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A girl! 

Third member of the team wasn't some 'Joe three', nor was it some random Tom, d.i.c.k or Harry. It was a girl, a beautiful girl. Upon looking at her face, Alexander didn't even blinked his eyes.

The girl's eyes were locked onto Alexander in a similar manner. Seemingly, the world around them froze for a moment before a wave wind blew past them, bringing a wave of leaves between them, cutting off their locked visions.

Alexander and the girl, gained back their senses and hastily moved a step back and turned their faces away, avoiding any further eye contact.

They both put on a cold, expressionless mask on their face, hiding away their true feelings and expressions. The leaves settled down, clearing the gap between them. But it was a dead silence after that.

Jacob, Joe one, and Joe two noticed the strangeness in the atmosphere. Jacob in particular noticed the cold and desolate expressions of Alexander and the girl and found it odd. 'Aren't they looking like a couple in a cold war?' He thought and frowned.

"Brother Alexander, let me introduce you to the rest of the team members." Jacob changed his expression and smiled, trying to divert the attention of everyone. He patted the shoulders of Alexander and then signalled towards 'Joe one'.

"He is named Joe, from the computer engineering branch of the Academy. He's a good shooter and has won many prizes." 

Alexander listened to the introduction and nodded a bit but inwardly, he was cursing, 'What the f**k? Even his parents named him Joe. Aren't they too lazy?' But again, he didn't utter a word.

Jacob continued with the introduction and gestured towards the next guy, "This brother is known as Doe. He's Joe's twin brother and likewise he's also from the Computer Engineering Branch."

'Ah… s.h.i.+et! Where are their lazy parents? Bring them to me! They named one, Joe, and the other one, Doe! Were they shocked after getting twin centuries after a single match?' Alexander again nodded, but this time he smiled a bit. He didn't want to make the situation of the team bad, so he needed to show some respect to them, even if he didn't like talking to people.

Now was the time for the introduction of the most interesting figure here. The girl who captured the attention of Alexander even if she wasn't as beautiful as Hazel. What caught Alexander's attention wasn't some breathtaking beautiful face or some extremely hot busty body, infact the girl in front wasn't revealing her figure at all, her long oversized black coat was covering her up from shoulders to knees. It was her pitch black eyes that attracted him.

There was something inside her eyes that was calling him, as if he was being called by an old friend. While her gaze was locked onto him, he was constantly getting this feeling of familiarity from her, but he hadn't seen her at all. Neither her face, nor her dressing style was in the memories of both the Alexanders.

He let out a sigh, 'Must be some kind hallucination. Maybe I am under too much stress.'

"The beautiful lady standing infront of us is a 4th year student from the Business Studies Department of the Academy. But, that's not her domain of excellence. She's a top fighter in the academy, even better than those students in the Combat Department!" Jacob introduced her excitedly and his eyes were glowing as he was speaking. She was one of his idols. And now he's on the same team as her, how can he not be excited?

He paused for a while and took in a deep breath, "Remember her, she'll be the winner of the Inter-Department Rus.h.!.+ She is… Isabella Davis."

"Huh? Is she your sister?" Alexander was shocked, he squinted his eyes and asked. The girl's family name was the same as Jacob's.

'Is she, his cousin? As far as I know, Jacob doesn't have any siblings. Was this sense of familiarity due to her being Jacob's cousin? That must be it!' A series of questions and thoughts appeared in his mind. 


"No, I am not her sister or in any way related to him." Before Jacob can finish saying anything, Isabella spoke first, denying any relations.h.i.+p with him.

Throne Of World 73 Ch 73 | Isabella Davis

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