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Luna drove all night, she had her Merc pushed beyond the speed limit, and didn't care a cent of it, the quicker she got distance between her and Seth the better. As she pa.s.sed Johannesburg city she rang Michael up again, it was now seven o clock on a Sunday morning, he had to be home and awake, but still that same voice answered 'the number you have dialled is not available' she tried Dianne again, same answer.

"Who are you trying to call mother?" Sahsa asked next to her.

"You remember uncle Michael and aunt Dianne?"


"Them, were heading there now" Luna said looking back at Kara, she was still asleep. It took them another hour to reach the adress, number two one three Ockert street in Wierda park. She came to a halt in front of the gates, the right garage door of the two stood slightly open. She rang the intercom, but instead of an answer, the half closed garage door opened up, a young man in a tank top came out he was oiled and dirty clearly the result of working on an engine.

"Ooh hubba hubba" Sasha said seeing he had a ripped muscle tone and was tall as a tower. Luna saw he looked almost just like Michael, but it wasn't him. He opened the gate wiping his hands with a cloth.

"Hi" he greeted, Luna saw the blush on his face, he was shy to her aswell.

"Um, h.e.l.lo? Im looking for Michael and Dianne?"

"Yes this is their house, but they're not here now, who are you miss?"

Luna suddenly felt old, this handsome young man calling her miss.

"My name is Luna, don't call me miss please" she talked without really thinking of their age gap.

"Ok, Luna"

"This is Sasha, and the lady in the back is Kara"

He bent over to look at the other two girls, he saw Kara's sharp green eyes, but she frowned and stubbornly looked away, making him frown aswell.

"Whats your name?" Luna asked.

"Oh, sorry my name is Derrick. My parents have retired early, and decided to go on holiday"

"Parents? You mean Michael and Dianne?" Luna asked shoked, not knowing they had a child.

"Yes" Derrick said.

"Well, thats how i know them, always on some fun trip, the reason im here is we need a place to stay for a couple of days, and was hoping to stay here for a while, we just came up from Capetown"

He smiled "Of course you can, please come in"

Derrick opened the right gate, then the left, he caught a glimpse of Kara's angry eyes again as they pa.s.sed, making him wonder what her problem was.

"Hes so jucy i can eat him whole!" Sasha said and elbowed Luna "And don't think i didn't see what you did there ma! You telling him to directly refere to you as Luna"

"Hey, im allowed to have fun"

Sasha looked back at Kara "What do you think Kara? Hes one handsome piece of man meat hey?"

"You can have him, just looking at him me off, his red eyes remind me of Seth"

Sasha stuck her tongue out "Your loss"

"Listen girls, for now no wolf talk around him ok?" Luna said as they stopped.

"Why? Uncle Michael and aunt Dianne were wolves right? Surely he must be one aswell?" Sahsa asked.

"Thats just it, I don't sense a wolf in him, or not even that unawakened essence similar to what we can feel in Kara"

Sahsa looked at her mother worried "What could that possibly mean?"

"I don't know, just hold the wolf talk, unless he comes out with it first" Luna said and she nodded.

"Kara?" Luna looked back at her.

"I couldn't care less what he is, he looks like Seth, and i want nothing to do with him"

Luna climbed out opening the boot. Derrick came over and hauled her bags out for her "follow me" he said walking to the front door.

"We can really carry those" Kara said not even wanting him to touch her bag. Derrick felt the ice in her voice and looked at her, Kara's angry stare was somewhat unfazing to him, out of all three women, he found her the most attractive for some reason.

"Ok, as you wish, which one is yours?" He asked holding the three bags to her, Kara grabbed her bag and backed away from him.

"Kara!" Luna scolded seeing how disrespectful she was.

"Its ok" Derrick said "You know what they say about women and their bags?" He smiled and walked in. He glanced at Kara as he entered, het eyes still that piercing glare, he somewhat liked it, Derrick never liked a girl who smiles too much, she needed some issues to make her harder to deal with, otherwise a woman would just be any other woman to him.

Luna grabbed Kara back and looked her in the eyes.

"Hes not Seth!" She yelled in a whisper "Hes our host! Show some respect!"

"Hes lying to us ma!" Kara said angrily.

"What do you mean hes lying?"

"Remember how i can tell if someone lies!?"

Luna was reminded of Kara's strange gift to tell a lie out, till today she didn't know how Kara did it, but she could even tell you if you were lying about the color of your underwear.

"Lying about what then?"

