Hunters Moon Black And White 56 Counterattack

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"NO!! MOTHER!!" Cate screamed when they saw the line of red energy obliterate the beach, she flew up and ran to the back bay door of the plane, but before she could hit the open b.u.t.ton Sylvester already had her back.

"Let me go! I need to help them!"

"We cant do anything as we are now Cate, we'll just be killed" Sylvester said and Cate crumbled to the ground crying, Sylvester looked at Ezbar and Guinevere who sat looking at the screen still. Ezbar dipped his eyes into his hand, and Guinevere sat silent eyes wide, shocked, tearing continuously, no words came to her.


Kara fell back in her seat, speechless, the sorrow gripped her like ice, she just saw her mother die right in front of her. Derrick on the other hand was furious, for the first time in his life he wished he already had the capability to use chi to Kishra's extent, then mabe he could have prevented that. He grunted looking out the window, the sun was almost gone, good, he could feel the wolf again in agreement with him, he couldn't wait to get his claws on that demon.


"Quintin! We have no choice! We're calling in the Antonov!" Koos yelled.

"No! Not yet, from here on, its personal" Quintin said wiping his tears, the feeling of sorrow now washed away by anger and rage, he felt the same as he did the first time he became a saber, the cat wants out, and there is h.e.l.l to pay.

"What are you planning on doing?" Koos asked.

"Im going to give him some of his own medicine" Quintin held his hand open next to him, a gust of wind kicked up feuled by his chi, the wind spun like a tornado, faster and faster untill a clear pipe of sand and electricity swirled under his hand, then inside the pipe of wind a sphere of lightning started forming, building intensity and power the longer it remained, then Quintin focused the spinning wind to get sapped up by the sphere, its intencity doubled and its size also grew. Now only with the ball of lightning under his palm he took aim at Senjin.

"Chew on this you mother f.u.c.ker"

Senjin smiled at the destruction he caused, he realised to himself he should have done this a long time ago. Next was that blasted guns.h.i.+p, he looked up to see where it was, but something from the beach made him look down again, it was too late. The ball of lightning struck him and erupted in a ma.s.sive explosion, Senjin flew back hitting the deck, his ears wistled, his body numb from being paralyzed by the megawatts of electricity that ran through his body. He couldn't beleive it, another elemental! He was still alive yes, but Senjin admitted, that actually hurt him. He forced himself to get up, his body still shaking, on the beach, infront of the flames he saw the person responsible.

"Thats right you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, come get me!" Quintin turned and ran towards the city, he knew if there were any survivors on that beach, they were going to need time to escape, he had to draw Senjin away from there, and lead him somewhere isolated... And that place would be the top of table mountain, there Koos and his team can lend fire support as much as they like.

He ran as fast as he could, lept up the sides of the mountain then landed on the top. Just as he had hoped, Senjin landed infront of him, now face to face Quintin saw he was very muscular, and easily over two meters tall. After staring eachother down for a few seconds, Senjin started a lifless laugh.

"And here i thought there wernt any real fighters on this planet"

"Sorry to disappoint you" Quintin bit back.

"Oh no, you misunderstood me, i still am disappointed, if you really thought you were a match for me? youre severely mistaken" Senjin said.

At that moment Chane arrived aswell, leaping on from the side of the almost table square mountain.

"Hes mine Chane" Quintin said.

"My my, another super human? That still doesn't better your chances" Senjin smiled as Miriam landed next to him.

"Sorry for the delay my lord"

"Thats fine, you have an opportunity to test your strength here, i order you to kill the blondy over there " Senjin said pointing at Chane.

"As you wish" she said facing Chane.

"Now, lets see if you can really hold your own against me, human" Senjin approached Quintin calmly, his hands down, leaving himself exposed. Quintin saw behind Senjin the black Hercules come by, he knew what Koos was going to do, timing it perfectly both Quintin and Chane lept up as high as they could, the guns of the Hercules opened up and pounded both Senjin and Miriam.

"Hes going to be p.i.s.sed after that so pull up Frits, go as high as you can" Koos said.
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Quintin was still comming down from the jump when he saw that barrage actually had Senjin from his feet, so he made his leg straight and in the landing planted his boot behind Senjin's head, the blow had his head hitting the rock surface, blood sprayed in a splash, this was good news for Quintin.

