Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 10 Part1

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Translated by: Riela_Rin
Proofread/Editor by: Daed

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Duan Rulan followed Siyu into the house. As soon as she walked through the front door, she could smell the strong astringent scent of medicine. She instantly frowned and the disgust in her eyes could barely be concealed.

It's the smell of Chinese herbal medicine again. The smell was so awful that she was fed up with it twenty years ago! She didn't expect that this short-lived money-sucking thing was actually still living well and even came to Jiang City….. Duan Rulan looked at Siyu's thin back and thought scornfully: if she hadn't heard that recently her son had been close with this money-sucking thing, and rush over to find this girl in fear that Ji Lin might do something wrong and that her current husband would hear something, she wouldn't want to see this daughter ever again in her life.

This sickly looking daughter…. was a stain in her, Duan Rulan, life!

Duan Rulan's makeup was exquisite. Perhaps it was because she had lived in comfort all year round and took proper care of her skin, she looked like she's only in her thirties. She still had the graceful demeanor of her youthful times, one could vaguely discern from her features that she and Siyu bore some resemblance.

It's a pity that Duan Rulan's expression was too vicious when she looked at Siyu, causing her face to be twisted for a moment.

But when Siyu invited her to take a seat and chat, Duan Rulan immediately restrained her expression, sat upright on the sofa, and took up a madam's att.i.tude again.

"Xiao Yu, how are you doing after all these years?" Just listening to her voice, Duan Rulan sounded like a sincere loving mother. She looked at Siyu and said affectionately, "I know, in your heart, you must be blaming mom. But at that time mom had no choice either. You were still a child at the time, you wouldn't understand the circ.u.mstances. With your dad's death, we didn't have a pillar to support the family. There were only two elders in their seventies, a widow, and her child. How could we go on? It was also for your good, that I found another way out. You see, now when mom's life is better, didn't I  come back to find you?" {T/N: Bulls.h.i.+t!!]

Duan Rulan said it 'sincerely' but when Siyu heard it, she only found it a joke.

For her good? Cut the c.r.a.p! In the manhua of 《Superstar Pampered Marriage》, the supporting female character Zhou Siyu's viciousness and craziness were partly caused by her family background. Her mother, Duan Rulan, was a girl from the countryside. She used to work in a factory. However, Duan Rulan was born with a good appearance, she was an outstanding beauty. For this reason, she was recommended to marry Zhou Siyu's father and became a full-time housewife.

The supporting female character's family wasn't well-off, but at least their basic necessities were covered. However, after Zhou Siyu was born, the family soon discovered that she was naturally frail and sickly.  Zhou Siyu basically grew up bathing in medicine. The money spent on medicine was like flowing water. The originally not-so-rich-family was quickly strapped for cash. In the end, Duan Rulan had no choice but to work as a waitress in a hotel to lighten the burden on the family.

At first, it wasn't that Duan Rulan did not take kindly to this daughter of hers. However, her sense of conceit was very strong. Whether it was leaving the countryside or marrying into a good family using her beautiful looks, it was all to make her life better. In the beginning, she still had tender affection for Zhou Siyu. Yet when she discovered that the family's savings vanished because it had been used to buy her daughter's medicine– thus not only was it no longer enough to fulfill her usual large-scale expense, she had to work hard every day to subsidize the family–, this woman who has to maintain her bright and beautiful appearance turned resentful.

She blamed this medical container of a daughter. She resented her husband for putting this daughter first and ignoring her. She hated that the family she married into was not rich enough. She felt that the end of her life could be seen at one glance. What good there was to have this kind of child at home?

In the first place, she married for the sake of improving her life. Now you want her to stay like this for the rest of her life? Not a chance!

At that time, Ji Lin's father, Ji Wenhan, came to have a business meeting and stayed in the hotel where Duan Rulan worked. Duan Rulan's beauty was outstanding. In the course of time, those two people hooked up together and Duan Rulan got pregnant. When Zhou Siyu's father pa.s.sed away in an accident, Duan Rulan resolutely abandoned this family and followed Jiang Wenhan to Jiang City. After giving birth to a son, she successfully rose up to the position of Madam Ji.

Duan Rulan became a rich madam as she wished for.  Because of this, Zhou Siyu's grandfather fell gravely ill in anger and finally departed from this world, leaving behind Zhou Siyu and her grandmother. They could only depend on each other for survival. The words from Duan Rulan's mouth sounded beautiful, she left for the sake of her daughter. However, almost twenty years have pa.s.sed since then, has Duan Rulan ever remembered that she still had a daughter?

Never! She was really enjoying her life as madam from a rich and powerful family, and wanted more than anything to bury her previous marriage into the soil.

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Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 10 Part1

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