Dudu's Diary Chapter 2

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Wu Jing reminded Yu Shanshan that she did not come to work alone today. She also brought along a small oil bottle. But she's been busy since lunch and haven't seen her little oil bottle of a son for hours!

"My little Dudu!"

Yu Shanshan's heart was so frightened that she jumped up quickly and ran to the office. Wu Jing also hurriedly went after her.

It's almost seven o'clock in the evening. Naturally, the teachers are already off duty. Hence, the whole workplace is quiet and there's no sign of anyone at all. Wu Jing looked at the situation inside the empty office, her heart almost stopped and angrily slapped Yu Shanshan's arm .

"You just left Dudu in the office? Where is he now? The little guy won't sneak out on his own, right?"

"I had Dudu sit at your desk after lunch and let him to watch cartoons. I didn't expect to be so busy this afternoon. I forgot about him!"

Yu Shanshan panicked. This woman couldn't just lost her son.

"Is there even a mother like you? I can't believe you forgot your own son!" At the thought that nearly six hours have pa.s.sed since lunch time, Wu Jing was so anxious that she stamped her foot. "Let's go out and ask the doorman if he saw Dudu and if needed, we can tune into the surveillance to find the little guy."

"Yes, yes, yes, let's go and find the doorman."

Shanshan and Wu Jing hurried to the guard's room to find the doorman for inquiry. As soon as he heard that a child is missing, the doorman immediately adjusted the surveillance at the gate. Strangely they discovered that there was no trace of Dudu at all for the past few hours, that is to say, Dudu had not gone in nor out of the gate.

"Where on earth is Dudu?" Wu Jing's hands trembled with fear, she couldn't imagine that the cute little meat ball that could melt people's heart is now missing.

Yu Shanshan was initially too scared to cry, but her mother's instinc forced herself to calm down and close her eyes to a.n.a.lyze clearly where Dudu might be.

"Since Dudu didn't go out, he's still inside."

A few seconds later, she suddenly opened her eyes, as if remembering something, and ran quickly inside. "I know where Dudu is!"

Wu Jing ran after her in confusion, only to see her run straight back to the office she had just looked into, went to her table, squatted down, looked under the desk, and then took a deep breath.

Wu Jing instantly understood something and hurried over. She followed Yu Shanshan's line of sight and looked under the table and heaved a sigh of relief as well, she doesn't know if she should laugh or cry at the same time.

Under the table, the meatball is sleeping on the carpet, his round belly rising and falling along with his breath.

So Dudu's under the table the whole time, no wonder they couldn't find him.

Wu Jing patted her chest, full of joy, "This little guy, why did he decide to sleep under the desk? We've been scared to death, luckily nothing bad had happened."

Yu Shanshan was not as gentle as Wu Jing. After a few seconds of rejoicing, it was followed by thick anger. The little fat man is so abominable that he almost scared her to death. If he scared her to death, he'll become an unwanted orphan!

This kid deserves to be taught a lesson.

She reached out to the fat dumpling who is drooling and still fast asleep. She slapped him on his round, fleshy b.u.t.tocks.

Feeling that his little b.u.t.t was being attacked in his sleep, Dudu vaguely opened his eyes, he stretched out a small hand full of flesh and rubbed his eyes. Only then did he clearly see the two people in front of him.

"Mom, are you finally off duty?" Dudu's eyes lit up and happily hugged Shanshan's neck and kissed her on the face with a smack.

Yu Shanshan kept her tiger face, determined not to be fooled by the little fat man, and pinched his fleshy cheek, "Who told you to go to sleep under the table! Did you know we thought that we've lost you? You need to learn your lesson!"

"I think you're the one who needs to be lectured!" Wu Jing said "You're the mother who have forgotten your three-year-old child for most of the day. He's been good enough to stay by himself for so long, and you have the nerve to talk to him like that!"

Wu Jing reached out and hugged Dudu and took a big kiss on his little meat face, lovingly "Let's ignore your mother Dudu, are you hungry?"

Dudu sensed that his mother's mood is a little dangerous at the moment, and wisely threw himself into Wu Jing's arms, hugged her neck and gave her a heavy kiss on her cheek. He then leaned against her arms, touched his belly and nodded.

"G.o.dmother, Dudu is so hungry."

Wu Jing's heart was broken. Can the child not be hungry at this point? She hurriedly hugged the little guy and went out.

"Dudu, bear it for a while. Let's go home and have dinner now. This G.o.dmother will make you CocCola Chicken Wings."

CocCola Chicken Wings
"Wow--" doodle's eyes glowed and his little head lit busily, "Then let's hurry back, my belly is already hungry and thin."

Yu Shanshan rolled her eyes and slipped her hands around the fat man's fleshy stomach. She could hardly find the slightest sign of him being hungry and thin.

How dare you say you are hungry and skinny.


Yu Shanshan rents a house with Dudu. Due to limited funds, she could only rent a one-bedroom house. Fortunately, only mother and son live together. Usually n.o.body visits except Wu Jing, so it's barely enough for them to live in.

Because Wu Jing is also alone at home, she usually comes to this mother and son's house for dinner in the evenings. But not to get a meal, but mainly because she can't bear to see Yu Shanshan's rubbish cooking skills and was afraid it might be bad to Dudu. So she comes here every night to cook dinner, so that the mother and son pair can at least have a decent meal.

