Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 5 Part1

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Translated by: Riela_Rin
Proofread by: Daed

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Rong City's Lu family, it was a super family inside the setting of Siyu's original manhua.

Lu family history stretched over several hundred years and had a deep foundation. But, it was extremely low-profile to the public,  outsiders were hardly able to get a glimpse of the whole thing. Everyone only knew that the Lu family had an unshakable business kingdom but didn't know that they also had extensive connections in the military and political circles. All of the Lu family's children were wealthy and respectable people. It's unknown how many people want to show their faces in front of the Lu family.

It's just that in Siyu's 《Superstar Pampered Marriage》, Ji Lin was the male protagonist. So, the story also revolved around Ji Lin's journey in the entertainment circle. The matter about Lu family was merely something that she mentioned briefly and in the original work…. It was just background knowledge, nothing was developed in detail.

In recent years, the Lu family that was originally devoted towards business has started to quietly expand into the entertainment circle. The Xingfei Company that Ji Lin had signed with was bought by Huanyi, a new company backed by the Lu family.

Although Huanyi was a new company, it was being backed by the Lu family. At the very least, it didn't need to worry about money or connections. This suggestion from Yu Ling, actually made Siyu begin to consider the idea.

Siyu remembered, at that time the original body was inexperienced and was cheated by an unlicensed model company to sign an unfair five-year contract. Want to terminate the contract? Either work for the full five years and let the company exploit her enough, or compensate 30 million! Not even a cent less!

30 million! Siyu clicked her tongue. Where could she obtain so much money in such a short period? Unless she sold her body—— However, with her listless and sick appearance, no one would take a fancy.

Thinking of this, Siyu looked at Yu Ling and said with a sincere tone: "Ling-jie, I know you're doing it for my own good. Thank you, I will consider it. "

Yu Ling had thought that she would agree immediately. After all, this kind of good opportunity was not available every day. Jumping over to Huanyi was certainly better than staying with this small broken talent agency, right?

" Then, the audition for the MV….." Yu Ling asked.

" I'll think about it. " Siyu answered ambiguously.

Siyu was honestly embarra.s.sed to ask whether she was allowed to not go. In the original manhua, Ji Lin secretly arranged in this audition to give the female lead role to Zhou Siyu, knocking out several other strong compet.i.tors. One of the compet.i.tors was a member of a well-known female group. When the audition was over, this person posted several meaningful sentences on Weibo. All the fans were angry and continuously declaring that there was something shady about the audition.

Of course, this matter would not just die down like this if Zhou Siyu had done well in the shooting. However, she was an amateur and the shooting was a mess. Not only did it make people believe in the conjectures of " if she could get this opportunity with that kind of skill, she definitely got through using the back door", but also nearly ruining Ji Lin's highly antic.i.p.ated new alb.u.m.

When Ji Lin's fans saw that the MV for the cover song turned out to be like this, who would be fooled? The fans were naturally unwilling to blame their idol, so they unanimously pointed their finger at Zhou Siyu and cyber manhunt her. All the abuse fell on her alone.

In the end, it was Ji Lin who looked after his sister, proactively taking the blame. He suppressed the public opinion; thus, the disturbance was temporarily stopped. However, because Ji Lin's movement to protect Zhou Siyu was too obvious, everyone began to imagine the relations.h.i.+p between the two and there were all kinds of outrageous speculations. As a result, although on the surface the matter about the MV had pa.s.sed, Zhou Siyu was promptly blacklisted by Ji Lin's fans. From then on, they didn't take too kindly to her.

Zhou Siyu, who was originally sensitive and felt inferior. After this time, she started to resent Ji Lin, especially after knowing that Ji Lin was her half-brother; the huge difference between them drove her crazy….

Siyu sighed. She certainly couldn't let Yu Ling know about these things. She also didn't want to follow Zhou Siyu's old path. You've got to know that Ji Lin's female fans are crazy if you offended them….Don't even think about living well.

After they finished discussing, Siyu left Yu Ling's office and was thinking about taking the lift down. Who would have expected that as soon as the lift opened, she saw that there were already several people standing inside. Standing in the front of the group was a youth dressed in a punk outfit, wearing metal accessories, looking down at the phone he was playing on—— It was Ji Lin who had just finished filming an advertis.e.m.e.nt.

Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 5 Part1

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