Hunters Moon Black And White 23 Katja

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Seventeen years ago.

Even if Naomi still lingered in his mind, it didn't take long for Katja to fascinate him by just being who she is, she wasn't necessarily a happy go lucky bubbly person, but she also wasn't a sour ball. Katja had this way about her, where Quintin would never know if it's the cat talking or Katja. For four months she helped him train to master this 'wind element' and an even shorter time to learn to control his saber, just in time for the attack on the Fenrir clan.

The routine was set into him after a short time, up early in the morning for stretches, then the physical exercise. Katja said the exercise was to get rid of all your adrenaline, so your body must focus on looking for other options to aid itself. Its similar to body fat, if you don't eat for days on end, your body starts breaking up fat in order to sustain itself. Quintin laughed that time.

"And like a hangover, your body dehydrates when you drink alcohol, so in desperation to rehydrate itself it uses the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding your brain, and the more your body uses this fluid, the more your brain sinks inside your skull, and as soon as it touches the bone, bang! Hangover!" He said remembering somewhere in his life an old man telling that story, it might have been his father or uncle.

Katja only tilted one ear and frowned at him confused.

"Whats a hangover?"

Quintin should never have told her that story, because it went from the hangover to what alcohol was, to what spinal fluid was, it took Quintin atleast an hour to explain everything, and she insisted on him explaining it to her until she understood it. Quintin even had to show her some pictures in Ezbar's labs.

The stretches she said was to get blood flow going, and calm your chi, making it spread throughout your whole body. The first three days or so he followed her moves, mimicking her. Then she showed him different stretches because he wasn't nearly as supple as she was, he couldn't split, and he couldn't bend backwards and touch his heels, he would fall over onto his head every time, making her laugh. From there he focused on the stretches she taught him, and two weeks in, he started focusing more on her, than his stretches. For normality Katja wore clothes, even if she said she's more comfortable in her fur. Ezbar organised her all sorts of clothes to wear, and she preferred tight fitting easy to move in clothing, and that's what had Quintin extend his individual stretches just to watch her stretch. Her body built with subtle muscle, ripped in a feminine way. She was all in all a woman, and Quintin found her very attractive. He only looked though, where in his life would she fall for him? She's considered an entire different species than him, so for the sake of keeping out the wierd, he only looked.

Four months into the training he began to produce the first gusts pf wind, and he was so overjoyed he thoughtlessly gave her a hug.

"This is awesome! You really know how to teach don't you? I bet you you can teach anyone how to do this"

She smiled warmly "Nah its probably because of Caynine's power that you managed, not just anyone can learn it"

Just like Quintin had Naomi he had to het over, it seemed she still had Caynine.

"But, i must say your aura is more lively now, you'll snap it soon, i garuntee it" she said.

He nodded smiling, he still felt that long for Caynine in her voice, poor girl, she must have really loved him. Quintin felt like such a fool, gawking over her like some pervert meanwhile she's stil mourning her lost lover.

"Stop it" she suddenly said and he blinked.

"Im sorry?" He asked.

"Everytime you look at me your aura warms up, it grows, it looks so fluffy and inviting. But what ever you thought of now made your aura seem blue, and dimming, almost blow away"

He frowned "Huh!?"

"What were you thinking of just now?" Sha asked and he shrugged.


She folded her arms "You're easy to read, and thinking of nothing doesn't flatten your aura"

"I didn't think of something that should make you concerned, that's all"

"Hmph" she said and stepped back "If you say so"

That following morning Quintin decided to leave her out of the picture, as she stood stretching, he focused somewhere else, and thought of different things, like Cleopatra, and Kishra. What did Kishra mean by Naomi offering her life for him? It made him angry not to know, and those two b.i.t.c.hes haven't shown themselves for the past four months! f.u.c.king cowards.

"Quintin!" Katja yelled popping his thought bubble "What is wrong with you!?" She yelled again.

He looked at her frowning, then looked at what he was doing, he was in a basic long extended leg stretch.


"If your aura was physical, this place would be on fire right now! Ive never seen a crimson flair up in an aura like that! Its like you exploded!" She said angrily.

He was still frowning "Um?"

She folded her arms "It started yesterday, and now we will get to the bottom of this, your aura suddenly just acted up"

He stood upright "Ok?"

"Close your eyes" he did so "Think of your favourite food"


"Just do it"

"Ok?" He thought, anything is his favourite, he learned the value of any meal when he was on the streets. Katja saw his aura turn white.

"Everything?" She asked, white being the sum of all colours.

"Ok how did you know that?" He asked.

"Ssh, next question, think of your parents"

She saw his aura go purple blue, her way of seeing longing and sadness, it probably meant his parent's are deceased.

"Think of that woman you were with last"

She saw only purple, longing.

She thought back to the times they stretched before, his aura was so healthy, vibrant, warm. What was he thinking of? She remembered his eyes on her every time she turned to him. But he had to watch her, she was teaching him, it might be worth trying.

