The Cardboard Explorer 85 Chapter 85

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The Boarman world dungeon had now turned to thousands of floating islands. Some of the islands were huge and some of them were small.

The floating island did not move around and it stayed motionless at their current position. Floating islands in a fantasy world were moving around most of the time but the floating islands in front of Cade's eyes were glued to their position.

If someone stood on one of the floating islands without viewing other floating islands, they would feel that the islands stood there randomly.

However, if they saw the other floating islands around them, they would be able to see that the floating islands were making something as their center of gravity.

"They are pointing at that thing," said Cade while he was looking down. He realized that the floating islands were orbiting something and saw a single floating island with a huge orb floating above it.

"That orb, is it the main core?" Suddenly, a voice came from behind Cade. He looked behind him and it was Rico with Jonathan and s.h.i.+hoon following behind him.

"Probably. We are too far from it so our map cannot detect it," said Cade while he was staring at the orb.

"So, the main core we are targeting all this time is the planet's core?" said s.h.i.+hoon while he took out his spare camera from his storage and started taking pictures of the supposedly main core.

"Planet's core did not look like a mega huge pearl," said Cade trying to say that the planet's core was entirely different compared to the main core they saw.

"I know that but we are in the age of magic so, we should expect something like this. And it is totally obvious that the main core is the planet's core because the floating islands are circling the core," said s.h.i.+hoon and he snorted.

"Should we go there now? We should not be delaying destroying the main core," said Jonathan who wanted to destroy the main core fast as he did not want to waste more time.

While they were talking with each other, Rico drew his bow and an arrow of ice form. With great focus and precision, Rico shot the arrow towards the supposedly main core.

Cade, Jonathan, and s.h.i.+hoon were surprised to see a cyan colored projectile flew towards the main core and they all looked at Rico.

"I agree with Jonathan. We should take action now but it is better to test the situation first. As everyone knows, this is the main core we are talking about and I doubt that it will be free like this," explained Rico.

Rico looked at the main core and continued talking, "The accompanying core was guarded by the Boarman and I am sure that the Boarman is guarding this main core too. However, we are too far from the core and we cannot see clearly if the Boarman is guarding the core."

"Then, will your arrow reach the core? We are too far from it anyway," said s.h.i.+hoon while he was listening to Rico as well as busying himself taking pictures of the main core.

"It will. I am worried about the island below the main core. I think there are Boarman there but we cannot see everything from here because the main core is blocking our view," said Rico while he squinted his eyes to see the island below the main core.

"Let's move there now," said Jonathan and he wanted to jump and reach the main core with the gravity emitted from the main core.

However, s.h.i.+hoon held Jonathan's shoulder and stopped him from jumping. "Don't rush. What he said is right. We need to be careful," said s.h.i.+hoon while he stared at Jonathan.

As the oldest there among the four of them, he needed to think everything maturely and he agreed with Rico. "Let's gather everyone in the camp and we will attack the main core together," said s.h.i.+hoon.

Jonathan glanced at s.h.i.+hoon and he decided to follow his suggestion. Rus.h.i.+ng would not help them at all. As they were busy talking, the ice arrow reached the main core and to everyone's surprise, it hit accurately on the main core.

"What the?" Rico was shocked as he was sure that the Boarman would block the attack. However, there was no sign that someone was blocking the attack.

"Could it be that we already kill all the Boarman?" said s.h.i.+hoon because he was shocked too. The main core was the most important thing in the world dungeon but no one was guarding the main core.

"What should we do now?" asked Jonathan while he looked at s.h.i.+hoon and Rico. Rico was already drawing his bow one more time to shoot the main core.

However, before he could shoot another ice arrow, something flew out of the floating islands below the main core towards a floating island nearby.

"What is that?" thought Rico and others who saw it. That flying thing was green and whirling towards the nearby floating island.

"I will tell everyone to prepare. I think that is the Boarman guarding the main core," said s.h.i.+hoon while he went back to everyone and explained the situation.
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"That green whirling thing must be a skill of a Boarman. Another variant," said Cade while he observed the green whirl.

"It looks weak-" before Jonathan could continue, the green whirl reached an island and to everyone's surprise, it tore the island to pieces immediately. The floating island was destroyed.

They felt chill to their spine and Rico screamed, "Everyone! Prepare yourself immediately! If you don't want to fight, run! This new Boarman is strong!"

Everyone in the camp looked at Rico and upon hearing what Rico said, they got extremely scared. "Rico, you should not say that to them. It will freak them more," said Cade as he thought that what Rico did was wrong.

"We cannot let them stay idle and they need to decide if they want to fight or run away. You saw yourself how strong the enemy is. Something that could destroy a huge thing like that island instantly is extremely dangerous," said Rico with a serious face.

"But still, you can see that they are freaking out now. You should not scream like that," said Cade.

"Guys, stop fighting. A second island destroyed," said Jonathan trying to stop Cade and Rico arguing.

However, both of them did not hear Jonathan and kept arguing. "This is the first time I see Cade raising his voice like that," thought Jonathan while looking at Cade and Rico.

Both of them were in a heated argument when suddenly, Rico felt his heart beating fast and he realized that Cade was currently really strong and it started affecting him.

"I need to stop arguing with Cade or else this stupid feeling will affect me," thought Rico and he stopped talking while he patted his chest to calm his feeling though it depended on Cade.

Looking at Rico refrained himself from arguing with him, Cade also stopped and he calmed down. At the same time, Rico's feeling calmed too. "Phew…" Rico felt relieved.

"We are really connected by something," thought Rico while he glanced at Cade.

"You guys are immature. There is no need to argue like that," s.h.i.+hoon walked towards them with few people following behind him.

"These guys want to fight and the others get scared and decide to stay out of this fight," said s.h.i.+hoon. He stopped for a few seconds and continued, "With this many people, our chance to win this fight is low," said s.h.i.+hoon.

"We are not going to fight that thing. Let's focus on destroying the main core," said Rico and he continued, "Our mission is the main core, not the Boarman."

"What you said sounds ideal but do you think that thing will let us easily destroy the core? Besides that, I think the main core will be hard to destroy too. It must have been hard…" said s.h.i.+hoon and he immediately stopped when he felt a strong surge of mana.

Not only him, Cade, Jonathan, Rico and others on the island too. They all went to the edge of the island and they saw on one of the floating islands, mana was concentrated there.

Cade and Rico immediately knew who the mana belonged to. "Ben is fighting the green thing," said Rico and then, they could see and feel explosions happening on that island.

"Ben? Someone you know?" asked s.h.i.+hoon curious because he never felt something like that. The mana emitted by Ben was different than the mana he usually felt from other people. Not only him, but Jonathan was also curious too.

"He is the one with bloodline awakening. According to Cade, he will be the key to our survival in this world dungeon," said Rico. Cade wanted to say something but he stopped because he felt the time was not suitable.

"That is why I feel my blood is boiling," said Jonathan as he was someone with the bloodline power, he could feel a bit of connection with Ben's power. Not only him, Rico and Cade could feel the same too.

"Let's let him deal with that green thing. We should focus on the main core," said s.h.i.+hoon and everyone agreed.

The Cardboard Explorer 85 Chapter 85

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