Hunters Moon Black And White 59 Final Blow

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The Ratel struck Senjin at flat out speed, he went under and got crushed by the back tyres, as he rolled out the back his hord of demons still persueing the Ratel trampled him, some violently tripping over him. In severe pain he flew up, his crushed body kept on motion my using his ki.

"STOP!!" He bellowed to the hord and they came to a standstill whilst the Ratel turned around and slowly approached. Senjin scanned the area, there were so many dead demons he could not hope to comprehend the exact number, all done by these humans and their weapons. He leered back at the Ratel, Koos came up the top hatch and lit a sigarette.

"The arrogance" Senjin spat.

"I told you, this is h.e.l.l now, we can do this all day fokker"

"I know all about your weapons human, they use bullets, and bullets eventually deplete"

Koos chuckled "Fok, the ammo count is so low now we can only hope to kill a few more anyway, so..." he jumped off the Ratel and approached him. Piet, Frits and Natasha also came out but stood a few meters behind him.

"Indeed you prove to have no fear, comming up to me like this after seeing how i annihilated your country, and made short work of these wolves and cats" Senjin said.

"You didn't make short work of them boet, as far as i know, you couldn't kill one thus far"

"Then why is there only one left?"

"You still didnt kill one" Koos kept mocking, he was infact so furious he was using every inch of his restraint not to do something stupid like attack Senjin, Koos knew all too well he stood no chance.

"Wh.e.l.l human, i commend you, to give you a fair dismissal from this living world, i will say i had to use everything at my disposal to kill you, which means ill pit my whole army on you, you will be remembered"

"What remains of your army..." Koos said, making Senjin get annoyed.

"I frankly couldn't give a fok about what you throw at us from here on demon, if you thought me standing here means i gave up, youre making one h.e.l.l of a fokkin mistake"

Senjin's face went angered.

"I understand of all who faught on this battlefield you are yet to be wounded, but that makes no diffrence, you are inferior to me in every way!"

"That so?" Koos said stepping on his sigarette.

"Let me tell you something interesting, you see that man standing there?" Koos pointed at Quintin.

"His daughter couldn't keep her cat under control, so the man who created them named Ezbar designed a chip that he implanted into the girl's head, this microchip basically boosted her vitamin D storage and output levels, in other words, she was forced to be calm all the time. Vitamin D also comes from the sun, which is why werewolves s.h.i.+ft back to humans when the sun rises... another main function of this microchip was to give Ezbar control over the abillity to s.h.i.+ft her into a saber, in other words she could not s.h.i.+ft at all, unless either Ezbar, or the girl's father 'calls' the cat out. So what we did, was took that chip, copied it, and implanted it into our brains" Koos said pointing at his unit behind him.

Senjin frowned "What does this chip hold back then? Are you h.e.l.lcats aswell?"

"No, we designed the chips to hold back the werewolves in us, i kind of temporary cure"

Senjin laughed "Then why tell me this you idiot, the moon is already gone!"

"Ah yes it is, but you see, the advantage of having these chips is since it was designed for a h.e.l.lcat who has the capability to s.h.i.+ft at will, we can call this wolf out aswell, with losing our sanity as its only drawback"

Senjin's smile faded, he looked at Quintin, who was also hearing this for the first time.

"So that was what you did with those chips" Quintin said.

"Yes, so from here on out, its going to get messy boet, were not sure what we can accomplish as wolves, but were going to set them free, the Antonov is comming already"

The word 'Antonov' struck Quintin the hardest, that megabomb, is heading here.

"Untill then, we kill as many as we can! Quintin! This is the end! We fight to the death, so if you have any reserves left, now is the time to use it, for revenge, for your daugters, for our country! for the world!" Koos screamed and flicked his finger.

Frits dabbed on his wrist computer and held it up, the computer made a click then a female voice spoke the codewords they decided uppon...

""Activate cursed DPK""

The pain was excruciating since the basic makeup of how a werewolf works are now being countered by the chips. Quintin watched in awe as the four of them fully became werewolves, even if the sun was up. Senjin took a step back, the wolves first saw eachother, a bit of light clawing and snarling erupted between them, Quintin tought for sure they were going to attack eacother full on, but then they started scanning their surroundings, it wasnt a long wait, and the four darted towards the demons standing around them. Quintin wanted a part of it, somehow seeing those four sacrafice even their sanity to fight this enemy, made his adrenaline pump. Deep inside his core he mustered strength, forced himself to get angry whilst at the same time holding the cat back whilst it also got angry in his subconscious, soon enough his efforts prevailed, Quintin saw himself black out, then red as rage took him over.