"Now think of me" She asked, Katja saw his face twitch, then there came that aura.
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"Caynine" She said, and that blue flattening aura replaced it.

"Are you jealous of Caynine?"

"No, why!?" His reaction was revealing enough.

"Your aura says it all"

Quintin felt busted.

"Ok, you got me, but it's more envy, than jealousy"


"You two were together since childhood, you had a long time in each other's company, i on the other hand had it only for a week or so"

Katja realised what a fool she was, always bringing up Caynine like that, yes Quintin had his power, but Caynine is gone now, this power now belongs to him, he must make it his own.

"Just one more time, close your eyes?" She asked.


"... Think of me again"

He smiled, his aura fueled up and rose proudly... He liked her, she was quiet about it, she didnt know how much diffrent human aura's were from demon auras, or even h.e.l.lcat auras. Many times she wondered if he would ever like her, shes not at all human, but, it seems he does.

"Look at me" she said, he opened his eyes, his aura now fluctuated between the orange and yellow, the colour of attraction.

"Now, we will continue stretching, but you keep your eyes on me"

His face went red "Why?"

"This training requires a relaxed soul, and a calm aura, and you watching me works, so keep doing it"

"If, you say so" He said and continued with his other leg. She stretched aswell, but now they watched eachother, she enjoyed it when he felt so attracted to her, Caynine was the only one who gave her such attention, but, he's now a thing of the past, she has to put him to rest and move on.

"Why would you find me attractive?" She got straight to the point.

Busted! Quintin thought "Uh, that was unexpected"

"That warmth in your aura, you like me dont you?"

He stood up wordless, this was scary accurate.

"Well, you are attractive"

"But, im a h.e.l.lcat, you like it when a woman has fur?"

He burst out with laughter "The way you said that makes it sound off, but its like the fur completes you" He felt wierd talking about the topic.

"So, will it be 'off' if i told you I've found a linking in you aswell?"

Quintin's heart skipped, so she can fall for him? Regardless of him being human.

"No, not at all" he slowly said, Katja saw his aura go green, uncertainty.

"No, look at me" she walked closer, when his aura shot up again she came up right against him, she could almost feel his aura, basking in it, a deep sence of want came over her, but for him, not Caynine, she wanted him close like this.

Quintin stood frozen as he watched her standing eyes closed, hands clasped.

"What are you?"

"Feeling it" she said "I can feel your aura, its warm" the way she said it made him feel a twitch in his loins, then a smell came from her, it was this pungent inviting scent that turned his world upside down, something deep in him reached out and it and flung itself forward, he reached out and grabbed Katja with his arms completely closing around her, he shook, it was an involuntary act, he let go and stood back. Katja also snapped out of her little dream when he grabbed her.

"Im sorry! I, i dont know what came over me" He said and walked out. Katja had an idea of what it was, she finally figured him out and smiled.

Quintin came to a mirror in his room and looked at himself, his face still the same, eyes, mouth. Nothing diffrent. That feeling the smell gave him, was the same feeling the moon gave him, it drew the rage out, but unlike the moon, the smell drew out not rage, but l.u.s.t. He slapped himself

"f.u.c.ksakes Quintin!" He yelled at himself in the mirror.

"You ok?" She asked behind him. He flung around.

"Yes, im, im fine" He said, telling her that he almost involuntarily went saber on her for mating season felt like the most embarra.s.sing thing he ever thought of. He desided to muster and man up, he will get over this! Just as he got to control the saber and become one at will, he will not allow l.u.s.t to get the better of him.

"Lets go and finish the stretches" he said and pa.s.sed her, but her smell had his nose again and he almost tripped. She have a giggle.

"Whats wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing!" He said smiling, but she saw in his aura all she needed to see. Katja was doing it on purpose, and it was eating her up. When h.e.l.lcat females find a male attractive, and it was someone she loved, she can tell him with her smell, but in order to release this smell, she needed to get her self s.e.xually aroused. Caynine usually acted quickly, as soon as that scent had his nose, he was on top of her. Quintin though, has this solid self control about him.

"Ok lets go" She said, begging in her mind he would give, she never had to wait this long for pa.s.sionate attention from Caynine at all, but then it struck her again, hes not Caynine! She stopped walking, allowing him to proceed, she blew out and got rid of the intimate thoughts, then gained with him.

"Im not sure how human relations.h.i.+ps work" She said next to him, Quintin smiled and took a quick sniff, it was gone and he sighed.

"Well, it starts with dating, then kissing and so forth"

"Only after dating?"

"Well, sometimes before"

"Would you kiss me?"


She locked the door of the gym secrety behind her, trapped, she thought.

"Well" she said and came to him, tripped him grabbing his arm and threw him to the ground.

"I'm a h.e.l.lcat, we do love differently, and if you really like me, you'll respect that" she said and got ontop of him.

"Se, seriously!?"

End chapter.

Hunters Moon Black And White 23 Katja

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