Hunters Moon Black And White 10 Blood Awakening

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Derrick sat in his last cla.s.s, the whole day those two girls had him dreaming, Sasha had that beautiful face, the sweet blue eyes, and clearly a body to die for. But Kara, that sharp green eyes, a bit shorter than Sasha, she seemed to have a more athletic build, a little stocky, but her beauty was also on its own level. And then there was that take no s.h.i.+t att.i.tude, Derrick liked that the most about her, Sasha, considering all her stunning aspects, was just to, bubbly for him, he needed that att.i.tude in a girl, Kara reminded him of his first girlfriend, Natasha Webber, brown hair, light brown eyes, she was more a tom boy than a prom queen, and Derrick needed nothing more. They parted after his last incident, someone at his school in Klerksdorp kept on lifting her skirt and taking pictures of her underwear, Derrick was furious at the guy, how disrespectful! Though he only wanted to shunt the guy away and scare him off, this guy wasn't small, infact that time he was bigger than Derrick, so naturally the b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't back off, and Derrick flipped. When his rage gave way to reason, the guy laid lifeless on the ground. Derrick still remembered how he told Natasha he wanted to part with her, fearing he might hurt her. Natasha agreed out of respect, but insisted on one last date, and boy was that one to remember. The first time he saw a girl naked was also the last time he saw her. It might only be two years ago, but it felt like an eternity to him.

The last bell of the school day rang and Derrick stepped out the cla.s.s, as usual he did his scan of the area around him, no Jason in sight. As he headed for the school gate he saw the two sisters waiting for him. He had an after school activity so he went and told them.

"So you're not coming with then?" Sasha asked.

"No ill walk, so dont worry"

"Ok, see you at home then"

Derrick nodded.

"At home? They stay with you aswell d.u.c.h.ebag!?" Jason said coming over.

"Not now Jason!"

"No, now punk!" Jason drew back and punched Derrick hard in his nose, the blood sprayed so vigorously it spattered over the two sisters, Kara felt some go into her mouth and swallowed involuntarily.

"O f.u.c.k!" She said looking at Sasha.

"Lets go" Sasha took Kara's hand and quickly led her to the front gates, not caring what happens to Derrick, she scanned for her mother's merc, but saw Luna waving from another car, Sasha didn't even care about the new car, she ran over and shoved Kara in, and climbed in with her on the back seats.

"Drive mother! Kara took in blood!"


Derrick watched the two sisters trot off, then turned to Jason.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" He flew up "Why do you always have a f.u.c.king problem with everything i f.u.c.king do!?"

"Because you're just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d blacksheep, i dont need a specific reason. Youre big, youre strong, and you have a short fuse, easy target a.s.shole"

"I swear Jason one of these days im not going to back off, and you're going to be very sorry you f.u.c.ked with me!" Derrick could feel his body temperature rising, he couldn't go on or h.e.l.l lose himself, he turned to walk, but Jason kicked him in his side, making him grunt of pain.

"No f.u.c.kface, today! I take my revenge for our previous little encounter, ive been waiting for the right reasons, but couldn't find any, so i decided, f.u.c.kit!"

Derrick took one of his anxiety pills, it was his only hope, he feared the pill might not work in time, so he had no other choice.

"Jason, you don't want me angry" he warned.

"Oh f.u.c.k me! You the hulk now t.i.t face!?"

"If you want you're revenge you better make sure you knock me out..." Derrick turned to Jason "If you dont, i swear, im going to f.u.c.king kill you!"

Jason got angry, he punched Derrick again and again, Derrick forced himself not to fight back, but he was getting angrier, and started to doubt his own restraint, finally though, a shoe to his scull knocked him out cold.


"What happened!?" Luna asked as she heard Kara grunt and heave.

"Some a.s.shole punched Derrick, his blood sprayed into our faces, Kara swallowed some"

"Oh no! How much?"

"It was a spray! Im not sure"

"Whats happening to me!" Kara yelled holding her ears, which slowly started s.h.i.+fting into wolf ears to the top of her head.

"Shes s.h.i.+fting already!" Sasha yelled.

"With as little blood as you described it will only be minor changes, but that's not the worrying bit" Luna said, she drove on, not knowing where to go really.

"What is it then?" Sasha asked watching Kara's nails turn into claws.
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"Kara now has to go through a blood awakening process, its a major pain in the a.s.s"

"What!?" Kara asked, her fangs already out.

"Once a wolf is close to awakening, you're at a very sensitive stage in your life, and taking in fresh blood, especially from a human, stirs the wolf up prematurely, which means on the next moon, you'll awaken, but not fully"

"What do you mean not fully!?"

"You are awakening now, to a point, and there where it stops, thats how far the moon will make you s.h.i.+ft" Luna said watching her in the rearview. Kara moaned, clenching her canines, fur sprouted all over, her whites of her eyes darkened. She suddenly arched her back turning around on the seat, a wolf tail grew out from her spine, fully extending all the way until it was at its full length, and thickly furred. She was breathless, but didn't show signs of further transformation, untill she grunted again, her physical size grew, she kicked her shoes off as her feet extended and widened in to huge paws taring through her stockings, her muscles also bulged out, her clothes strained and tore, until Kara was three times her originla size, her school clothes properly tattered.

"I, i think it stopped" She growled, severely out of breath and barely fitting inside the car now.

"You got that far with only a dew drops of blood!? Youre almost as big as me in my wolf form!" Sasha said.

"Shes bigger than my wolf form" Luna said making Sasha frown "Mother, you have the smallest wolf form i have ever seen"

"I know" Luna said "i hold the record"

"We have to get her somewhere where people can't see her"

"We have no choice but to take her to Derrick's house" Luna said already on her way there.

"And if he gets home?"

"Well just have to get him to go somewhere, you need to take him to a restaurant or something Sasha"


"If Kara smells him, she'll go berserk and try to kill him, remember it's his blood that woke the wolf, it marked him"

"Thats not good" Sasha looked at her sister, now exhausted from the s.h.i.+ft. It was hot in the car, and Kara phanted frantically with her eyes closed.

"Put the air-conditioning on mom, shes overheating!"

Luna put it on full blast "We're almost there Kara, don't worry it will only go better from here on, i know how it feels" Sasha tried to comfort her sister.

"She'll slowly ease into the form yes, but im afraid the conditions of what happened gets worse, if Kara ever wants to reach her full wolf form... she needs to hunt and kill Derrick" Luna said with a cramp in her heart.

End chapter.

Hunters Moon Black And White 10 Blood Awakening

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