Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 6 Part1

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Translated by: Riela_Rin
Proofread by: Daed

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After watching Ji Lin leave, Siyu didn't take his abnormality to heart and merely sighed with emotion: truly worthy of the son that she had "created", the light above Ji Lin's head was more dazzling than anyone she had seen so far. It was a type of crimson color that was approaching purple. Siyu had heard the saying of  "purple vapor from the east1". Hence, she had bold speculation…. could it be that these lights that she saw represented the fate of each individual?

The closer an aura was to the color red, like Ji Lin, the more prosperous that the individual is in life. Meanwhile, something like that wisp of grey she had seen on top of Yu Ling's head today represented this person's ill-fortune?

Siyu remembered about the scenes that flashed in her mind when she touched that wisp of grey that Yu Ling had. Her expression couldn't help but freeze.

That's right, if those images were an omen of the future, then Yu Ling's daughter…..

Siyu recalled that several conspicuous stores had appeared in that scene. She immediately looked the address up, hailed a taxi, and rushed over.

When she arrived at the destination, Siyu discovered that the place where "the accident" happened was the bustling road in the center of Jiang City. With waves of people and vehicles that came and went, the air quality of a densely crowded place was certainly not good. Siyu endured the suffocating feeling in her chest and searched around. But, she couldn't find that little girl with similar facial features to Yu Ling.

Instead, she only got dizzy after turning in a circle several times. Fortunately, after she realized that she would often vomit blood, she always had a stack of tissue in her bag when she went out. So while no one was looking, she calmly took out the tissues, quietly unfolded it to cover her mouth and vomited all the blood that had piled up in the pit of her stomach. After that, she felt a bit more clear-headed.

She was a little bit afraid of being found out vomiting blood in public, not to mention after this ordeal, an entire bag of tissues had to be discarded. Siyu secretly cleaned herself up. She looked for a bench at the side of the street and sat down, planning to wait idly for chances.

Although Siyu herself wasn't sure, she just had this hunch that Yu Ling's daughter will certainly meet with a mishap today. This kind of feeling couldn't be explained, yet since it concerned a little girl's life, Siyu thought it's better to give it a try. Otherwise, if that little girl really had an accident, she would regret it for life.

She waited just like this for the whole afternoon. Siyu's stomach wasn't good. It didn't matter in the previous life if she didn't eat her meals on time. Now, however, she honestly had to be punctual on eating her meals, or she would experience a continuous burst of pain. But she also feared that the accident would occur while she was gone. She could only bear the discomfort and continue to look for that little girl's figure among the crowd from the bench.

Her hard work paid off. Just as Siyu's body was about to reach its limit, she finally caught sight of that little girl out of the corner of her eye: just like the omen that Siyu had seen, the little girl carried a schoolbag on her back and was unconsciously being squeezed by the stream of people into the outer periphery of the sidewalk.

It's her! Siyu jumped up to her feet and gritted her teeth through her discomfort as she ran quickly towards the girl. She wanted to pull her away before the accident happened. Fortunately, there were less than thirty meters between them. Siyu quickly ran over. When she almost reached the girl's side, Siyu suddenly realized that she had missed something.

That's right, there's still that car that went out of control!

Siyu hastily turned around. As expected she found a pure black, seemingly low-key luxury car that was formerly driving perfectly straight. Somehow, the wheels suddenly skidded around. The entire car turned a ninety-degree angle and headed straight for the sidewalk and the direction of the collision happened to be the place where the little girl was currently standing.

There was a scream from the crowd, but it might be because the little girl was scared silly, for she stood there frozen in place. The crowd who scattered pushed her back and she fell onto the ground. She could only foolishly watch as the light of the car came closer and closer——     

At this moment, the little girl suddenly felt herself being embraced from behind by a somewhat cold arm.  The person who was hugging her threw herself [our hero Siyu] and rolled over several times while holding her, far away from the place she was just at. Then, a pair of cold hands covered the little girl's eyes, firmly blocking her panicked line of sight.

The moment they left that place, the luxury car immediately crashed straight into the lamp post. It's not difficult to imagine that if they didn't escape in time, the consequences would certainly be too dreadful to contemplate.

After taking the little girl away, Siyu breathed a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, she was able to make it in time….

Although the roll was very awkward, Siyu always cautiously protected the girl's head. She bore the full impact. Perhaps the position of the rolling was incorrect, over there they had just escaped from the jaws of death and over here, Siyu kept rolling and rolling. Her back collided against the roadside fence with a "boom". Siyu's body was originally fragile like gla.s.s. So, this one hit caused her to fall apart in pieces.

She momentarily couldn't hold back the tumult in her chest and coughed up blood non-stop. They were already safe, yet she looked worse than being hit by a car.

The little girl in Siyu's embrace was muddled. When she came back to her senses, she felt that the person behind her was coughing hard but the hand on her back was still gently soothing her. Unconsciously, the scared little girl held onto Siyu's clothes tightly and slowly found a little sense of security. The rim of her eyes was a bit red, but she didn't cry. On the contrary, she struggled to raise her hand and helped wipe off the red blood on the corner of Siyu's mouth.

" Jie-jie, I'll help you blow. Pain pain, go away….." The little girl opened her eyes wide and her childish face was solemn.

One big figure and one small figure snuggled together. Even though that scene just now was extremely dangerous, but now looking up, she merely felt a touch of warmth. Just right before the event, there were a couple who were bored and taking a video of themselves and their camera recorded the whole scene where Siyu grabbed the person from under the wheel. When Siyu and the little girl were carried into the ambulance, this video was posted by the little lovers on Weibo. In an instant, it was forwarded by thousands and not long after it advanced into the hot search.

1: A term for a propitious good omen

Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 6 Part1

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