Strange Love 80 Around The World In A Flash

You’re reading novel Strange Love 80 Around The World In A Flash online at Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen(PC only). Drop by anytime you want to read free – fast – latest novel. It’s great if you could leave a comment, share your opinion about the new chapters, new novel with others on the internet. We’ll do our best to bring you the finest, latest novel everyday. Enjoy! was literally vibrating with excitement as she waited impatiently in the impressive palace kitchen where Rin's mother was moving frantically around the room filling different baskets that she had lined up on the expansive counter. Rin followed around behind her arguing with her over the necessity of baskets and their overflowing content. His father stood leaning against the prep station with his arms crossed and a large smile across his handsome face. "Jamila, the boy's right. There's no need for all these baskets he's a Gin after all. Why drag a basket with you when you could have anything with the snap of your finger?" He winked at his son.

Rin's mom stopped and turned toward her husband, her bottom lip quivering as she brought her fists cras.h.i.+ng down onto her tiny hips and stomped her feet. "Because, RUDRA," she put extra emphasize on his name, "These baskets are made with a mother's love and the best way to have a little bit of home with oneself while traveling!" She turned toward and caressed her cheek. "And there are certain things a lady wouldn't ask her man for, but don't worry momma thought of everything!" She pulled down to her level and kissed her cheek before patting it and heading back over to her baskets.

Rin threw up his hands in exasperation. "Mom, we will only be gone two days at max AND with the time zones working in our favor it wont even be a full calendar day!"

She put her fists back on her hips and snarled her cute little nose up at him. "I don't care! There are things a girl needs on trips like this and by the G.o.ds I'm making sure she has them!" She turned toward the cluttered counter and leaned forward on her tip toes as she searched through the items. "Now where did I put it..."

Rin's dad stood up and walked over to his wife. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his arms. He placed an affectionate kiss on the top of her head. "Jamila, my love, I'm sure they are eager to leave. Why don't I help you with these, since you're insistent on them, after they leave? They can simply text us their location and we can snap them right to them." He snapped his finger and the first basket disappeared then as quickly reappeared in's arms causing her to giggle and dance around in utter delight.

"Yes this looks great! Can we go now?" She asked in excitement as she nosed through the basket.

Rin rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, about that we didn't bring our cellphones. I didn't want them to be tracked."
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"OH NO! How will we know which location you're at? How will you take pictures???" His mom pushed away from Rudra and began going through things on the counter again.

Rudra shook his head and dug around in his pant pocket. He took out his phone and tossed it to his son. "Here use mine. All my important calls come through the phone in my office anyways." He shrugged and smiled down at Jamila. "Come on, Dear, let's say our goodbyes so they can get going." He placed his hand on the small of her back and guided her over to where Rin was now poking around in the basket as well.

Rin poked a small hand towel out of the way to revile some individually wrapped baby wipes. "I don't see anything all that special in here." He mumbled as he continued to go through it.

Jamila winked up at as she turned bright red. "As I said, things only another girl would think to

pack on a romantic get away." She pulled down into a tight hug. "You kids have your fun then come straight back, you hear." She sent Rin a pout-face. "It's too boring and lonely here with out you kids."

Rin shook his head as he pulled back from his father's embrace. "Can you please keep her occupied while we are gone, dad? I don't want her spying on us." He pulled up against him and whispered against her ear, "Ready sweetheart?" When she nodded in excitement he held his hand up with his hand ready to snap. "Bye mom, bye dad." He smiled down at as she gripped the basket tightly against her side as she wrapped her other arm tightly around his waist. He snapped his fingers.

Rin's grip tightened around's waist her feet sliding a bit on the new slick surface they stood on. She s.h.i.+vered instinctively as the cold air ingulfed her. "Wh-where are we?" She stuttered through chattering teeth.

Rin laughed and snapped his fingers again. He wrapped a thick down coat around her shoulders before snapping again. This time it was a cream colored toboggin with matching fluff ball on the top and a thick, fluffy scarf. After he was satisfied with her level of winterization he snapped a third time producing a coat for himself. He pulled her close and kissed the tip of her nose before turning her around to face their dark surroundings. "This is Big Diomede Island in Russia on the Bering straight. It is exactly two miles between Big Diomede Island and Little Diomede Island, Alaska." He paused to let that information sink in. He followed her eyes as she took in the beautiful night sky of the artic Iceland they were in. The Aurora Borealis reflected majestically off the fresh white powder that covered the ground causing a prism of twinkling light to reflect in the fine crystals of ice.

"Wow, it's amazing." She said in aw as she continued taking in the landscape.

Rin nodded as he held her tight. "Yes it is, but it's not the most amazing thing about this area. He held his hand out in front of them and checked the time. "Any minute now..." He lifted his head to look around and sh.o.r.e enough there was the approaching light of a tiny sled pulled by a pack of dogs. He smiled as her shocked eyes flew up to meet his.

"Are we riding in that?" She asked pointing at the sled team heading their way.

Rin's smile widened, "We are, for two miles."'s brows furrowed, "Why only two miles?" She asked.

The dazzling white of Rin's now full smile gave envy to the snow below. "Because in that tiny two mile gap between Russia and Alaska is a twenty hour time difference." He pointed out into the dark distance. "You see with the way the time zones work that makes this one of the few... if not only place in the world where there is that big of a gap of time in such a small area." He shrugged, "Plus everyone should get to say they've rode in a dog sled under the Northern lights at least once before they die, don't you thing?" He asked teasingly as he led her over to the sled that was stopping near them. He spoke quickly to the driver handing him cash filling out a paper attached to a clipboard before turning back toward her and guiding her onto the front of the sled. "Slid forward and I'll crawl on behind you." He instructed. Once she was on he climbed on behind her and pulled her between his legs and against his chest.

