Hunters Moon Black And White 21 Derrick And Guinevere

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Derrick came into his yard and parked the pickup on its usual spot. He got out but didn't proceed to his house, instead he stood wondering about what he saw, someone has kept it secret from him that has to be it, since Seth wanted him to see it. He looked up to his kitchen door, there Guinevere stood waiting for him, a j.a.panese sword in her left hand.

"Nice sword" he said, his mind not really there, anger and sorrow made him want to just lay down, and never get up again.

"I told you to stay away, but you had to come running hey?" She said pus.h.i.+ng the blade from its sheath with her thumb "Now unfortunately, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands"

He looked at her without a care, then smiled.

"Who are you really Guinevere?"

***Two years ago***

Derrick strolled through Wierda square, the new shopping district close to the new house they just moved to, Derrick was getting tired of packing and unpacking bags, being here he just wanted to get away from it for a bit. Many people back in Durban where thy just moved from has already heard of him bas.h.i.+ng a fellow student's head in. The boy died of his wounds later in the hospital and this was Derrick's second felony, second degree murder.

A figure down an ally moved fast and hit a dumpster. He turned and squinted into the darkness, then another larger figure came and he could see him kicking at the smaller one but missed and hit the dumpster, it was a fight... Off record, in the dark, no witnesses, he ran in to join. The smaller figure was a girl, she came running past him, the larger figure was Seth. The two brothers watched eachother in that split second Seth pa.s.sed him, then Seth smiled and continued after the girl.

"Heeey! You f.u.c.ker!!" Derrick yelled and joined the pursuit. She ran like h.e.l.l, and was b.l.o.o.d.y fast, Seth barely kept up, and he barely with Seth. The girl and Seth managed to evade him around a corner, he stopped scanning for the sounds of falling footsteps, but surprisingly it was quiet.

"f.u.c.k" he said to himself walking now, still searching, but then above! There was the sound of breaking gla.s.s. Derrick looked it was five stories up, she was tossed out a window and falling.

"Oh s.h.i.+t, I'm Coming!" He yelled running to make an attempt at catching her, but in front he saw the dumpster, he thought maybe to get in it and stand on the trash to catch her, but as he got to it, he realised in horror its filled with gla.s.s bottles. He danced around it panicking.

"No, no, Noo!" She struck it with the total speed gravity allowed her to fall, the sound was enough to give a slight whistle to his ears, gla.s.s flew everywere. He looked up and saw Seth with a smirk looking down "You coward! Come down here so i can shove this f.u.c.king gla.s.s down your throat!"

But he only disappeared into the building. Derrick heard the groans inside the gla.s.s, his gut twisted, realising she's still alive after a fall like that, what sort of condition would she be if she got out here?

"h.e.l.lo!?" He called into the gla.s.s.

"Ow... fok" she softly said.

"Are you ok!?"

"I just fell into a trash bin full of gla.s.s! what dom fokkin question is that!?"

He realised it was indeed a stupid question.

"I, ill go get help!"

"No! Wait!" She called, he could hear she was slightly sad, the pain must be excruciating.

"Can you try and get me out?"

"What!? You're probably cut on a thousand places, you need to get to a hospital as quick as possible, surviving that fall will be pointless if you bleed out before the ambulance gets here"

"Just think of a way to het me out! No ambulance!" She yelled, Derrick heard her s.h.i.+ft in the gla.s.s and she shreeked.

"Ok, ok um" he thought quickly "What if you can reach up to me, ill grab your hand and pull you out, its either that or i empty out this bin with a shovel"

He heard her rapid breathing "Ok, ill reach up, i cant push myself with my feet, i can feel gla.s.s stuck everywhere inside my skin, all over"

Derrick pictured the sight, and then imagined the feeling of it, he ran to one side and puked.

"Are you ready!?" She asked.

"Wait, i don't feel so good" he said comming back, then climbed onto the side of the bin, placing his one shoe on the gla.s.s.

"Ok, whenever you're ready"

He heard that heavy rapid breathing again, he could a.s.sume she was bracing herself then she screamed pus.h.i.+ng her hand up through all the broken gla.s.s, Derrick felt his stomach turn again, he wanted to hurl but kept it in.
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"Ok, i got my hand up"

He saw no hand, she was so deep inside the gla.s.s she couldn't even reach the surface.

"h.e.l.lo?" She asked again not hearing him.

"I uh, you're still under the gla.s.s"

"I can't reach up higher than this"

"f.u.c.k!" He said looking at his own hand.

"Please, i can feel my body start to tremble, im losing alot of blood" She begged he heard she was crying now.

"Ok..." He had no choice, he had to do something "Brace yourself!"

Derrick made a fist and struck it into the gla.s.s, that feeling of uneven edges cutting into his flesh made his jaws clamp shut, in his fist he felt the gla.s.s dig into his bone, but he didn't feel her hand, so, he opened his hand and dug around to find her, his jaws now clamping so his teeth creeked, Derrick was screaming through his closed mouth. Finally he found her hand, he reached deeper and grabbed her around her arm, causing her to close her hand around his arm, the blood in both their hands would be too slippery in a normal palm grip. Derrick grunted and pulled, she screamed as he felt her come out, but in his mercy he decided not to stop, he knew it would be painful, but te quicker he got her out the better.

