Hunters Moon Black And White 47 Mccarthy

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Phillip gave Benson half the magazines and ammo he had left for his AK, Yuri gave Phillip his AK when he left, so at least they had two rifles and the revolver. Phillip also had a few claymores and settle charges left and took it with. The road leading to the parking in the woods were eventless, no movement, no noises or voices, it almost felt like the witch allowed them to come. They got to the parking where the sign said 'McCarthy ahead, only accessible via snowmobile' and there they waited, keeping the Jeep running for the heaters.

"I have a bad feeling about this Phill" Benson said watching the cold outside.

"No s.h.i.+t Benson, the only way well make this work is if you follow my instructions to the letter"

"Ok? I take it you have a plan?"

"Yes, you stay in front of me at all times"

"In front!! Why me!?"

"So i can cover your back, and front, remember im trained to keep an eye out in all directions, you will be focused on were we are going, and predators like attacking from behind"

"Oh, makes sense"

"If i tell you to drop, you drop, if i tell you to run, you run, dont doubt my decisions"

"Yes sir" Benson subconsciously said.

They waited for a few more minuites when the light of the snowmobile broke the darkness ahead. The two men got out of the Jeep and got their bags.

"You the ones looking to go to the mine!?" The middle aged man asked.

"Yes, im Phillip, this is Benson!" He yelled back over the cold wind.

"The name's Curt, load your stuff up and hop on!"

The two men obliged and they were off deeper into the Alaskan outskirts. It felt like forever, and what made it worse was the biting cold against their faces. Curt seemed to know of the cold, he was very thickly dressed, and had a scarf around his face with snow goggles. When they finally arrived at McCarthy Curt brought the sled to a halt infront of a wooden shack.

"Bring your baggage and come inside!" He called and headed to the front door. Inside there was a coal heater going, and a kettle for coffee.

"I suggest you wait this storm out, going now is suicide even if you're well dressed" Curt said pouring water into mugs.

"Im sorry, we need to go as soon as possable" Phillip said nodding at the cup of coffee.

"If you go in this storm sir, the wolves wont kill you, the cold will"

"You know about the wolves?" Benson asked.

"Yes, everyone in these parts do"

"So, i heard you will lend us a couple of sleds for a deal?"

"Yes, im not asking money, the last thing i want on my mind is you basically paid me to give you transportation to your death's, no offence"

Phillip chuckled "Then why help us if you're so sure we will die?"

"Because you're the first armed men ever to go there during the months of dark, but, anyone can fire a gun, you do have training right?"

"I do, Benson here will just follow my orders"

Curt shrugged "Works for me, so this is the deal. This witch, in the forest..." He looked at the men, waiting for them to show signs that they don't know of the witch.

"Yes?" Phillip asked.

"If you can, i want you to kill her"

"Well, thats kind of the idea, why?"

The thick bearded man started whimpering slightly.

"She, she took my wife, turned her into a wolf"

"How does she do it? Turn people?" Benson asked "Because Phillip's girlfriend also turned into a wolf"

Curt looked at Phillip "She took yout girl?"

Phillip nodded.

"You don't seem broken at all man?"

"Trust me i am, i have a way to hide it because i was in special forces"

"Special forces? Of what country?"

"South Africa"

Curt shook his head "Never knew that country had one"

"Well you do now"
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Curt wiped his eyes "Ill give you the snowmobiles, just kill that witch, hopefully that will break the curse"

"You haven't answered Benson yet, how does she do it?"

"With a kiss"

Phillip's eyes grew, so then Anna couldn't have been the witch, he kissed her after all.

"Well do our best Curt, i promise"

The three men waited for an hour at most when the storm finally calmed in such a way that they could move outside again. Curt gave them keys to snowmobiles and after they strapped the gear to them Curt held up a map.

"Look, you cut through the forest here, it wont be long untill you find that wooden railway, from there you follow it as much you can. These snowmobiles have about four hundred miles of gas in them, but you won't get that far with the b.u.mpy trail ahead, they climbs and thick snow will make them drink more gas, so get as far as you can on them, then head the rest on foot"

"And if we want to come back?" Benson asked.

"Here" Curt handed them a device "Its a gps locator, i have a receiver in my shack, if you're done with your business, wait for clear weather then activate it, i can get you with a chopper in an hour"

"Thats f.u.c.king good news" Benson smiled.

Curt nodded "Good luck boys" he said and headed back into his hut.

'And so it begins' The witch spoke to Phillip again.

"I hope Benson can hear you aswell?" Phillip said out loud, making Benson frown.

'You want him to hear? Your mind is strong, he will break and fall apart of a voice spoke to him'

Phillip agreed with her and looked at Benson.

"You ok son?"

"I am, i need a stiff brandy after this" he said something completely off context.

"You and i both" Benson agreed putting a helmet on.

'No one was ever brave enough to come, i must commend you'

"You know ill kill you if i see you right?" Phillip answered in his mind thistime. The voice laughed.

'You'll only see me, if i want you to see me, but your courage has touched me... As long as you're on the vehicles, no wolf shal come for you, im enjoying you very much Phillip, good men are hard to find'

"Glad to please" Phillip started the snowmobile and waited for Benson to go ahead, then he followed.

Hunters Moon Black And White 47 Mccarthy

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