Hunters Moon Black And White 50 Choises And Decisions

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When Derrick opened his eyes, there was a clear numbness about him, he felt cold, and he could barely move. Opening his eyes was also difficult, asif they were glued by something sticky. He widened his brows and his eyelids popped loose from the dried blood, he was in his grandfather's old coldroom, and sitting in chairs surrounding him was his siblings.

"Took you long enough, i thought a mere blow to the head would only phase you brother" Seth said and stood up.

"Wha... what have you done to me?" Derrick uttered.

We made sure you can't break free, and, we'll make sure you die here, if you don't tell us where Kara is" Seth held the knife to his throat, Derrick barely responded, he looked down, surrounding him was a pool of semi dry blood, it was obvious, they bled him out to weaken him, only allowing enough blood in his system to keep him alive.

"What's your deal with her? She's done nothing to you"

"I'd like to say the same as Maxwell, none of your business, but i guess since you're my brother, i can tell you, maybe that will convince you to join me"

Seth walked around Derrick swinging the knife in his palm.

"By now, you know of werewolves, and if you're smart enough you'll know your little girlfriend Kara is one too, she tried to kill you remember?"

"That wasn't her" Derrick heaved as loud as he could but Seth struck a fist into his side, making Derrick bark in pain.

"Stay silent now, i know you're not stupid Derrick. Kara failed to kill you because of what dad taught you, and she was inexperienced, when you saw that white wolf the first time, that was when she has first awoken, a new wolf. Now why am i looking for her? It's simple, im a werewolf too, and werewolves gain strength through ingesting the venom of other werewolves, specifically ones of a higher rank"

Derrick chuckled "So she's higher ranked than you?"

"She is, but im more experienced than she is, so i can outsmart her. If i ingest her venom i gain the highest rank there is to werewolves, and then nothing can stop me"

"What do you intend to do once you're unstoppable?" Derrick sighed.

"Isn't it obvious? Being unstoppable opens new doors, i can rob banks without fear of death, i can overpower governments, i can rule the world if i want to, and best of all, no other werewolf can stop me aswell, they will have no choice but to be part of my pack" Seth came infront of him again.

"You're delusional, rule the world? How f.u.c.king stupid can you be? Someone will stop you" Derrick said.

"I doubt, and to insure i have the best chance of succeeding, i want you to join me brother, become my second in command, rule this world with me"

Derrick watched him in silence, then burst out with laughter.

"Listen to yourself! Hitler had the whole of Germany and he still failed, now you? you speak like you're some kind of G.o.d!? Go f.u.c.k yourself Seth!"

Seth drove the knife deep into Derrick's side, making him scream.

"Where is Kara!!?"

"I'll never spill it! Swine!"

"Stop!" Silvia grabbed Seth's arm before he could stab again.

"Get out, all of you, let me talk to him" She said. Seth spat then walked out with s.h.i.+va and Elsje.

"Hes going to kill you Derrick" Silvia said closing the door.

"I dont care, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d cant even take me on in a fair fight, the sc.u.m"

"I care about you still! Yes sure, im also after the power he speaks of, but i dont want you to get involved, it was mother and father's wishes after all, abd i promise, nothing bad will happen to Kara"

"Bulls.h.i.+t! I know what ingest means"

"Consume, not kill Derrick, if a werewolf dies the venom dies with it, so it would be useless for Seth to kill her"

"So, you want to eat from her while she's alive? You're even more sick than i thought"

"With a cut to make her bleed, then licking it up, it's that simple"

Derrick frowned at her, all this talking had his drained body breathless.

"I doubt it's that simple, it's never just simple with you lot, i know it"

Silvia sighed "Just tell me Derrick, i promise you we wont kill her, and then Seth can stop hurting you"

"Fine" he sighed aswell "They're hiding at our parent's house"

"We already looked there"

"Dad built a bunker underneath the spence, under the carpet, there are early warning systems in place all around the house to alert them, i told Kara all they needed to do was go in and press a certain b.u.t.ton, a scent masking gas fills the house, you wont smell them"

Silvia stood back towards the door, and with a grim smile she left. Outside she headed straight for her car.

"Derrick said they're at father's house"

"He's lying" Seth said.

"Im going to double check, be back soon" Silvia sped out of the driveway.

"What do we do for now?" Elsje asked.

"We don't go back in, i want him to think we all left. Lets go into the farmhouse, let him think by himself for a while, maybe h.e.l.l come around"

***The approaching threat***

"Ysterplaat air force base, this is whisky romeo one nine one do you copy?" Frits called over the radio.

"Whisky romeo we have you on radar, this is restricted military airs.p.a.ce please turn around now" The call came back.

"Ysterplaat we have wanted military fugitives on board requesting a clear landing s.p.a.ce over?"

"Confirm the names of these fugitives"

"Koos De La Rey, Frits Loots, and Piet Cronje, members of the terrorist group known as dpk"

The radio was quiet for a few seconds.

"Copy that, you are clear for landing"

Frits touched down and taxied to a nearby hangar, as they came out hands lifted, they were met with familiar faces.

"Ben, well I'll be d.a.m.ned, you still here after all these years boet?" Koos asked seeing him.

"General, i advise you to keep your hands lifted" Ben said as they were surrounded by pointing rifles.

"Before you take us in, we came with a warning, the entire American fleet is advancing towards Africa, and we're not sure if they're comming here to SA or not"

Ben frowned "That sounds alittle farfetched, do you have proof?"

Koos nodded at Frits, who handed him a stack of photos, Ben paged through it.

"Fok, this was taken not too long ago"

"Yes, we have to confirm where they are headed and why" Koos said.

"Lower your weapons!" Ben said and walked to the control tower with the three men. In the tower he called the port tower.

"Saldanna come for Ysterplaat over"

"Ysterplaat send"

"We have unconfirmed reports of a fleet advancing from the north west, do you have something on radar?"

"Standby... yes, we do, a ma.s.sive amount of s.h.i.+ps is headed this way"

"To South Africa?"

"Yes, route tracking confirms, Capetown in little more than a day"

"Fok!" Ben turned to Koos "Now what!?"

"Don't know Ben, were fugitives remember?"

"Why would they advance here with the entire fokkin fleet!? Its not like we stand a chance against fifty s.h.i.+ps, but they brought all of them!"
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"Are we sure its a hostile approach sir?" One of the tower operators asked, Ben looked at Koos, who replied.

"Most likely, the USA seems to have fallen, and who ever caused it is probably using the s.h.i.+ps now to come here"

"Fok..." Ben thought deeply pacing up and down, he turned to Koos.

"You three fokkers harvested alot of weapons, youre not with them right? Reports confirm you bought a Hercules C-130 troop carrier? a little big for three men? unless you recruited a small battalion?"

"Why would we even be here if we were with them? We took the Flossie and turned it into a guns.h.i.+p"

"A guns.h.i.+p?"

"Yes, more versatile, more firepower"

Ben pushed the fugitive part aside, if these three men could avoid capture all over the world for this long, then maybe have them as allies than locked up somewhere.

"Ok, any suggestions?"

"We evacuate Capetown, and set up its empty streets to make a stand... for better or worse" Koos shrugged.

A coldsweat ran over Ben, slowly he picked up the radio.

"Saldanna tower come in"

"Standing by"

"Start evacuation prosedures in Capetown, full military takeover, we need to set up defences for in case"

Hunters Moon Black And White 50 Choises And Decisions

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