Hunters Moon Black And White 54 The Last Resor

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While Kishra was training Derrick, Guinevere and Chane found a room to spend the night.

"Is it wierd to say i might not sleep well tonight?" Chane said scanning the small room.

"Neither will i" Guinevere replied closing the door behind her "But..." she pushed him back onto the bed.

"I need to get something over with before we go tomorrow"

Chane chuckled thinking she played with him, but when she took her s.h.i.+rt of he swallowed and froze.

"I know, battered and scarred, im not the kind of woman any man would like to be with, but im sorry, you have no choice" She mounted him, pressing his shoulders down with her palms.

"Just close your eyes and pretend its someone else" she said ripping his s.h.i.+rt open.

Her words got Chane slightly angry at her, so he reached up and drew her close, streeling her back with his fingers, the ripples of scin where the scars were clearly felt, but to him it added character to her, he wasnt intrested in flawless scin.

"Your scars give you character, dont ever tell me to close my eyes for you again" He said springing his claws and sliding them slightly over her scin, making her understand how serious he was. Guinevere was quiet for a wile, feeling the claws rake het back, thwn her hands moved down to undo her pants.

"Our last night together?" She asked as they started making love.

"Our last" Chane answered.

When the sun rose the next morning, Kara was up first, she found herself in the living room of Derrick's farmhouse, but he himself wasnt there. She closed herself in a blanket then started scanning, wondering what she would find if she found him, last night he was a wolf, talking like Derrick, responding to Derrick's name, but he was soulless, nothing short of a real animal. She found him outside eventually, he got a set of torn pants on, but he was red of blood from head to toe, and out of breath.

"Derrick?" She asked and he quickly looked up, anger expressed his face and he turned away.

"I dont want to talk right now, i dont feel normal"

She respected it, but didnt leave, watching him look at his blood covered arms and mumbling something to himself.

"Youll, get used to it"

"Used to what!? the blood!? or the origins of the blood!?" he roared, it was clearly a roar.

"Both i guess" She shriveled.

"Do you know where this blood came from!?"


"Come with me" He grunted and walked off.

comming around tge tractor shed Kara was met by a bloodbath, the entire field in front of her was red, and scattered with dismembered bodyparts and torn up abdomens, heads, and scin. Thou Kara was accustomed to blood and gore, this scene had her slightly sick.

"What happened here?" She said gagging.

"Its my Grandfather's lifestock... i killed all of it!"


"I dont remember!"

"He lost control of himself" Kishra said joining them "Sure he did figure out how to do the shadow jump, but the strain of using the element made him lose his focus and he went apes.h.i.+t"

"But, Amaroks don't just lose control do they?" Kara asked.

"He will, he always will, its thanks to the method of his awakening. Remember, he was dead last night, and thanks to the wolf, hes alive again, so the roles of him and the wolf basically swapped, the wolf decides who is in control"

Kara looked back at Derrick.

"But, that cant be all bad right? The wolf gave him some sanity last night"

"Yes, but the elemental training confused it, making it angry, and it took back control"

Guinevere and Chane joined them, but Derrick made them both frown.

"What the f.u.c.k happened to you?" Guinevere asked.

"It doesnt matter" Derrick said sitting down, he was clearly out of it, the night's events had him drained.

"So, will you be ready for tonight?" She asked him, but he shook his head.

"Not that i wont be ready, i dont think im going, and that goes for the rest of us" Derrick said.

"Why? We came all this way to ask for your help..." Guinevere looked at Kishra and Kara both covered in blankets "For the first time in our b.l.o.o.d.y history, i ask for help, instead of comming to kill you, and youre denying?"

They all nodded, Guinevere looked around.

"What about Miss Luna?"

"Its pointless Guinie" Luna said comming over.

"Lift your chin to the sky and close your eyes, you'll feel the presence of this... demon"

Guinevere felted that presence the moment she opened her eyes, it didn't faze her.

"Cowads? Are you telling me? Im standing infront of, want i know to be 'Of' the most powerfull werewolves on the planet, and you're chickening out of the biggest war this world is about to witness!?"

"Let them be Guinevere" Chane said heading to the car.


"Look at it this way" Chane interrupted her "If we fail in Capetown, the world will become smaller and smaller, eventually they will have to face that demon" He said looking at Derrick, who didnt answer back.

"Come Guinie, let's go, we need to get to Lanceria" He climbed in.

Guinevere looked at the group one more time out of desperation.

"Im sorry Guinevere, please, be safe" Luna said.

Wordless she climbed into the car, and left to Lanceria airport with Chane.

It was midday when they arrived, the large Galaxy airplane was standing ready for takeoff, Sylvester, cate and Ezbar awaited their arrival.

"This plane is a bit large for the few of us isn't it?" Guinevere asked looking up at it.

"It is" Chane agreed, everyone boarded but he stood outside. Ezbar came down the steps to him.

"Doctor, i did wat you asked, im not sure if she'll fall pregnant or not, but hear this, i did not do it because of your plan for our children, i did it because i love her, you better make sure she knows that" Chane said.

Ezbar's face went from normal to sad.

"The worst part about this... my son..." tears came into his eyes "Im sending you to your death, and you wont get to see your own child"

Chane felt his heart sank.


"In the beginning ill admit, it was all about the next test, and then the next, no matter how long it took, it was all about the next result... but now, it feels like im gambling with the lives of my own family, i saw you grow up with those girls, youre not test subjects in my eyes anymore Chane, you are my oldest son"

Out of love for the man infront of him, Chane opened his arms and embraced, who was in eccance his father.