The driver through a thick fur blanket over their laps and nodded to them. He took the leash in his hands and napped it once. "Mus.h.!.+" He called out to the team and they launched into motion. squealed with delight and Rin pulled her closer. He leaned over her shoulder as he spoke, "So what do you think, better than a magic carpet?" giggled and playfully shrugged, "I don't know... It's good but I'm not sure if its 'better than a magic carpet' good." She teased.

He narrowed his eyes and bit his lip as the corners of his lips curved upwards. "Well I guess we'll have to fix that..." When the sled pulled to a stop two miles and 'twenty' hours later, Rin waved goodbye and grabbed ahold of and hoisted her into the air spinning her as she gripped the basket tight. The second her feet hit the ground he snapped his fingers.'s stomach lurched as they reappeared, "Boat... We are on a boat, definitely not better than a magic carpet!" She squeezed her eyes tightly shut trying to fight back a wave of nausea.

Rin laughed, "We are. Look out to your left." He watched as she carefully opened one eye and peeked out to her left. He chuckled, "As you can see, it's a whale watching cruise and it looks like we popped on just in time to see a ma.s.sive pod." He laughed as her eyes popped open and her mouth dropped in amazement.

"Oh wow! There's so many!" She slowly walked to the edge of the s.h.i.+p and leaned slightly over. "Ah... Look that one has a baby." She said pointing out to the whale covered sea. She listened joyfully as Rin shared facts he had researched about whales and their migration before the trip.

With another snap of his fingers they were now standing on the peek of a large volcano. "Were are we now?" asked in excitement.

He pointed toward the now rising sun that lit sent beautiful floods of color across the morning sky. "This is Haleakala, Maui. It's absolutely beautiful at sunrise and we can take bikes all the way down that trail over there to see some of the best view there is to see on this island." He snapped his fingers again and two bikes appeared. He caught her hand as she moved toward the bikes. "But first..." He pulled the blanket she'd brought with them from the dog sled off from around her shoulders and spread it on the ground. "First I thought we'd enjoy the sunrise and the mist from the volcano." He grinned as he sat on the blanket and pulled down onto his lap. She let the basket drop to the ground beside them and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissing his lips. Rin pulled away, "Now enough of that or you'll be watching this sunrise from flat on your back." He pressed his forehead against her as he carefully turned her around on his lap so they could both enjoy the view. let out a tiny huff. "Well alright, but it seems like the best way to view the sky would be from my back... just saying..."

Rin's eyes bugged. He grabbed hold of her arms and turned her back around to face him. "Are you saying you..." Her devilish smile was enough of an answer for him. He gently but urgently pushed her backwards into the warm fur of the blanket following her down onto it. His mouth covered her as his hands worked eagerly to undo the fastenings of the warm coat. He pulled away and shook his head as he looked down at her, her hungry eyes gazing back at him seductively. "I've created a monster." He said teasingly.

She smiled, "Maybe... are you ready to feed my new appet.i.tes?" She stroked her leg against his hip and thigh as she slid a hand between them and rubbed his hard length that was pressed tightly against her.

He kissed her mouth nipping her full bottom lip. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure."

After a lengthy tryst on the soft blanket, laid spread out on the blanket cover in the thick down coat as she stared at the bikes. "I don't think I'll be able to ride one after that." She said seriously.

Rin rolled over toward the discarded basket. "Wasn't that why mom packed you this thing?" He pulled out the towel and retrieved a wipe from it. He handed the rest of the basket to her as he tore open the packet. "Here spread your legs." He instructed and as she did he brought the cool damp cloth down between her thighs and began wiping away the remains of their lovemaking. "I guess mom had the right idea after all." He shrugged as he teased her with his fingers as he slid the cloth over her most sensitive areas. bit her lip, "Keep that up and I know I wont be riding a bike today!"

He growled, "It may be worth the sacrifice just to have you again like this." He leaned down capturing her swollen lips as he let the cloth fall away and his fingers continued to tease and ma.s.sage her slick folds. moaned loudly against his lips. "Rin... but... I... so... pretty..." She said against his eager lips and hungry kisses.

"Umm." Rin muttered as he pulled away. "Alright... Not again then... for now." He winked and forced himself away from her. He stood pulling his jeans and underwear up with them. "Biking it is."

Their ride took them by many amazing areas including an area to view a live volcano and several magnificent waterfalls including he seven sacred pools and to a stunning coastline lined with luxurious hotels. Rin snapped them onto the outside deck of one. It was the outdoor eating area of a grand hotel. "I thought we could get some breakfast before we head to Central America." He chuckled as her eyes lit up again with childish wonder. "Seeing you this way... this happy... I can die a happy man knowing I could do something to bring you so much joy."

She threw herself into his chest wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. "Just being with you is enough to bring me all the happiness of a life time." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips but frowned up at him when he only gave her a light peck back.

He brushed her hair back a sad smile spread across his face, "And that's exactly what I plan on giving you on this trip a lifetime worth of happiness." Rin didn't give her time to process the meaning of his words. He snapped his finger and dropped to one knee as a tiny box appeared in his palm. ", will you marry me?"

Strange Love 80 Around The World In A Flash

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