Dudu's Diary Chapter 6

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The next day was Monday. After a busy weekend, Yu Shanshan was able to take a day off.

It's rare that she doesn't have to get up early to work. Yu Shanshan is in a very good mood and had a very good sleep. While she was dreaming, she suddenly felt a small weight on her body, that made her she unable breathe. In the daze Shanshan subconsciously tried to get rid of the weight on her body, pus.h.i.+ng it away.

What followed was a loud "Bang" and then a sound of "ooow--" crying.


Yu Shanshan instantly woke up with a start. and sat up from the bed. She sat up from the bed and looked intently. There was a fleshy turtle lying sprawled on the ground beside the bed. It's just that the fleshy turtle is crying sadly at the moment. Yu Shanshan instantly realized what just happened, and she couldn't help feeling guilty.

She hurriedly got out of bed and picked up the fat guy, coaxed him and asked "Does Dudu feel any pain?"

While crying, the little guy choked up and said: "Mom, my b.u.t.t hurts. Is my a.s.s blossoming?"

Yu Shanshan hurriedly touched the little guy's b.u.t.t, but it was all soft meat and you can't touch any bones at all. Coupled with the fact that the floor is covered with a soft carpet, there is little chance that the little guy actually fell on his bone.

After making sure that the little guy was all right, Yu Shanshan breathed a sigh of relief. She gently rubbed his b.u.t.tocks, kissed his round head affectionately, and then apologized sincerely: "I'm sorry, baby. Mom was careless. can you forgive mom?"

Dudu rubbed his b.u.t.tocks by himself, but the sobs didn't stop "But Mom, my b.u.t.t's really hurt."

Knowing that the fat son really fell and hurt, Yu Shanshan felt a little guilty and had to give substantial compensation to coax the little fat man, "Pangpang would you like Mom buy you your favorite cupcake when she picks you up from school today?"

"Then I want explosion cake."  The little guy's eyes lit up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his sob voice also decreased a little as he held out a fat finger in front of Yu Shanshan. He sobbed and asked expectantly, "Mom, can I have a strawberry pudding as well?"

Strawberry Pudding Explosion cake (or a smaller version of this? Not sure)
In normal times, she would never let this little fat man push his luck. But today, it was her fault that he was crying so she was so talkative that she agreed to the little guy's request.

Thinking that he will be eating his favorite cake and pudding today, Dudu felt that his b.u.t.t doesn't hurt anymore. He rolled down from Yu Shanshan and grabbed her leg and dragged her under the bed. "Mom, get up quickly. I have to go to school and can't be late."

His motivation for eating is huge. Yu Shanshan is too lazy to roll her eyes.


Today is Monday. After two days of playing, there are inevitably all kinds of magical sounds piercing the ears at the gate of the kindergarten.

One by one, the children cried as if their parents were going to sell them, either clinging to their parents' thighs or not letting go of the kindergarten gate.

Most of these children are in small cla.s.ses. Dudu is also a student of a small cla.s.s. However, Dudu does not cry. Instead, he smiles happily from ear to ear. Whenever he sees the children who are crying and refuses to enter, he would greet them warmly and tell them to be good.

This painting style is diametrically opposed to those crying children.

The parents who are entangled by their children saw Dudu's smiling appearance. They pointed to Dudu to educate their child: "Look at how well-behaved their children are. They don't cry and they're very happy. you have to learn from them."

Children have self-esteem and are when they are being compared to others by their own parents, they naturally will not want to lose. Some of the children did stopped crying and obediently went to kindergarten, sobbing.

Yu Shanshan couldn't help being impressed by her bad fat man and felt proud of his fat son for the first time.

Because of this, Yu Shanshan squatted down and gave her little fat an affectionate kiss, "Pangpang, be sure to listen to the teacher in cla.s.s."

Dudu nodded his little head and waved his hand "Mom, please go home quickly and remember to pick me up early after school." he said, "I'm going to eat cake and pudding."

He can't forget the food. His snack.

Yu Shanshan was about to turn around and leave, when Dudu's head teacher stopped her  "Dudu's Mom, the thing is, our kindergarten is going to hold a parent-child sports meeting this Friday." she said, "I hope every child's parents can come and partic.i.p.ate in the sports events together with their children."

Yu Shanshan's first reaction was to quickly ask: "Can we not come?"

The teacher was dumbfounded, "We still hope the parents can come. If both parents are too busy, at least one of them should attend."

Yu Shanshan's heart is resisting, but since the teacher said so, she can't refuse and could only nod.

Her original good mood disappeared and was replaced by depression.

