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After leaving the room, Old Xiao rushed to the City Lord's study. As he knocked on the door, "Come in!" the city lords voice came from the inside. Opening the door, Old Xiao walked in. Inside, the room was bright, and bookshelves filled with books stood everywhere. In the center of the room, a table carved from trees in the Eastern Forbidden Forest. The City Lord was busy arranging papers and books on that table.

As Old Xiao came next to the City Lord, the City Lord knew what he wanted to ask, "I don't know about him either. He fell from the sky and made me bring him here," so he said before Old Xiao could open his mouth. Then the City Lord stood straight and looked towards Old Xiao. Old Xiao could see the fear in his expression.

"Old Xiao, how long have you been with me?" City Lord asked Old Xiao. "89 years, My Lord!" Old Xiao answered.

"Do you know Old Xiao, when that man looked towards me with his dark eyes, I felt as if I had died. For the first time in my life, I, Ding Wenfeng felt afraid. Afraid, not of death, but the man himself. It was as if I was laid bare before him. There was no chance for resistance. No, that's not how it was. Instead, my heart wanted to pay obeisance with my life."

As Old Xiao heard the City Lord's words, he felt horror creep his heart as his back became cold with sweat. He had been with the City Lord for so long. He had never seen his Lord have fear even in the cruelest of battles, or before the mighty warriors of the Mortal Emperor Realm, but today, the fear in his eyes wasn't small.

"My Lord, what do we do then?" Old Xiao asked with a trembling voice. "Old Xiao, I gave him the Golden Permit to make sure people don't annoy him, asking for our Kingdom's destruction. I am going to write to the Golden Sun King. We will wait for the King's decision. It is not on the level I can decide, nor is it on a level the King can decide. But he can at least gather all officials and take some countermeasures."

Saying this, the City Lord sat on the chair and started to write on a special parchment. It was the highest level parchment used to send word on the same level as the King. If used for some minor reason, the punishment was death by torture. Even Ding Wenfeng, one of the strongest in the Kingdom wouldn't dare take this lightly.

Looking towards his Lord writing on the Imperial Parchment, Old Xiao didn't say anything. He knew it wasn't a small matter to have someone like that in their Kingdom. It wouldn't be an issue if the man had nothing against them, but if he was an enemy, it was better to take countermeasures for their survival.

Once Ding Wenfeng completed his report, he rolled it, took a tube carriage tube from the desk and put the parchment in it. Using a special wax, he sealed it on both ends, placing his seal on the wax. After that, Ding Wenfeng stood up and said to Old Xiao, "Old Xiao, this will be in your hands. Rush to the Capital and give it to the King. Make sure you arrive there as soon as possible. I will deal with that Sir here!"

"Understood! My Lord, leave this matter to me. This old man will rush to the Capital with all his might," Old Xiao a.s.sured as he took the report from Ding Wenfeng's hand. After that, Old Xiao bowed and left the study. Ding Wenfeng, on the other hand, went back and slumped into his chair. Sighing lightly, he mumbled, "What is going to be the fate of our Kingdom? What does the appearance of this man entail?"

After resting for a while, Ding Wenfeng stood up and left the room, walking towards Zhu Long's room. As he arrived before the guest room, Ding Wenfeng felt his heart skip. The door of the room was open, and he could hear voices coming from inside,

"Hey, tell us already, who are you?"

"Yes, yes. Tell us, tell us, tell us!"

"ChueChue wants to know as well."

Immediately, Ding Wenfeng rushed into the room. The scene before him horrified him. His grandson and Old Xiao's grandchildren gathered around Zhu Long. The two boys were both 5-years-old, both very cute. The two were holding onto each of Zhu Long's arm. As for the little girl, she was only 3-years-old, clinging onto Zhu Long's back.

The three were pestering him about who he was! As the three were too young to understand the status of people and had access to the entire Manor without needing someone to follow them, the three ended up here. The children were probably curious about the handsome young man they saw with their grandfathers, so they came here.

As Ding Wenfeng saw the scene, his expression turned ugly and he felt his heart fall into a frozen cave. Just when he was about to rush forward and take the children away, he heard the man speak, "No need, let them be!" Listening to these words, Ding Wenfeng felt his fear reduce a bit. His forehead still dripped with sweat though.

"Grandpa!" the two boys yelled as they ran towards Ding Wenfeng.

"Dada!" the little girl said as she climbed down Zhu Long's back and slowly went towards Ding Wenfeng and clung to his leg.

The little girl dressed in a floral dress, making her look like a porcelain doll. Her hair tied into small ponytails, and her eyes were blue and bright. The two boys dressed in luxurious robes, looking adorable. One of the boys had the same blue eyes as the girl, seemingly the girl's brother, while the other had dark eyes.

Though the little girl and her brother were Old Xiao's grandchildren, Ding Wenfeng had always treated them as his grandchildren as well. The three got along very well.

"I apologize to the honorable Sir. The children are young and acted rudely. I will tell their parents to look after them. I hope honorable Sir won't take offense from the children's rudeness," Ding Wenfeng said. "Oh, no need to worry! I am not that unreasonable."

From the way the old man acted around him, Zhu Long could tell he was afraid of him going out and killing people unreasonably. He couldn't understand why the old man thought like that, 'Did this old man think I am so free to bother with ants now?'

"Old man, make sure no one disturbs me now. I need to take some rest. Leave and take the children with you," Zhu Long said. He still needed to investigate his body's condition thoroughly. His Cultivation level had dropped, and his control over his prowess wasn't good either.

Though not many could contend against him even at his current level, he needed to have full control over his prowess at all times. Who knew if he would face a severe backlash if he couldn't control his abilities? If that happened, it would become troublesome.

Listening to his words, Ding Wenfeng dared not stay there anymore. Picking up the three children, Ding Wenfeng exited the room and closed the door. Calling a guard there, he ordered him to make sure that no one entered the room. The guard felt something wrong. He was in the Manor for the last 20 years, yet never once was there a need for someone to stand outside the King's room. No one was foolish enough to annoy the King.

The guard was also sure that the King didn't arrive at the Warrior City. If he did, then the entire City would have known about the matter. He was wondering just who was inside the room. After all, the corridor where the King's room was, wasn't a place that some guard like him could enter.
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Though he was curious about the ident.i.ty of the person who was staying in that room, he wasn't tired of living, so he kept his curiosity to himself. Standing outside the door, he repeated in his head, 'Curiosity killed the cat! I am not a cat!'

Meanwhile, Zhu Long stood up and walked towards the bed. Laying down, he closed his eyes and started to investigate the condition of his body. Checking everything thoroughly and confirming that there weren't any major problems, he fell asleep as his body and soul were adjusting themselves.

The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 3 Not A Cat!

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