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"Ugh...!" Zhen s.h.i.+ groaned as he hurriedly stood up in confusion. For a moment he even wondered if everything had been a dream... But then he looked around the empty pavilion with only the green pill cauldron, the pitch-black furnace, the blacksmithing items, and skill books. Throwing aside his idiotic thought and noticing nothing new, he then looked at the sky through the central garden. He noted the waning moon half covered by clouds and bathing the garden in pale silvery light. The dreary lonesome sight of the moonlit garden and the trickling stream created a strange sort of calmness, causing Zhen s.h.i.+ to feel as if he had missed something important. Thus he couldn't help but feel stifled...

Shaking off these feelings he was just about to call out for Myne and Vivienne when...


A loud shout from just behind him. He wasn't expecting it and was rather surprised. But he had always prided himself in acting calm. So he calmly turned around while saying, "h.e.l.lo Bro Myne! What did you just say? Is that some sort of ????? ?????????" with a confident grin. After all, he had instantly used his spiritual energy rather carefully to detect the person behind him.

Myne scowled as he spoke up, "Night greeting my a.s.s! Do you have the reflexes of a dead snail? Shouldn't you have been surprised?" Zhen s.h.i.+ innocently answered, "How could I be surprised by my own brother?" Myne shook his head his scowl worsening. But... he grinned and suddenly threw two bags at Zhen s.h.i.+ with great speed; one after the other.

It was Zhen s.h.i.+'s turn to shake his head as he calmly reached out with his hands covered in draconic scales and vermillion feathers.

Boom! Boom!

A small explosion sounded out sending waves of air throughout the pavilion causing the plants in the garden to shuffle about. Zhen s.h.i.+ was awestruck as he had been pushed back and he now had one step in the garden. Still, he calmly put down the two bags while transforming his hands back to normal. He was rather curious with regard to the content and so glanced questioningly at Myne.

Myne grinned in satisfaction as he pointed at one while speaking, " Well... That is a bag of books with basically all the techniques Vivienne taught you. She asked me to bring them to you. But surprisingly she also put in a book on herbology. So I was forced to do the same and you'll find a book on mineralogy as well." He then pointed to another bag, "That contains all the pill refining ingredients she bought from the market hall."

Zhen s.h.i.+ nodded absently as he was now admiring this huge collection of books. Myne grinned as he noticed that familiar glint in Zhen s.h.i.+'s eye. Still, he spoke out, "So I suppose you don't need this other thing she asked me to give you?" Zhen s.h.i.+ hurriedly changed his focus while turning to look at Myne. He beamed an innocent smile...

Myne scowled and brought out a small pouch with familiar symbols on it which Zhen s.h.i.+ recognized as engraved formation talismans. But before Zhen s.h.i.+ could appraise it Myne spoke out in answer, "So this is a spatial treasure made by yours truly. Like any other spatial treasure, it is not possible to store living creatures within the treasure. But you can store anything which is not living and kicking. That means corpses are acceptable as long as you don't exceed the s.p.a.ce limit. This is a spare I had but," patting his chest proudly he continued, "It contains as much s.p.a.ce as this entire Island and comes with an added bonus of slowing downtime to a millionth of ordinary time! After all, this was something I made before being sealed in that valley."

Zhen s.h.i.+'s eyes widened as he considered the value of this treasure. Myne nodded in agreement and pride while saying, "Indeed. This is a treasure that would be used by sovereign cla.s.s individuals!" But he frowned while continuing, "Thus treasures like this are extremely dangerous for even law level cultivators. So I have engraved great amounts of hiding formations and undetectable materials." But Zhen s.h.i.+ frowned as he could easily appraise this item with his skill and so asked, "But I couldn't detect any treasure on Vivienne while I can detect this very easily?"

Myne laughed proudly while speaking, "That is due to one of my cleverest creations! You know how swords have scabbards, blades have sheaths, bows have quivers and so on? Based on that same principle I made another bag with the strict purpose of sheathing the spatial bag and hiding its nature," while bringing out a rather ordinary-looking slightly large leather pouch. Noticing Zhen s.h.i.+'s face of disbelief he spoke out confidently, "I have confirmed through tests that even my bag, which is of an even higher grade, will remain hidden even in front of immortals!"