"Aaaah! Stoop!" She wailed but he drew hard and she came clear of the gla.s.s, he brought her hand over himself and took her in his arms, she was now balling uncontrollably, and screaming of pain. Totally covered in blood, gla.s.s protruded everywhere he couldn't believe she was still alive.

"I need to get you to a hospital!"

"No" she cried "I cant go there, he'll find me again"


"The one who threw me out the window"

Derrick's anger rose "Seth"

"Take me somewhere where i can clean these wounds"

"Ok, hold on"

Derrick had her carefully laying in his arms, then he started jogging back to his house, her teeth clenched eyes clenched she braced against the pain.

"Don't let anyone see us" She murmured softly he could hear she was losing consciousness. Derrick came running into the house with the blood soaked girl.

"Mom! Dad! I need help!" He screamed. Dianne came out of the kitchen and saw the mess.

"Derrick!? What the f.u.c.k happened to her?!"

"Seth threw her out a window and she fell into a gla.s.s recycling bin"

Dianne came and took her from him then headed to the bathroom "Stay there Derrick, respect her dignity as a girl, i need to get her clothes off" She said and Derrick stopped following her.

Michael came onto the living room and saw him all bloodied up, even his right fist and arm were cut to the bone.

"What the f.u.c.k happened to you!?"

"I pulled a girl out of a gla.s.s filled bin"

Michael frowned "f.u.c.k, i hope she's s.e.xy if you'd go that far"

"Dad! Seth threw her in there"

"Oh! that little s.h.i.+t! I should have delt with him a long time ago"

"Maybe that time he convinced us to kill the neighbors"

"Don't bring that s.h.i.+t up now! You'll just p.i.s.s me off, come lets clean that wound, youre bleeding on my floor"

Derrick sat listening to the screams comming from the bathroom as his father bandaged his hand, every time there was a clink of gla.s.s, then more screams, he felt his head get dizzy, it was probably the bloodloss causing it, he fainted for what felt like only a second, and woke up to his parents being slaughtered.


Guinevere smiled "Im your friend, i must be your friend after you helped me out of that gla.s.s bin"

He frowned, the scars of that night still tattooed to her every inch, more at the back because of the impact, but still alot of scars remained all over after he had to pull her through the gla.s.s.

"You were there that night my parents got killed, you told me then my mother patched you up, and you left... But i get the feeling you're holding out on me? you're no normal girl. No normal girl can survive a fall like that"

Her right hand came around and rested on the hilt of the katana.

"Your father, wanted a diffrent future for you... And unfortunately due to the circ.u.mstances, we couldn't allow you to have such a future"

"What are you talking about?"

"A few years ago, your father met up with mine and told him of you. He told my father what you are, and that you can live a normal life if you don't get involved in certain things. My father obviously agreed, respecting your father as a friend. But, you, are the only one who can stop Seth, we have looked at all the possible options and currently standing you are the best candidate to end his reign of terror"

"Its been one of my goals to kill that f.u.c.ker, but you told me not too long ago i shouldn't"

"Yes, you shouldn't, not now, not anymore, and therefore, because you know too much i cant allow you to live" She said and drew the Katana.

"So tell me!? If i was the one you had in mind to kill Seth? Who will you get to kill him now?"

"We dont know yet, but Derrick, Seth is one problem and before you become an even bigger one than him, you must die"

He stood ready to fight "What are you talking about!?"

She eased her stance into an attack position, holding the katana arching over her head "Remember that white wolf? You saw the brown wolf bite her right?"


"The white wolf was half awakened, and the brown wolf's venom would have awakened her fully, but her body rejected the venom, meaning she already had the venom of another wolf in her, slowly but surely awakening her over time, and the cause of that is you Derrick"


She smiled and loosened her stance "Let me tell you the exact words that Michael traded with my father..."

"Listen Quintin, i have a favour to ask you, i know there is alot of s.h.i.+t going on in the world, and every strong fighter needs to be a part of it... But please don't bring Derrick into this, he showed signs of the wolf way too early, and his eaps condition is nothing more than the wolf trying to escape. Born Amarok males don't awaken on a certain age as other wolves do, only females, male amaroks follow Blair's rule on a natural level, only will the wolf awaken when his life is in danger and there is no other way out but to allow the wolf to save him. Only with the blood of another amarok can a blood awakening happen in an amarok, and only when the person dies of the rage he expels during anger, can a full moon bring the wolf forth, thats the three methods, awakening through fear, blood, and death. A death awakening is the most dangerous one, since he was killed by that overflow of adrenaline in his body, the wolf will awaken in that way, rage filled and with a l.u.s.t for revenge, do not let Derrick awaken! He and his siblings already killed innocent people, their hearts have darkness in them. Derrick won't be an ally, h.e.l.l be a threat" She repeated Michael's words as good as she could remember them. Derrick gave an uneasy laugh.

"Youre telling me im a werewolf?"