When she got home, she went to the full-length mirror and looked at herself carefully. She wanted to find beauty in the person in the mirror, but unfortunately she didn't find it at all.

There is so much flesh on the face that the originally stunning facial features can no longer be seen. even the swan neck, which she was most proud of, was gone. Her thin waist, which used to be only one foot seven, is now covered with layers of fat. Even if she has a pair of long legs, you can't see it under the enhanced fat.

This whole person can only be described in one word: Ugly.

Yu Shanshan couldn't help but cover her face and cried loudly. "The woman here must not be me, not me, everything is an illusion."

After wailing for half an hour, the fat woman in the mirror was still the fat woman. the hallucinations are all bubbles.

Yu Shanshan sighed deeply, turned around and dragged a dusty bike out of the balcony, she put it in the living room, and then turned on the TV. She found a fitness and weight loss program, followed the people inside the TV in riding the bike.

At least lose some meat before Friday, otherwise, a greasy fat woman will appear among a group of young and beautiful mothers, which will definitely become the focus of the whole audience. She doesn't want that.

It is rare to step on a dynamic bike for an hour with full power. Yu Shanshan was so tired that she couldn't get up on the sofa.

After a rare one-hour dynamic bicycle ride, Yu Shanshan was so tired that she could not get up on the sofa.

She used to feel energetic after riding a bicycle for an hour and could even run another kilometer. Now she feels like a salted fish. This is the difference between a fat man and a thin man.

I really miss the way I used to be. I wish I woke up to be a skinny person.

Yu Shanshan could not help but fantasize in her mind that she would wake up after sleeping and transform to what she used to be. Dudu will see her appearance and opened his mouth wide in amazement. His eyes would twinkle around her and couldn't help praise her: "Mom, you look like a fairy."

"Ha ha ... ha ha ......" Yu Shanshan couldn't help laughing. after laughing for a long time, Yu Shanshan realized that she was daydreaming, She  shut her mouth, and went to the bathroom to unlovably take a shower.


At 04:30 in the afternoon, Yu Shanshan appeared punctually at the gate of the kindergarten.
Many parents had already gathered at the gate.

The music after school sounded, and the teacher came outside with the children in a line.
Handing their little friends to their parents one by one.

At a glance, Dudu saw his mother waiting at the gate and immediately jumped up, throwing himself into her arms like a small cannonball.

Yu Shanshan's body was almost pushed back by this cannonball.

"Mom, I miss you so much." Dudu said and kissed Shanshan heavily on the cheek. Then he kept rubbing against hers with his fleshy cheek. He looks so excited as if he hadn't seen his mother for days.

Seeing that his son was so attached to her, Yu Shanshan was touched and gave the little fat man a heavy kiss on the face, "Dear son, Mom misses you, too."

Dudu grinned so much that he could not see his teeth, "Mom, let's go get some cake and pudding!" he said in a milky voice

Yu Shanshan suddenly suspected that the little fat man is not actually excited to see her at all. It's the thought of good food that makes him so excited.

Bah, to think she was touched.

There's a cake shop on the way home, and it was delicious. Dudu also likes to eat the desserts in this shop, so Yu Shanshan took him there.

Dudu immediately let go of his old mother's hand, abandoned her and ran forward alone, and very skillfully tiptoeing to take a tray and clip from the shelf. He ran to the cupboard with his little fat legs and tried to reach out to clip a cupcake. However, he's small and short, he can't reach with his feet.

After a while, the little fat man turned his head to Yu Shanshan with a flattering smile.

"Well, you're a bad fat man. Now you remember me?" Yu Shanshan poked his round head discontentedly.

"Hey, hey, here you go, Mom." Dudu said as he handed the clip to his old mother.

Yu Shanshan was too lazy to argue with this bad fatty, she took the clip and quickly put a piece of explosion cake, then a piece of pudding. She then painfully removed her eyes and resolutely refused to look at the desserts that are so tempting that she wants to buy them all to take home.

No, no, she's not allowed to eat!

Enduring the great pain in her heart, Yu Shanshan quickly paid the bill, grabbed his fat son and left the place full of temptations. She didn't put the meatball down until she finally couldn't smell the enticing fragrance and breathed a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, the fat son failed to understand the pain of his mother's resistance to temptation. As soon as he was put down, he took the pudding out of the bag. He dug it up with a big spoon happily. His mouth was wide open and swallowed it in one gulp, and the next second, he narrowed his eyes happily and uttered a sound of extreme satisfaction--he's almost singing.

It's just like a big advertising scene.


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Dudu's Diary Chapter 6

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