Senjin couldn't believe these humans drew the insanity card at the very end. The wolves went for his hord, so he told them to disperse, and head back to the shops, their numbers will decline too much at this rate. As the hord ran off, the five animals surrounding Senjin now drew their attention to him, mouths foaming, bloodied fur, rage filled eyes. Senjin knew if he cept his wit, he could get out of this.

The first one to attack missed as Senjin ducked, the second it the ground when he flew up, it was only then that the cat got him mid air and slammed him to the ground. It clawed at him severely but to Senjin's luck, no matter what Quintin did to amp himself up it was just too much strain on his body, the raging cat faded and Quintin's consciousness returned, but now he realised the pain his body was in, he roared and fell back, unable to move his body reverted back again. The wolves on the other hand took advantage of the attack Quintin made on Senjin and dove ontop of him, Senjin couldn't defend that many claws and was mauled severely.

"Time is up" Quintin heard that computer on Frits' arm speak again "Shutdown DPK" it spoke one more time and the wolves roared backing off, slowly they reverted to human and collapsed.

All parties now laid flat on their backs, only Natasha, thou in pain forced herself to roll on her side and cover her bare chest.

"Whats going on you lot? Why did you change back?" Quintin asked.

"Its a failsafe" Frits said grunting "We never tested this before, so this computer on my arm checks my vitals constantly, if it became too dangerous it would stop the process"

Quintin took a few painfull breaths "And? How do you feel?"

"Fok! I cant move" Koos said.

"None of us can" Natasha said blowing dust as she laid with her face in the sand.

Senjin was also so badly wounded, when hearing his enemies were incapacitated, he didnt even bother moving.

"Nice work you fools, now its a stalemate untill one of us recovers, and trust me, that will be me!" He yelled but grunted of the pain.

"Frits..." Koos heaved.

"Its inbound..." Frits answered looking at his computer "Coordinated locked here..." He said and lit a sigarette.

Senjin lifted his head as much as he could, the three men were smoking sigarettes, the woman and Quintin had their eyes closed, they were all at piece.

"What is in bound!? What are you talking about!?"

"Youll see, its been a pleasure serving with you three" Koos said.

"Likewise" First answered.

"See you on the other side" Piet gave a slight chuckle.

"Thankyou, for giving me the best years of my life, its been an honor serving with you three" Natasha spoke still eyes closed.

High above something caught Senjin's eye, it was clearly a plane, but it started diving, straight at them.

"You want to fly a plane into me!? That wont kill me" Senjin said, but the way the plane came at him made him uncertain, it came full speed, asif it had a goal it needed to reach, there was no hesitation, it was going to hit him as fast as it could. When it came in closer, Senjin realised this plane was three times as big as the Hercules, and suddenly doubted he could survive.

The noise the Antonov made was eerie, it moaned, a large plane like that going into a dive at flat out speed wailed like a banshee.

"Quintin" Koos said "You're going to see Katja again right? Say h.e.l.lo to her for me Boet, she was wierd, but she was a cute chick hey"

Quintin laughed "Sure, ill say h.e.l.lo... Katja, here i come, i pray our daughters will be ok"

The Antonov came in so fast it some of its flaps started breaking in the rapid pa.s.sing wind, but that didn't matter, it was on target, and dead on.


"NOOO! FATHER...!" Guinevere screamed thistime as she watched them lie there still, the Antonov heading right for them, she wasnt sure why, but she knew this was going to be the end of him, she stood up and grabbed the sattelite monitor.


A flash of yellow, the blast was of epic proportions, the already damaged and lifted continent took the hit and a gigantic piece of land broke off and was pushed into the ocean by the megaton explosion, when the yellow of the blast subsided, for the second time in history, a mushrooming cloud of smoke rose into the air over South Africa.

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Listen closely Alexander, there will be a time in your life where you have to make choices. And when you have to choose between saving two friends, which will you save? The one with more power, or the one with more intelligence? Both can aid you in battle, but only one can help you succeed"

The words of Amour, the one who trained him came back as he ran to the battlefield, the plane came in fast, thanks to Alex's element he could sense there was enough Hydrogen in there to cause a devistating explosion. But who does he save, he only had seconds to decide.

Hunters Moon Black And White 59 Final Blow

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