The World We Do Not Know 117 Entrancing House Of Asura

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"Forgive me, your majesty! It is about the imperfect humanoid that we brought back after all these years. He is making good progress.!" The blind man notifies about the same humanoid that is known to escape out of the main country with the help of a doctor years ago.

The mortal that is continuing to receive praisings as a G.o.d in the realm of mortals. Elohim sits on the throne with his right hand supporting his chin while the other hand on the hand rest.

He is wearing a long gown of gold, a spirally spun gold strip, adorned with coronation robes which is also woven the same way with gold. On both his shoulders are chains from one end to another that hold his robe together.

"Well, well if it isn't for the best of my lord. Let the houses think that the soldier is that humanoid with an infinite amount of energy while we train the real one inside the palace in secret and make him our dog."

"He will be decisive to plunder the thirteenth dimension! And once we succeed, all the stones we will enough stones in our hands to keep our earth running for the next ten centuries wagagagaga." Ivor the royal advisor for Elohim comes forth from behind the throne with happy smiles he expresses his feelings freely.

Ivor turns back to Elohim to accept the words of praise from the G.o.d for his exceptional plans. But surprisingly he receives stares from Elohim who looks p.i.s.sed.

*"Huh? What is wrong? Did I say anything wrong? Why does my lord looks like he is ready to execute a royal advisor."* Ivor turns pale upon catching Elohim's piercing glares.

With a heavy sigh, Elohim settles himself in the throne adjusting his robe without getting it in between his legs. He looks a little old for a G.o.d as he hits mid-thirties a day ago. Thirty-six and the strongest mortal alive.

"Be it earth or any other dimension you are in, be it gold, wood or paper. The walls always have ears, Ivor. " Elohim explains to Ivor.

*"Dammit! I should have known better, I'm a useless adviser if I'm not even aware of my surroundings."* Ivor dramatically hides his face to show everyone how guilty he is. to may have leaked some important plans of his lord.

"Anyway, His name is Markos, Abraham. Stop calling him it or this. Even though he is a humanoid, he is like us." Elohim only shows his kind side to the people very close to him. One is his blind teacher who taught him life and the other is his close friend.

"And we are dealing with generals Ivor! They are considered as the most powerful in the world. We need better plans to keep Markos a secret. You are my friend so I have you as my adviser, Ivor. But please don't come up with any plans. Let me plan out everything accordingly." Elohim states out everything to Abraham, the old blind man from the retirement house and his friend/advisor Ivor.

"And I have heard about the fourteen-year-old soldier who defeated a general cla.s.s. It is not an easy feat to pull off, nor is the general a pushover. And also he uses a sword, a real one. So I want you to keep an eye on him as well." Elohim is the kind of person who keeps friends close and enemies closer.

The network that the people of G.o.d's Palace is so vast that they can keep an eye on each and every person of the world.


"Fausto! You are finally awake my boy, let's go party on this occasion." Fab yells with enthusiasm upon seeing Faust.

"Fab, we literally spoke to each other after I woke up. I just went to take a bath and here I am, it hasn't been days." Faust responds to the little over-enthusiastic Fab.

"Yes, but let's go to the party!"

"Whwhat party Fab?"

"Oh, Faust! you are out! here, take this attire and suit yourself. We have a medal ceremony to attend." Tsumugi ran into both Faust and Fab, hands Faust his military ceremony clothes to get ready for the awards.

"Oh, it is not done yet? So we did not give Auntie her previous leader position yet?" Faust asks in curiosity/

"Of Course not, we denied receiving medals without our captain. And without the winning team, they cannot really hold a ceremony so they had to wait till you are back from your nap." Fab explains to him what has happened.

Faust realizes that it is rather important and heads to change his clothes. Once everyone is ready, Tsumugi and her family head towards the main building for the ceremony.

Faust wears a white long sleeve s.h.i.+rt tucked into black pants with red stripes on the side, a black coat on the s.h.i.+rt which is up to his waist. And a black cape up to his feet. The right side of the cape is b.u.t.toned on the right shoulder, exposing his right arm. While the cape on the left arm is b.u.t.toned below his collar. The j.a.panese kanji word for 'Ashura' is printed on the left side of his cape and

He is wearing knee-length black shoes that tightly gripped his calves. The other members of his squad are wearing the same clothes without a cape. Tsumugi is wearing a figure-hugging, sparkling mini dress with long sleeves while her husband is wearing a tuxedo.

"Wow, we came to the main building in the morning and noon but what is this? Is it this pretty at night?" Faust is in amazement upon seeing the main building. The main building is lighted with many colours and the full moon glittering in cantaloupe behind the palace-like building.

From twenty-feet to the building, a red carpet welcomes you that goes all the way inside the building. Thin wooden pillars are planted on both sides of the carpet and small lights connect the tinder on both sides which becomes a roof made with lights that glow in yellow and green.

The texture of the red carpet also seems different. Every step you take, the carpet glows in bright red under your feet.

The main building is tall with four floors. The founder of the house Ashura comes from j.a.panese inheritance, whereas his wife, mother of Lady Tsumugi comes from a Spanish background.

The house is a mix of both cultures, The main building is a combination of three buildings in reverse 'U' shape. A sakura blossom tree present in the middle of all three buildings, which is again wrapped in small led lights that glow in yellow, blue and green.

In front of the main building, three wooden fire torches are glowing in red as the ember is burning brightly. Two more torches on each side of the entrance in front of the main door. One torch is placed on top of the whole building as the torch of Olympus.

The World We Do Not Know 117 Entrancing House Of Asura

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