"His parents"

Luna suddenly felt cold, what secret about his parents is he keeping? Could he also be with Seth? Luna knew before she jumped to conclusions, she was going to find the truth, and she needed to do it before it was too late. She nodded to Kara and walked into the house, Derrick was waiting in a hallway for them, he pointed to two rooms next to each other.

"This is my parents room, and this is the spare, you can have any one you like" He gestured placing the bags infront of the rooms.

"Thankyou once again Derrick" Luna pa.s.sed him into the spare room her daughters behind her.

"Please make yourselves at home, the kitchen is open take what ever you like, im not a good cook" He smiled blus.h.i.+ng and Luna nodded. He pointed over his shoulder "Ill be in the garage if you need me, like i said, make yourselves at home" He said walking off.

"Atleast he didn't lie about his cooking" Kara snarled.

Sasha looked at her mother, then they both looked at Kara.

"What?" She asked.

"Wow Kara, your really d.a.m.n straight made an enemy out of him didn't you?" Sasha smiled.

Kara only folded her arms.

"You didn't even see how he looks at you?"

"How?" Kara asked.

"You know, Michael fell for Dianne because of her hard headedness, Dianne was no twinky, she was more like a chilly, and she burned" Luna told her.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means, what you just did, that whole little cold shoulder routine? He likes it, a tough woman, just the way his father liked it"

Kara glared at the two with her "Well he can go f.u.c.k himself! He won't get me to like him" She spat making the other two laugh.

"I tell you what Kara, go to him in the garage, see what hes up to, start talking to him. Maybe you can get a little more information out of him, then you'll see, he's not Seth, he's a different person that deserves a chance to get to know you, i promise" Luna said stepping aside so the door was open. Kara didn't like it one bit, but her mother was right, he's not Seth, she needed to remember that.

"Fine" she marched out of the room.

Kara kept telling herself he's not Seth, and thats the only reason she agreed to her mother's request. She was also interested to know why he would lie about his parents, and by this time, Kara had a way of questioning someone in such a way that he would spill the truth in a diffrent manner. She heard the klinks of tools as she approached, he was underneath an old looking car standing on peristyles. He grunted and kicked with his legs, Kara could hear he was struggling to do something down there.

"Come on you b.i.t.c.h! Come on!" He said through his teeth.

"This car is an old piece of s.h.i.+t isn't it?" Kara suddenly asked, at that moment whatever Derrick was doing finally prevails, she heard the loud bang of his head making the whole car twitch on the stands, then the torque wrench flew out from underneath the car, Derrick gurgled like one drowning, he spat and grunted, she saw him grab an empty ice cream bucket and pulling it under.

"f.u.c.k" he spat again coming out. Kara struggled not to laugh, his entire head and face was black of engine oil. Derrick with his eyes closed searched on the ground around him for his cloth, but just missed it every time, Kara picked it up and threw it into his face.

"Oh, thanks" he replied wiping the oil of. Secretly Kara enjoyed this 'Take that you b.a.s.t.a.r.d'

He got his eyes open, that red colour now amplified by his black face, she pretended to look at the car, not wanting to be reminded of Seth.

"Sorry, you said something?" He asked peeking in under the car again.

"I said its a piece of s.h.i.+t, this car"

"No it isn't! Its an Avante, its one of my favourites"

She walked around it inspecting it, not really interested, she just didn't want to look at Derrick.

"Why would someone like an old car like this? There are alot of other prettier cars out there"

"Well" he said being back underneath it "Its reliable, im turning eighteen next month, and getting my licence, when thats done i want wheels, and this is it"

Kara saw the garage was a through fare to the back yard, there a white pickup stood, and surprisingly a Mustang.

"Now that's a car!" She said heading over to it.

Derrick climbed out again "Oh yes, thats my mother's car"

"Your mother?"

"Yep, she liked her fast stuff"

Kara started linking this Dianne lady, just by hearing what type of person she was, and now seeing her taste in cars.

"So if your parents are away, why not drive this when you get yout licence?"

"Are you kidding me? My mother would kill me if she found out i drove it. She doesn't even allow my dad to drive it" Kara heard no lies. She stroked its badge then looked at him "So they're retired huh? Why leave you here by your self then? You're still attending school"

"Im quite capable of taking care of myself" he said wiping his face again.

"Where did they go? To the beach?"

"Heck if i knew" he said pointing at the back door "Want something to drink?" He asked and she nodded. Kara realised he answered in such a way, that it was only the truth, 'heck if i know' instead of 'i think so' if his parents were anywere else than on this so called retirement road trip, 'i thinks so' would have been a lie, but heck if i know was slang and fired in all directions. She followed him into the kitchen and he poured them a gla.s.s of cola.