It's quite fortunate that Wu Jing's here. Otherwise, Dudu might not be the small meatball he is now and instead might have been on a par with the image of African refugees.

Seeing Wu Jing in her ap.r.o.n, making Dudu's favorite CocCola Chicken Wings, Yu Shanshan went over and hugged her waist and rubbed her face on her back like a spoiled girl, "Wu Jing, if it wasn't for you, I'd be screwed. I can hardly forget your great kindness, and this little girl has nothing to repay. I can only--"

"Stop it!" Wu jing pushed out her bottom and shoved the person behind her.

"I can't stand your reward. I just want you to keep your temper and work well. It doesn't matter if you're hungry, but don't starve my little Dudu"

"You're so biased--"

Confirming that her place in Wu Jing's heart is not comparable to Dudu's, Yu Shanshan pouted.

"It's really not my fault this time. She called me a fat pig and beat me. You say I can't be angry, but you have to admit that I have a good temper now."

Wu Jing could not help thinking of Yu Shanshan's fiery temper in the past. Knowing that she had indeed reined in a lot now, she could only sigh helplessly,

"I know that some customers are really difficult. But that's what work is all about, everyone who works for others will have their own grievances and helplessness. You can't do whatever you want."  she said earnestly.

"Do you know how many people want to work in Tianyi? I went to a lot of trouble to get you in. If you lose this job, you'll never find such a good one again."

Yu Shanshan bowed her head.

Of course, she treasures this job. Tianyi's salary is good. In this second-tier city where the salary is generally not high, even the work of consulting teachers can reach more than 10,000, and countless people break their heads in wanting to get in. If it weren't for her strong knowledge in dancing and Wu Jing's aggressive efforts, she wouldn't be able to get in with her image alone at all.

This salary allows her to support herself and Dudu, so she really tries to rein in her temper and try to do her job well.

Unexpectedly, she still failed today.

Yu Shanshan sniffed and suddenly wanted to cry.

It's really hard to work, and it's really hard to raise a fat son ~

Wu Jing can understand her grievance. After all, she grew up in an ordinary family and knew the sufferings of the world, but she grew up in a honey pot, and now she has suddenly been thrown from the honey pot into the bog.

Patting her on the shoulder, Wu Jing said:

"It's a fact that consulting is a really difficult job to do. Nowadays, there are all kinds of people that many customers are bizarre to death, and it's common to be hara.s.sed."

Yu Shanshan nodded approvingly. That's right, these days, the guests are very difficult to serve, there are all kinds of people, and stranger requirements are raised each time. Her heart is very tired every day.

Wu Jing advised her again:

"So you see, it's not easy to be a consulting teacher. But becoming a dance teacher directly is good. Tianyi's dance teachers earn an average of 30,000 yuan, and the good ones have a monthly income of 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, and there's also a huge bonus at the end of the year.

Shanshan, if you can become a dance teacher, not only will you avoid being hara.s.sed by customers, but you can easily support Dudu, and you can also buy whatever you want. It's so much better"

Yu Shanshan bowed her head with a flat mouth and looked at her body fat. She helplessly spread out her hands. "Of course I know how good being a dance teacher would be, but the key here is that I can't be one at all."

This is really a sad fact.

She feels like crying.

Wu Jing hated the iron not becoming steel and poked her on the forehead once again. "Then why don't you lose weight! Your former body used to be the envy of the whole school. It was so beautiful. If you can restore your previous figure, and with your dancing level, I can guarantee that our  Tianyi's boss will personally dig you up, and when that time comes, you'll be paid as much as you want. This is no place to have a good meal."

Yu Shanshan also remembered her former appearance, which was as light as a swallow, and her willow thin waist was among the best in the country's top imperial city dance academy.

She can't count how exactly many girls have been envious and hated her. But now.......Alas, if she talks too much, she will cry.

However, losing weight is easy to say, but it's simply painful to put it into practice. As a foodie whose motto from childhood is that beauty and good food are the only things to live for, she really can't do it.

This is the source of Yu Shanshan's sorrow, holding Wu Jing's thin waist, which was only one foot nine, she cried.

"Why is it so hard to lose weight?"

Wu Jing almost wanted to hit her. "What's so hard about it? As long as you keep your mouth shut and spread your legs, why can't you lose weight? But you just can't control your mouth. It's stranger if you became thin but still eat so much everyday "

Yu Shanshan shut up and bowed her head in shame. She does feed herself every day.

Wu Jing was so angry with her, she had never seen such an unmotivated person. She simply turned off the fire and pulled Shanshan out of the kitchen, and straight to the front of the weighing scale.

With a fierce face, she said: "I'm going to weigh you, from now on, you must lose weight for me!"


拖油瓶呢 - Refers to the children of an ex-husband, or from a former marriage

Guys I mentioned in the forum I'd put out 3 chapters, but the next one mentions weighing terms, and I'm planning to do some conversion first instead of sticking to the Chinese measurement. This seems to be a weight loss series so, I guess I should make it easier for readers as early as now.

Dudu's Diary Chapter 2

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