"Yes... A very dangerous one... one we can't trust"

Derrick thought about what she said, remembered what Natasha went through, how much pain she was in, how she turned into this soul less beast, he didn't want that.

"So, the future my father wanted for me, was a normal life?"

"Yes, thats why he and your mother started alpha oils, so you could become its ceo"

"And you said due to circ.u.mstances you couldn't allow me to live my life that way?"

"Yes, by saying you're the only one who can stop Seth, we told your father we needed to tell you the truth, and start prepring you, we already took drastic steps to ensure you awaken in a normal way. Amarok males can do that when they get bitten by an amarok female. But your father though, didn't want any of it, so... We had to get rid of him"

Derrick felt his mercury rise "Get, rid of him?"

"Yes, now we have you as a backup plan, for incase we really need you as a wolf"

"Need me!?" He gave a crazy laugh "So what is it now!? Keep me alive!? Or kill me!? Like you killed my father!?"

She smiled again "I told you to stay away, you went to that farm, but then you came running back! We would have slowly eased you into the truth, but No! You had to come back! Now Seth has you on his fishook! And reeling you in! Can't you see hes driving you insane!? he wants you to get angry! he wants you to boil over! the day will come when you push the limits of your body too far! And you won't just go into a coma! You'll die!!" She screamed.

"Good riddens then hey since im a monster!?"

"No you fokkin idiot! That just means you'll turn into a real monster on the next full moon! Have you not listened to what i said about the fokkin death awakening!?"

Derrick looked at her, understanding it all.

"Who killed my parents?"

She stood upright "i did..."

"So, you're some kind of cat?"

"I go by two names, you can either call me a Saber, or a h.e.l.lcat, we were scientifically breeded to combat werewolves who disobey the rules, and kill innocent people"

"And you Killed my parents who were innocent?"

"We did it to ensure we have a powerful ally in the future, just as i killed your parents, my father killed Kara's parents, but they really were a threat"

"What do you mean Kara's parents? isn't that Luna?"

"No, Luna is from the Del Carchetore clan, Kara is from the Fenrir clan. My father brought Kara to her as a baby"

Somehow, he didn't get angry at her, maybe it was because he could finally understand the stuff going on.

"I take it you guys were desperate if you went that far?"

"Trust me, you have no idea what awaits us in the future"

"Let me rather not ask, i understand your cause, and im not angry, but, do you want to make it up to me?" He asked making her smile.

"By not killing you?"

"That you have to do because i dragged you out of that gla.s.s coffin"

She groaned and seethed her sword "Talk then! This is your one fokkin chance"

"Seth is looking for Kara, i don't know why"

"If she becomes a full wolf, and he feeds off her whilst she's alive, he gains her rank"

"Wait... Kara is a werewolf?"

Guinevere burst out with laughter "You mean you couldn't figure out it was she who tried to kill you these past two nights?"

"That one with the green eyes?"

"Fokkit you're stupit hey?" She barked.

"Then the other two who came ro help her on my farm was..."

"Sasha and Luna, dumba.s.s!"

He placed his hand on his brow, rubbing it hard with his fingers and thumb. "Oooh this is so f.u.c.ked up" he said and started laughing "Now i get why she said if she told me her deepest secret, she'd have to kill me"

"Ja ne?" Guinevere said and rolled her shoulders "Now here is something you're really going to like, Kara looks the way she looks because of a blood awakening, if she took in fresh blood right before she normally awakens, her wolf prematurely awakens, the only problem is, if she wants to become a full wolf, she needs to kill the one who gave her the blood"

"And who's that?"

"Don't be this daft Derrick, she's been trying to kill you for the past two full moons!"

"Me!? But when... s.h.i.+t! That time Jason hit me!"

"Now youre catching up"

"But i don't want her to kill me!"

"She doesn't have to now, what little miss Kara doesn't know is when you boil over during anger, youre basically a werewolf in human form, and when she licked the blood off your face that night you killed Jason, she took in your venom, and that's all she needed, it wouldn't have worked if you were calm. She wont awaken immediately, but over time, and wat that also means is she's yours now"


"That's why Jason wanted to bite her so badly that night, he wanted his venom to awaken her, his venom being fully developed would have done the trick immediately, but since you have only one percent of the venom when you get angry, she will awaken in maybe a few years atleast" Guinevere took out a box of cigarettes and lit one up "Your venom helped her awaken, so she automatically belongs to you, she gets the full power of a werewolf, but has to obey your commands asif you were her packleader, thats its only drawback"

"f.u.c.ker! Thats why Jason wanted to do it!?"

"Yes, the fokkin bliksem, he deserved to die"

"But I dont want her to be under my control, she's a free person"

"Then if she fully awakens, just tell her that! But if i were you, just for incase she tries to kill you again, don't say anything yet, you can tell her to stop, and the wolf in her will listen, and she will stop even of she doesn't want to"

"That sounds like an idea, but now i want to get her away from Seth"

"Ill help you with that, but promise me you will go to that farm again, and don't come back no matter what!"

He felt the knot in his gut, but nodded "Deal"

"Get the keys to the Mustang, you're going to need something fast for this plan to work"

End chapter.

Hunters Moon Black And White 21 Derrick And Guinevere

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