"So, you're fis.h.i.+ng?" He asked handing her the gla.s.s.

"No! I don't fish, fis.h.i.+ng is for men" She said making him laugh.

"No, you think im lying to you, now you're fis.h.i.+ng for the truth?"

He spotted her comming from miles away, how the h.e.l.l did he know?

"What makes you think that?" She asked.

"Asking more than once about my parents?"

She shrugged "you got me, it's funny how they can retire so early, and leave their son to fend for himself?"

Derrick laughed "I told you i dont need them, those two stubborn excuses for parents only did one thing right by me, and thats teach me how to fix engines, hunt, and strict dissapline to follow a routine. As parents there were no real love, so i didnt grow up to want it from them, so frankly, i dont give a d.a.m.n where they are" He talked without losing his smile, Kara also didn't sense any lies. Luna and Sasha heard their conversation and entered the kitchen.

"Sounds just like those two" Luna said "They weren't the parenting kind"

Derrick shrugged "See?" He told Kara.

"So if you don't care? Why not take the Mustang for a spin?" Kara smiled slyly.

"I respect it too much, it's my mother's baby, i swear, she likes that thing more than she loves me" He laughed looking at it through the kitchen window.

Luna decided this was a good time to change the subject "Derrick I'm going to need to look for a job this side, and then if i can put money together get a house, you won't mind the time we need right?"

Derrick shook his head "Not at all, in fact, you can work for my parent's company, ill make a way for you"

"Your parent's company? I thought they retired?"

"They did. Im kind of in charge now, ill start working there after school"

The three looked at him in silence then Kara asked.

"What kind of company is this?"

"Black alpha oil, they trade with raw oil and oil products like gasoline"

"Holy s.h.i.+t thats alot of money going around"


"And you're fixing up that piece of s.h.i.+t car? Instead of buying a new one?"
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He laughed "It's a hobby, it's much more rewarding to build your own things, maybe ill get a proper car one day if i have a girl or something, but now, that little Avante just got it's new engine, so im going to fix it completely"

Luna looked at her girls "Hear that girls? If he gets a girlfriend, so who's up for it?" She caught both the girls and Derrick off guard, bluntly saying something like that. n.o.body said anything they only stared at eachother but Luna laughed "Well I'll be glad if you could help me with work Derrick, then theres the case of getting my girls a school"

Derrick frowned at her "Your girls? You keep saying that?"

"Yes, my..." She realised how odd it might seem.

"Luna always says that. She's the oldest sister after all, she basically took care of us like a mother so excuse her" Sasha quickly said making Derrick laugh.

"Oh, that explains it, i thought she was your mother, but she looks as young as you two? How old are you anyway?"

"Im Nineteen, Kara is seventeen and Luna is twenty three" Sahsa said.

"So doesn't that mean you would also need a job?"

"No, i need to finish my last year of highschool, i repeated a year, on purpose of course"


"It was fun" she shrugged making him laugh.

"Ok, ill make a few calls and let you know Luna" He said walking out, these three girls really had him in a tight spot, he never really knew girls as beautiful as them, he never really cared, and now three of them is staying in his house, he blew out tension and dialled a number.

"Hi Elsje, its Derrick"

"Hey boss whats up?"

I was wondering if you can get a job there by my parent's company for someone? "

"Ok what position?"

"Not sure, have some options ready"

"Ok, the name of this person?"



"Uh. I didn't ask"

"Its Del Carchetore" Kara said standing behind him listening.

"Del Carchetore"

Elsje was quiet for a few seconds "Is she with you now?"

"Yes, shes staying at my house for a while"

"Well thats excellent, why don't she come in tomorow?"

"That's great, thank you Elsje"

"No problem, you're the boss remember?"

"And youre too kind"

"Talk to you again" Elsje said and put the phone down. Luna? What is an amarok doing with Derrick!? This is bad! She needed to get her out of that house as soon as she could!

"You have an interview tomorrow with a woman named Elsje, I'll give you the adress" Derrick smiled coming back into the house.

"Thats fantastic news" Luna said overjoyed.

"As for you two?" He looked at Sasha and Kara "We can go to my highschool now and enroll you, the offices only close one o clock"

Luna stood up and took her keys "This is going better than i hoped, thank you Derrick"


Hunters Moon Black And White 7 Derrick Black

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