Zhen s.h.i.+ was impressed at this claim but couldn't help but be intrigued and ask, "So... testing on immortals? Sounds like a pretty interesting tale...? Especially with you thrown into the mix?" Myne grimaced and muttered, "Bah! Do you want this or not?" That got Zhen s.h.i.+ to shut up as he hurriedly nodded innocently. Myne handed out the two bags which Zhen s.h.i.+ immediately connected on to his belt with the spatial pouch within the more ordinary leather pouch.

Myne nodded in agreement and spoke out with a happy grin, "So I don't know why Vivienne wanted me to give you that, especially when I figured you already have a spatial treasure." This got Zhen s.h.i.+ to grimace and almost blame a 'certain someone'. But almost immediately Myne continued speaking, "Either way Vivienne now owes me a favor. I can turn it in for literally anything! Thanks a lot, bro... You're the best wingman!" while clapping Zhen s.h.i.+'s back in happiness. However, Zhen s.h.i.+ didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Ignoring Zhen s.h.i.+, Myne continued speaking rather seriously, "Vivienne is still contemplating about what just happened, but she'll probably be fine by tomorrow. As for those runes... it's better if we know less about them." He turned to Zhen s.h.i.+, "Based on the entire event why do you think we fainted?" Zhen s.h.i.+ paused for a moment and answered, "Well its rather obvious that the fainting was due to complete exhaustion of our minds and spiritual energy. I think the total spiritual exhaustion is linked with the knowledge of its meaning. Vivienne was familiar with the rune but had had no problems before. She only collapsed after I told her it's meaning. And I already knew the meaning, so my collapse also aligns with that conclusion. While it makes sense, I can't be sure of it..."

Myne nodded and spoke, "Yes. That makes the most sense because many counterfeiters used to copy Nimue's symbol, back then, quite easily with no problems, which I also believe has some meaning?" while looking at Zhen s.h.i.+ for an answer. Zhen s.h.i.+ nodded and said, "Yes. That rune means..." But Myne hurriedly shushed him and spoke out, "Shut up idiot kid. For now, the less we know about these runes the better." Zhen s.h.i.+ nodded saying, "Fine. But I still feel that the conclusion is half-baked. We'll need more evidence."

Myne shook his head in disagreement and spoke out, "No, I'm sure of it. I've tried copying Nimue's symbol myself and I was completely fine back then. But I fainted as well when I copied Vivienne's rune after I learned it's meaning." Zhen s.h.i.+ gaped. He laughed out loud while saying, "Wait the great mage fainted as well? Why did you join us when you knew what'd happen? Were you feeling lonely? This is too hilarious..."

Myne grimaced as he shouted, "Shut up. At least I woke up before you."

Still, Zhen s.h.i.+ struggled to stop laughing. And when he finally did, he suddenly spoke out with his eyes glowing, "Myne. Did you wake up before or after Vivienne?" Myne who was curious answered immediately, "Before her." Zhen s.h.i.+ nodded wisely and said, "Okay. Then we have two possible reasons for that. I believe you are more powerful than Vivienne. So either the person who was stronger, that is you," pointing at Myne, "woke up sooner or the person with the least understanding of the rune, that is also you," pointing at Myne again, "was affected less by spiritual exhaustion and so woke up sooner. And It's obvious the actual reason was the latter," finis.h.i.+ng with a victorious grin.

Myne grimaced and spoke up, "I disagree. Its obviously because I'm more powerful. Don't get a full head just because you know some symbols." Zhen s.h.i.+ laughed out loud and answered while wagging his index finger at Myne's face, "For some reason, I feel that your input regarding that matter is biased." Myne laughed as well while saying, "Well I feel that your input is biased as well!"

Zhen s.h.i.+ grimaced as it was the truth, and so decided to change the topic, "Wait... I also saw a similar rune on the talisman of a girl, her name was Sun Rou," and quickly explained the basic situation he had experienced.

