you could think it as…."

"That the soul and physical body are one in the same. To cultivate the soul is to cultivate one's body and to cultivate one's body is to cultivate one's soul." Zhang Xuan deduced.

"I'm impressed…. For a former human you're wiser than most of the people born here. Still…. do you mind if I ask you a question of my own?"

The guide went well beyond the call of duty by explaining these things to Zhang Xuan, but still... there was one strange thing that could easily be pointed out.

"You're not bothered by the fact that I'm a talking cat? Though I rarely do so in front of normal residents, they're always surprised if one hears me speak."

Specifically Zhang Xuan's guide was a black cat with a rather deep and masculine tone of voice.

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"I didn't think I'd ever get to physically visit the realm of the dead, so seeing a talking cat really isn't that surprising in comparison."

That and Zhang Xuan has read several books both novels back on Earth as well as textbooks in the Beast Tamer's Guild that mention some beasts are more than capable of speaking in a human tongue.

"I see…. well we've arrived at your new home in the Soul Society." The cat revealed.

Indeed Zhang Xuan was so caught up in listening to this lecture about a new world that he effectively failed to notice that he stepped inside an apartment building and stopped before an empty unit.

"We don't normally do this for new arrivals, but given the circ.u.mstances the Soul Society has decided to place you here and cover your rent for the first few months….. so by then make sure you find a new job."

The apartment looked something like a building out of the Heian Period of j.a.pan, but although it wasn't anything fancy… or more specifically on the lower end of middle-cla.s.s at best… everything was clearly well cared for.

"Ah th"

The black cat had departed long before Zhang Xuan had realized it was gone. It would seem that he needs to rest and recover his strength as soon as possible as any real expert of this world would be able to kill him easily in his current state.

"Alright... what should I do next?" Zhang Xuan mumbled as sat cross-legged on the bed.

The future legendary G.o.d Destruction of both this world, the Master Teacher continent back home, as well as many other worlds is despite his questionable EQ is no fool. If these Soul Reapers are truly managing the cycle of reincarnation in this world… then there is no reason for them to make a special exception for a case of someone that fell off the beaten path.

"They probably suspect that I had something to do with all those Hollow Creatures that appeared and are probably watching me right now. I'm an upright human being standing for the best in my species… how could I possibly be responsible. Those Hollows were more likely attracted to the "hole" I made in s.p.a.ce to get here."

They weren't.

"But just to be on the safe side…. I should avoid using spirit stones to recover my energy unless I absolutely have to."

If the members of 8th division that cleaned up the mess Zhang Xuan definitely "didn't" because knew of the existence of spirit stones while also hearing his words... then they'd definitely beg for him to never take out another one again. Though the 8th division avoided any casualties, the Soul Reapers there were tremendously exhausted just short of if not actually having collapsed on the floor. It was as though they went through the h.e.l.lish training the 11th Division puts themselves through.

"They mentioned the world of the living was called Earth….. then maybe I should take a visit if I get the chance."

No…. Zhang Xuan quickly dismisses that thought from his mind as soon as it appears. He remembers reading books in the library back on Earth that reference the existence of alternate realties. He has no way to verify that this Soul Society's version of Earth is the one he is from. If he takes a thousand steps back and a.s.sumes it is the same Earth….. then how would he explain to his friends and family that he is still alive?

"Forget it….. I can't leave until I use the nature of my occupation as a Celestial Master Teacher to make a profound change in this world's fate. That means I have to take a disciple capable of changing this world's fate. Does that mean that I get to be the "Old Grandpa" for this world's protagonist? Raising them so they can slaughter those above their cultivation level like they were killing chickens? Well whatever….. I'll worry…. about… it… later." Zhang Xuan mumbled to himself as his eyelids slowly shut.

Little did Zhang Xuan know that he was in actuality correct in regards to his suspicion of being watched by the Soul Reapers. In fact there was a black cat sitting on the roof corner of the building directly across from his temporary abode. It was the very same one that "crossed" his path earlier.

"So….. he finally fell asleep." The black cat mumbled, "Suì-Fēng!"

A gust of wind blows as a very young lady dressed in black with her face covered in a black cloth seemingly and suddenly phased into existence behind the black cat.

"Lady Yoruichi, what do you need?"

"Are you aware of the Hollow attack that occurred earlier in the day?"

"Yes my lady."

"... you still need to learn to relax more you know, but… I suppose your diligence will help save some time." Yoruichi sighed, "The person staying in that apartment….. I want you to shadow him."

"Forgive me for the rudeness Lady Yoruichi, but didn't the report say he was only a normal soul that fell off the cycle because of the ma.s.sive appearance of Hollows?"

"It did…. but the timing of the appearance could also suggest that he has something to do with their appearance. Besides… if he really is just an ordinary guy… consider it an expenses paid work vacation….. something you could use with how uptight you are. Now I have something else I need to do…. so consider this an order from your superior."


The black cat Yoruichi started to leap across buildings as she started to be consumed by her thoughts.

"The guy had about the basic amount of spiritual power you'd expect of a human from the realm of the living, so my cute little protégée should easily be able to handle it. Still... I keep getting the feeling he's the same kind of troublemaker like Urahara."

He's far worse a troublemaker than Urahara could and ever will be.

"Hopefully I'm just overthinking it."

If Yoruichi could talk to the people of the Master Teacher continent that had dealt with Zhang Xuan before…. then they'd absolutely tell her that she is most definitely underestimating his powers as a troublemaker and that she should carefully secure all of her valuables if she wants them to remain in one piece.

"Better hurry or I'm going to be late."

Lady Yoruichi inconsequentially pa.s.sed by another Soul Reaper walking the city streets as she continued to leap across buildings.

"Ohhhh… I can't believe division headquarters sent me on this mission." the Soul Reaper moaned.

This particular Soul Reaper was a rather lanky and nerdy looking fellow with and messy brown hair while exuding the aura of one whom clearly lacks confidence. He would definitely be a handsome man if he were to put some muscle on his bones and a confident expression on his face.

"How could they expect me to catch the Soul Reapers that have been abusing their authority to bully the people in this area? I Sōsuke Aizen am one of the weakest Soul Reapers in the entire division."

And yet because of a chance encounter that has yet to occur however; this "Weakest Soul Reaper" would centuries later become one of the most feared and respected individual in all of the Soul Society and beyond.

Library Of Heaven's Path: Anime Art 5 Prelude To Guidance

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