"Chane! Move, we keep him guessing" Quintin said and lept of the other side of the mountain. Regardless of the blood, a normal enemie's scull would have been crushed after a blow like that, but Senjin was a tough b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so Quintin had to up his game. He slid down the side and ran, as he ran he s.h.i.+fted into his saber form.

"You're going all out?" Chane asked.

"Yes, but you stay normal, your speed can help you survive against these f.u.c.kers, so you only s.h.i.+ft when its absolutely necessary"


Senjin slammed the rocks next to him.

"That f.u.c.king guns.h.i.+p is starting to annoy me!"

"Should i go take care of it Master?"

"No, no need to waste your energy on humans with guns. We focus on those two elementals, they stand a better chance of succeeding in hindering me, i would rather have them dead as soon as possable, never again will i underestimate an elemental from this planet" He said getting up.

"Very well master, i will proceed to attack the other one" Miriam said and flew of. Senjin popped his knuckles then flew down the mountain towards Quintin, he was met by the large cat and stopped, as he landed he laughed.

"Good grief now i know why you're able to use the wind element, its because you're a h.e.l.lcat, but ive never seen one standing on its hind legs like okami"

Quintin only readied in a fighting stance, making Senjin smile.

"As you wish" Senjin flew forward and threw a punch, Quintin was surprised at how fast he came, he couldn't dodge so he blocked, the blow cracked his forearm and he grunted bringing a knee up to strike Senjin under his jaw. Senjin came up from the blow and with his good hand Quintin struck him back. Opening his wings to stop his flight Senjin didn't fly back far, instead he flew up, in his palm Quintin saw a black sphere form, just as he formed his wind sphere, then Senjin threw it at him, Quintin braced for the impact but it exploded right above him, pounding him hard into the sand.

He heard his heartbeat against his wistling eardrums, his body in pain, the sensation of that blast was like being hit by emptieness, by nothing, something hollow and lifeless. Quintin slowly got to his feet, another of Senjin's laughs made him look up.

"Do you see now? Not only do i use ki energy, but i can use chi aswell"

"That was not an element"

"You wont know this one human, in order to effectively wield this element you need a dark heart, and you need to have mastered Ki, only then can you manifest the darkness element"

"Darkness...?" Quintin couldn't make sense of it, in order to wield an element, you need it to have a physical appearance like water or fire... but darkness?

"Its the total absence of light, that is total darkness, in order to be a master of it you need an evil heart, the ki energy is what gives it a physical appearance and can you wield it as a weapon" Senjin said seeing his confused face.

"So that means, there are light elementals out there aswell?"

Senjin laughed evilly

"Yes, but ah, how rare are they hey? These days evil is easier to succ.u.mb to than good, the l.u.s.t, the greed, all gives you power in some way, i mean, look at the one who dominates a woman and rapes her. Look at the thief, the more he steals, the more he wants to steal, its just too difficult to be a good boy, right h.e.l.lcat? How much blood have you shed... innocent blood?"

Quintin remembered the Fenrir clan, how those wolves were actually innocent, and he killed them over some stupid law.

"I think... this world has enough evil then, it cant handle the likes of you, you'll just upset the balance"

Senjin threw his head back and laughed, a laugh Quintin was starting to dispise.

"What the f.u.c.k do you know of balance human!? You're the abomination here! You're the one created into what you are, you shouldn't exist to begin wit..." Senjin was suddenly struck from the side and helplessly tumbled into the ocean. Quintin saw the huge black wolf standing there, its fist still balled.

"f.u.c.k he started to annoy me" it growled and looked at Quintin.

"I hope you have some sort of plan cat, i can only use my element to jump through shadows, i cant make bombs and s.h.i.+t" It said.

"Who are you?"

"Derrick, i came to avenge Luna"

Quintin was releived, he didnt even notice the moon was already out, and thanks to that, atleast one more powerhouse on his side, that brings him to the next step, the question of power. Quintin tried hand to hand combat, but Senjin is too fast and strong for that, so Quintin had only one last trick up his sleeve. He turned to see Senjin stand up in the waves.

"Keep him bussy, and off me for as long as you can, its time to bring out the heavy artilliry"

Hunters Moon Black And White 56 Counterattack

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