With the change of topic, Myne couldn't be happier as well, so he muttered while in thought, "Well I obviously don't know this Sun Rou..." and shook his head saying, "And I don't know this Saint Sun Soul either. Do you remember anything else?" Zhen s.h.i.+ paused in thought and answered, "Oh yes, her father is the city lord of Solingrad city!" Myne's eyes glowed in remembrance as he spoke up, "Solingrad! But it's in the far reaches of the northern Ice Lands. And in my time it was one of the most powerful warbands in the Ice Lands. I suppose they must've established the city later... Still, I'm surprised that you're so well-traveled."

Zhen s.h.i.+ shook his head, "Nope. I met Tsun Rou and that Saint Earth face close by. But they teleported away..."

Myne couldn't help but laugh at 'Earth face', but he suddenly gaped and spoke, "Teleported? This 'earth face' must have only been this City Lord's incarnation... And still, being able to teleport? He must've been injured while being close to the sovereign level, at least... Even I couldn't teleport us to Solingrad. Still, I wonder why he left that soul transformation idiot of that Xue Yue clan alive. He blatantly insulted this Earth faced city lord... but was still allowed to live?" His eyes glowed in sudden understanding and he spoke with a knowing grin, "Let me guess, were you playing around with his daughter? He must've been unhappy and so decided to let you die!"

Zhen s.h.i.+ grimaced and shouted, "f.u.c.k! So I was right to be angry at that f.u.c.king earth face! He isn't any Saint, he is a demon. In fact, I think Earth Face is too kind. He will be known as Mud face from now on." Myne laughed out in agreement and said, "Well, anyway let the matter of the runes rest for the moment," while turning around. "I'm going to try to appease Vivienne and you should practice," he muttered while waving his hand.

But Zhen s.h.i.+ hurriedly shouted, "Wait! I have to give a night greeting to your a.s.s... " He looked at Myne's bottom and shouted, "BOO!"

And while Myne was turning around with a scowl on his face, Zhen s.h.i.+ spoke amidst laughter, "Alright then, I night greeted you. So you can leave now."

Myne shook his head and shouted, "f.u.c.k you kid! I was going to help you but you can forget it now! Good luck on mastering anything when both of us used our best techniques in one go and you fainted immediately after!" Myne grinned in satisfaction and walked away like a boss.

It was now Zhen s.h.i.+'s turn to shake his head. Idiot great mage! That's where you're wrong because I have a perfect memory skill, courtesy of the BEST system in the world!

System: "..."


With the moonlight to keep him company Zhen s.h.i.+ sat down in the lotus position and got to work. Zhen s.h.i.+ had already bound the spatial pouch and so lightly pa.s.sed his hand over the bags of ingredients. They disappeared immediately and Zhen s.h.i.+ excitedly focused his spiritual energy on the spatial pouch. He could sense a vast and empty land with only two bags in it. He could easily sense all the ingredients and items within them and could just as easily bring them back.

He suddenly remembered the piece of clay he had received from that old man with the strong but unhygienic teeth. He took it out from his ordinary bag and carefully observed it. He tried to send in qi, spiritual energy, all of the elemental energy he could control, but nothing. In the end, he gave up. He figured that since this was a treasure related to the primordial chaos in his dantian, it should be examined later when he could control the spatial chaos. So he sent it into a separate corner in the spatial pouch island.

He quickly forgot of that failure as he opened up the bag of books and neatly cla.s.sified all of them into two piles; for alchemy and blacksmithing. But just before he started to read he felt that some music might liven up the place. So he quickly brought out the divine boombox and rather lazily just hit play. So the previously played traditional Chinese music gracefully spread out within the pavilion. The moonlit garden and the peaceful music created a magical atmosphere and Zhen s.h.i.+ felt his mind relax.

Now with a soundtrack to keep him company, Zhen s.h.i.+ decided to start with blacksmithing first. He opened up the books. With the help of the system, he was able to quickly learn the skills and , but of course, he was nowhere close to mastering them. And just as easily he learned the unnamed skill of taming the furnace spirit, which was named by the system as .

