After Being Approached By His Son's Dad Chapter 7 Part1

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After Mo Yunqi left, Gu Jiaming couldn't sleep. He didn't know why. Mo Yunqi going to the doctor made him inexplicably care a little bit.

Human beings are very fragile, and their lives are about a hundred years old. A serious illness or a natural disaster will probably kill them. If something happened to Mo Yunqi, how could he pay off his debts? Was it to find his reincarnation? Also after reincarnation, it was not Mo Yunqi.

If Mo Yunqi with terminally ill life was coming to an end, if Mo Yunqi accidentally droves a car, if Mo Yunqi … Gu Jiaming holding his head, couldn't think!

This uncontrollable emotion he felt on Mo Yunqi's body five years ago, and now he felt it again. He still didn't understand. Why were human emotions so complicated?


Shaking his head to shake this idea out, he logged in to Weibo again. It had been two days since he last spoke. The fans obviously already knew that he was irregular on Weibo. Sometimes he did not post a Weibo for more than ten days, so all left a message under his latest Weibo, 'You can summon the male G.o.d by gathering seven fathers! Zheng Xueshao, Zheng Xueshao, Zheng Xueshao … Seven times!'

Gu Jiaming opened comments and read it. There were hundreds of thousands of comments, each of which was seven times Zheng Xueshao. The fans wished they could be transformed into little devil, holding the fork and dragging the agent out, let him surrender their male G.o.d fiercely!

Based on past experience, Zheng Xueshao pretends to die.

Fan, 'Don't start with I can't hide from you. I don't know you are at home! Zheng Xueshao x7!

Gu Jiaming clicked a row of like next to Zheng Xueshao's fear of comments. Later, the photos from the dinner were posted on Weibo. Actors who could not be cooks were not good fairies. Gu Jiaming was very satisfied with his cooking skills. After pa.s.sing it on, he also matched a very homely Chinese greeting, 'Did you eat it?'

Fans returned in seconds, three pounds of tea bags: 'ah ah ah ah ah! Appeared! Summon the male G.o.d success!'

The air is still good in the mountains v reply: 'The next time we gather eight fathers Zheng, it may be faster.'

I'm just a tedeep-brain-small-faced powder: 'who wants to see your dishes! We want to see you! Look at you! Look at you!'

The air is still good in the mountains v reply: 'No show.'

Tea brother brain powder: 'Obviously you can rely on your face to eat, but you have to rely on talent. Now not only talented but also cooking. Male G.o.d you are so good. How do you let others live?'

The air is still good in the mountains v reply: 'People cannot eat by their faces. They have to eat by their mouths.'

Jiaming Film Fan Support Club: 'Is it just me who finds two pairs of chopsticks? Tell us quickly who is the person who eats with you!'

The air is still good in the mountains v Reply: 'My family.'

Gu Jiaming's reply immediately aroused the enthusiasm of the fans, and they were all howled by Gu Jiaming's upright chat style: 'I haven't seen our tea brother's chat skills for a few days.'

Anyway, in the eyes of fans, Gu Jiaming was handsome in everything he did. Of course, some people said that Gu Jiaming was pure, and the entertainment industry was a big dyeing tank. It had been so simple for several years, and it was absolutely pure.

However, the person who said such a word was torn into pieces by Gu Jiaming's fans in a matter of minutes.

Gu Jiaming interacted with the fans for a while. Mo Zeyang had fallen asleep in his arms. At this time, Zheng Xueshao's phone call came in. Gu Jiaming covered Mo Zeyang with a quilt. He walked out of the bedroom lightly and closed the door before answering. He lowered his voice and asked, "Is there something wrong?”

“Yes!” Zheng Xueshao was furious at him. 

“What's wrong with your picture?” 

"What's going on?” Gu Jiaming was innocent. "It's what you said. It's okay to take photos and interact with fans.” After the photo was posted, he was unhappy, huh! A fickle middle-aged two feet beast!

“I asked you to post a photo. You also have to check that there are no problems before sending it out. What happened to the two pairs of chopsticks? You …” Zheng Shao lowered his voice, “Have your ex-husband left?”

"The ex-husband is a ghost!" Gu Jiaming grabbed the gla.s.s with anger, and for a moment did not control, scratched a scratch on the gla.s.s, “I was not married at all!”

“Well, let's not say this,” Zheng Xueshao took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He reminded him carefully, “You eat at home at night, but you have two pairs of chopsticks. It's easy to make people think more. Your current career is on the rise. It is important to maintain your image. What if the negative news comes out and is used hype? Taking a step back, the news of your hidden marriage and having a child is also difficult to handle.” 

Gu Jiaming seriously asked, "Brother Shao, if one day my son's incident is exposed, will you not let me recognize him?”

Zheng Xueshao was silent. He did have such a thought.

“I'm sorry. No matter what, I will not deny him. I will ruin my career.” Gu Jiaming's tone was calm. His quiet voice hesitated in the night, a little bit more alienation and coolness, “I have no loved ones, no concerns, I only have him.” 

The atmosphere cooled down instantly. Gu Jia pursed his lips and waited for the other party's reply without saying a word. His att.i.tude had shown that he would never compromise.

After the opposite person was silent for more than ten seconds, he finally sighed, and said helplessly, “Okay, I understand. I will make preparations in advance at the public relations office. By the way, I have already asked someone to write the contract you want. I'll send it to you tomorrow. “

After Being Approached By His Son's Dad Chapter 7 Part1

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