My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You Chapter 13: Betrothal Gifts (2)

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Hmm, 'any gift from you will make me happy', so well put.

Prime Minister Luo only wished he had not feigned politeness when Prince Eighth asked him about this matter when he saw all the betrothal gifts being send to Luo Pavilion.

The girl was stuck in Prince Eighth's mind, especially her eyes, sparkling like the sea amid the moonlight.

In Prince Eighth's Mansion, the pages were laughing at the scene where a man in a flamboyant blue gown fell off the second he entered the gate.

"Lord Su, are you all right?" asked a page, he covered his mouth trying to suppress the laughter, the scene was merely too funny.

If we took a look at the mansion, the layout and the decoration were so breathtaking. Exotic treasures of dazzling beauty were everywhere, even the pebbles on the ground were made of white jade stone, it was magnificent and majestic through and through.

Su Liancheng felt so embarra.s.sed, he just shouted at the page, "Come and help me get up already, what are you doing standing over there?"

The page was loud in his apologies, he hastened to Su Liancheng and helped him get up.

Su Liancheng dared not make a scene considering it was Murong Yun's mansion he was in, he frowned and exclaimed in his heart, 'Can I be more clumsy?'

"Where is Brother Eighth?" asked Su Liancheng, getting his composure back. Well, it was actually all because of his Brother Eighth, he was so excited for his Brother Eighth's great news that he fell off.

'I've got to mooch something off later, as a compensate.' thought Su Liancheng.

The page was about to say "Prince Eighth is not back yet" when a voice rang from behind, "I'm here."

Su Liancheng turned around and was about to throw himself at Murong Yun, Feng Qing stepped forward and stopped him, "Lord Su, please."

Su Liancheng's face turned clouded, "You seem to be a little over protective, Feng Qing, yeah?" He had never seen such a more dutiful subordinate than Feng Qing.

'Brat Feng Qing! Me and Brother Eighth go way back! How dare you to stop me!'

Feng Qing was choked, he knew he could not win this verbal joust, he put on a poker face and said, "Lord Su!"

"Get out of my way, Feng Qing, I wanna talk to my Brother Eighth, plus Brother Eighth now is happily engaged, you need to keep that in mind as well, what could possibly be the reason that people say my Brother Eighth had a liking for gentlemen?"

Feng Qing felt so wronged, yet he was never much of a talker plus Su Liancheng was his master's friend, he said nothing, but his face turned red and white in turns.

'It is because of you, Lord Su, that's how the rumors started.'

Murong Yun shot a glimpse at Su Liancheng, then he walked towards his room.

Su Liancheng was tempted to come closer to Murong Yun when they were sitting in the room, Murong Yun said indifferently, "Are you sure?"

"Ahem." Su Liancheng now put on a serious face, he straightened his gown and chose a seat opposite Murong Yun's.

There was one time when he ruffled Murong Yun's feathers, he ended up with such a good beating that he had to rest in bed for a month.

Su Liancheng would tell himself to think twice whenever he was attempted to mess with his Brother Eighth ever since.

"Brother Eighth, HE has made quite a few movements recently." Su Liancheng poured himself a cup of tea like he was the host here.

"Okay." Murong Yun was not particularly intrigued.

"He wants to find out who our mole is, and we are letting him do that?" demanded Su Liancheng, while he knew his Brother Eighth was not actually intimated by the person in question.

"And he has made a lot of shady calls lately, what a brazen b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" 

Funny, Murong Yun had always thought Su Liancheng as the king of brazen b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

Hearing what Su Liancheng had said, Murong Yun squinted and asked, "You really think he is a force to be reckon with?"

Su Liancheng shook his head.

Su just wanted everything to go on smoothly, especially at such a critical timing. But he was rest a.s.sured seeing his Brother Eighth's reaction, yeah, Murong Yun had been in the army since he was a teen, that person was courting death by taking an opposite side against his Brother Eighth.

Murong Yun was called General Invincible after all, he trusted his Brother Eighth on this one.

Now that Su Liancheng was less concerned, he asked, "Yeah, how was the visit at Prime Minister's Mansion today?"

Murong Yun looked a bit approachable mentioning Luo Qianqian, he asked Su Liancheng to come to the treasury with him.

"Why?" asked Su Liancheng, he knew even though people called him the wealthiest bachelor in the capital city, he was actually not in his Brother Eighth's league when it came to wealth.

Murong Yun's face cracked into a smile, "Come help me pick some betrothal gifts."

"f.u.x.x.xx!" Such PDA should be banned!

Su Liancheng was murmuring on the way to the treasury, "Hmm, I wonder where Lin Zimo is now."

To return to Luo Qianqian.

She found a good way to earn points.

"As long as I can cure Murong Yun, I will be rewarded one thousand points?" exclaimed Luo Qianqian.

She was overwhelmed now, she was happy that she had a chance to earn one thousand points, yet she felt sad for she was afraid she was not able to cure Murong Yun.

Xiao Bai was flying around and landed in Luo Qianqian's arms, "Yes, master, that is going to be your reward."

"But I'm not a doctor." said Luo Qianqian in low spirits.

Xiao Bai smirked, "You forgot about me, master? I will see what I have in hand to help you."

"Yeah? Any luck so far?" Luo Qianqian patted Xiao Bai on its head, hmm, helpful Xiao Bai was always helpful.

Xiao Bai wagged it tail and replied, "Of course! I have the right herb that makes the best antidote for him, not pricy at all, twenty one points."

Luo Qianqian did the math and replied, "Great!"

Xiao Bai felt encouraged, it continued, "Master, I also have Magic Tickle Figures and Magic Obeying Figures, one point each. So, twenty one points for the herb, you have forty eight points left in your account, let's make it a round number?"

Luo Qianqian enjoyed some spending of course, "Sure, one Magic Tickle Figures and two Magic Obeying Figures, please."

"Coming right this way." Xiao Bai was overjoyed, it would grow faster when Luo Qianqian spent more points in the s.p.a.ce.

As a shop owner in Another World, Xiao Bai was able to use the resources there but it needed its master to spend more points to grow up.

Therefore, it felt happy to find ways for Luo Qianqian to earn points, and it felt happier when Luo Qianqian spent points.

Luo Qianqian now was rubbing Xiao Bai's cheeks, "Look at my Xiao Bai, such a successful businessman!"

My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You Chapter 13: Betrothal Gifts (2)

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