Zhen s.h.i.+ then got to work on reading the books on mineralogy and formations. He quickly finished up the mineralogy book as he was familiar with all the materials due to the system's skill book. But it was still rather helpful as he got to learn alternatives for the mentioned ingredients and their uses in-depth.

However, the art of formations was a problem. While he finished that book within half an hour, he was unable to set up even the simplest formation and could only condense one formation talisman. But he did sense a strange sort of familiarity with the concept of formations and realized he could probably master the first formation within a few hours of practice. However, he was torn between that and reading the rest of the books. If others got to here his thoughts they would vomit blood for hours.

Suddenly Zhen s.h.i.+ remembered the spiritual incarnation he had left within the planet in his dantian. So he closed his eyes and entered into a meditative trance connecting with his spirit on the planet within the primordial chaos. Now within the planet, he surveyed his surroundings. It had only been one day since he had left the spirit, so there were no new discoveries. On the other hand, the spirit had attempted to cultivate. Strangely there was no visible progress but Zhen s.h.i.+ felt he had gained some understanding with regards to the spirit.

He now got the spirit to attempt the condensing of formation talismans. Amazingly the spirit Zhen s.h.i.+ was able to condense two formation talismans on the first attempt. However, this was not sufficient to form the most basic formation which required three talismans. So Zhen s.h.i.+ left the spiritual incarnation letting master the art of formations and condense more formation talismans.

Back in the pavilion he happily opened up the books on alchemy. And just as before he quickly read the skill books. And he was quickly able to learn . He now turned to the book on herbology which was also finished rather quickly due to his familiarity with the subject.

He had now finished reading all of the books and had learned all of the skills in under three hours. Zhen s.h.i.+ happily looked up at the waning moon and the starlit sky trying to find any familiar constellation in a moment of distraction. Having failed to do so he grinned to himself and got back to work. Since he was unable to complete a formation, he was unable to form a properly graded weapon. So he decided to refine a pill. He put the light green pill cauldron in front of him while admiring the lively engraving of the trees and vines.

He flicked his fingers instantly causing the light green furnace to be enshrouded in the crimson lively flames of the Vermillion bird. The Undying nature of the flame and the life aether of the pill cauldron resonated sending out a small wave of life qi. The plants in the garden seemed to come to life as they wriggled about in ecstasy as the life qi pa.s.sed over them. The crimson red flame dulled a bit giving a brick brown color, but was livelier than ever.

With another wave of his hands, he brought out the same ingredients that Vivienne had used. He threw them into the flame and began to heat them with the brown flame. He came quite close to failing and burning the ingredients but didn't, due to the life cauldron enhanced Undying flame which gave the ingredients another chance at survival.

With a sigh of relief, Zhen s.h.i.+ separated the ingredient husks and the ingredient essences. Still, he was sure that he had been unable to extract the maximum essence from the ingredients. With a dissatisfied wave of his hand, he attempted to combine the ingredient essences. But he messed up the timing and the ingredient ratio was also unbalanced...


In a cloud of black smoke, the ingredient essences were burned up. Even the undying flame was helpless to stop this from happening. Zhen s.h.i.+ coughed while waving his hand to brush away the smoke.

Moments later Zhen s.h.i.+ gritted his teeth in determination as he started to repeat the refining process.


Moments later... Poof!
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One step away from success...Poof!

He kept messing up the proper combination of the ingredient essences to form the pill embryo. Zhen s.h.i.+ contemplated for a moment and canceled the Undying Flames. He manifested a simple flame of qi which burned brighter and hotter due to his fiery spiritual root. He started to melt the ingredients into essence. Moments later he burned up one due to improper flame control.

Zhen s.h.i.+ grinned as he had figured out the problem. Pill refining was a connected process... Since he was unable to extract the essences by himself, using the Undying flame to cheat past that stage a.s.sured his failure in the next stage. He resolutely replaced the burnt up ingredient with a fresh one. Still, this was going to be a long night...

Godly Otaku System 26 Poof! Poof!

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