"Ill, ill come back alive, i promise" Chane said with doubt. "Make sure, if i dont, that those inside this plane, are ready to finish what we started"

Ezbar nodded wiping his face.

"Please, do everything in your might to return" Ezbar said and climbed up the steps, be closed the door of the plane behind him and it started moving. Chane watched it taxi, then take off. Only when they were airborne did Guinevere notice Chane wasnt with them.

He took out his phone and called Quintin.

"They're off, but negotiations with the werewolves have failed"

"Thankyou, they wouldn't have gone if we didn't fool them, the werewolves doesnt matter anymore, how long will you take to get here?"

"Im not sure, ill come as fast as i can"

"Good, see you then"

Chane put the phone down, and wiped the tears out of his eyes, of all the people in the world, he wanted Guinevere to live, she meant everything to him. He pocketed his phone and aimed for the road. It was time to put on the gameface, war was upon them, he sprinted with lightning speed, a line blured down the road of the airport and into the main road, dust beside the road kicked up in a ma.s.sive plume caused by the backdraft.

---Capetown airport---

The last of the preparations were being done, Quintin stood with Katja close by the Hercules they came in with Koos and his men, from there he and Katja will go to Saldanna via car, and Koos will be leading his team from the Spooky guns.h.i.+p.

"There's one question thats haunting me for a while now" Koos said lighting a sigarette.

"Where is s.h.i.+... whats her name?"

"s.h.i.+-sai?" Katja corrected.

"Yes, wasn't she supposed to find a way to stop Senjin? So this fokkin s.h.i.+t wouldn't happen?"

Katja looked down at the ground.

"I, i dont know"

"Could it be that Senjin might have killed her?"

"No, that i know for sure, i am her familliar still, i sense her life in me, if she died, i would have died aswell"

"What de fok? Thats f.u.c.ked up"

"Its a special bond, you wouldn't understand, but anyway, she's still alive"

"Then where is she?"

"I dont know Koos, and it pains me not to"

Koos grunted "Well, lets hope she pitches up at the last moment to help us, otherwise well have to use... our special package"

Quintin frowned "Special package?"

"Its a bomb, we made it specially to blow away that Akmahra fokker, but if push comes to shove, we'll use it on Senjin"

"Is it a nuke?"

"No, its similar to a hydrogen bomb, kind of a lucky packet"

"But hydrogen bombs are more devistating than nuclear bombs!"

"Yes, its similar i said. We altered it to be more... how you say, environmentally friendly"

"How the f.u.c.k can a bomb of that magnitude be environmentally friendly!? It blows everyting to f.u.c.ktown!"

"Its a last resort Frikkie, lets hope the kak doesnt get that thick"

Katja dumbfoundedly looked at the men "How big is this bomb?" She asked.

"We estimate its power to be ten times that of a nuke, and a nuke, a big one, as a two undred kilomiter secondary blast radius" Koos said killing his sigarette. Katja's eyes widened.

"Thats... thats preposterous! I didnt know humans posessed such weapons!?"

"Jup, we'll kill eachother off one day... that is if this Senjin poes doesn't beat us to it"

She looked up at Quinin, his face also stunned.

"Where is this bomb? Can i see it?"

"Its not here"

"Then how were you planning on using it?"
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"Lets just say, years back we had a run in with a Russian wolf pack called the Draufganger, instead of killing them we made a deal, they were well into the weapons smuggling bussiness, so whe spared them, In return they give us all we needed, wepons wise, to fight Akmahra, so we got the biggest plane in the world from them, and turned it into a cruisemissle"

"The biggest plane in the world?"

"An Antonov, that's what the Russians calls it"

"Wait, weren't Russia one of your enemies during the Angolan bush war?"

"Yes, but remember boet, we were just soldiers, we only followed orders, that doesn't mean we hate them"

Quintin got his head around it then sighed "Very well, where is this Antonov bomb then?"

"In Congo"

"What the!? What the f.u.c.k Koos!? Whats it doing in the Congo!?"

"We basically built it there, one of the main ingredients in this bomb is uranium, and Congo has the worlds biggest urainium mine"

"So its basically a hydrogen slash uranium bomb?"


"No wonder its so f.u.c.king powerfull!!"

"But if its there, how do you get it here?" Katja asked.

"Like i said, its designed to act like a cruisemissle, Frits gives it a target, and it will automatically take of and kamikaze itself right into the fokkin target"

"How long will it take to get here?"

"At its top speed, about an hour and a half, we juised up its engines aswell. Its original purpose was to fly to egypt, but its the same distance to here, so no need for feul saving precautions"

Quintin felt a knot in his gut, could Senjin survive a direct hit from that? If so, its basically a suicide move, everything from here to atleast bloemfontein, five or six hundred kilometers away will be killed by it, it was as Koos said, a last resort.

"Another thing Frikkie, how's negotiations between your daughter and the wolves going?"

"From what ive heard the wolves arent comming"

Koos cuckled "I fokkin knew it, why would those fokkers ever help us?"

"Refeuled, reloaded and ready to rock" Frits said joining them with Piet and Natasha.

"Good, i want you to stay on the ground" Koos said looking at Natasha.

"Why!? I want to be up there shooting too!"

"Im worried that if we somehow get shot down you might get hurt"

"Im not a p.u.s.s.y Koos!"

"Relax! You know how to drive the Ratel, Frits made some adjustments to it, it will automatically turn its turrets and fire on your command, all you need to do is drive"

Natasha's frown went into a smile "For real!?" She asked looking at Piet "I thought only Piet may drive it?"

"Its an exception" Koos said.

"Just dont crash it" Piet said.

Hunters Moon Black And White 54 The Last Resor

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