Nightmare's Call 523 Awakening: Part 2

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After the Lin husband and wife left, in the bedroom on the first floor, Lin Xiao sat silently in front of the dressing table, holding a brow pencil, gazing at herself in the mirror-like a statue.

"Didn't you worry about your younger brother's safety as he studies abroad? Powerless people could only groan and bear it. This is your sad reality." 

A tempting voice of a female rang in Lin Xiao's ears.

"You have seen for yourself in school when monsters attacked the students, their lives were just as fragile as flowers, withering with just the snap of their stems. How vulnerable! Your parents, your younger brother, your teachers and cla.s.smates—everyone is vulnerable. Without the power to protect yourself, you can only live in extreme insecurity. You can protect yourself or resist."

"What are you?" asked Lin Xiao calmly.

She felt scared the first time she heard the voice. After a few times and knowing more, the fear had gone and was followed by an irresistible temptation.

She wanted power more than anything else—the power to protect her family, friends, teachers, and cla.s.smates. She did not want the tragedies that she had seen happen to herself. But wishes were only wishes. She had tried but found no ways and means to get the power. But now she seemed to have a fresh opportunity.

"I am you..." The demon-like female voice still resounded in her ears. "...and you are me. We are one. Break the chain and discard your worries. Relax and obtain your freedom… then you will find ma.s.sive power that you could never imagine. Come, accept me…"

Following the temptation, Lin Sheng's eyes in the mirror turned pale fuchsia gradually. Purple lines appeared around her eyes, like tattoos, living creatures, rapidly spreading across her face.

In the surrounding air, dark power that looked like bundles of silk appeared. This primordial power was neutral in itself, existing everywhere in the universe, formless and invisible.

The dark power began to gather and condense rapidly around Lin Xiao. The surging dark power gathered and attracted a ma.s.sive cloud of gray gas in the sky above Lin Sheng's home. As the gas built up, it formed into dark clouds in the sky. Thunder and lightning started to dance in the clouds, the sky dimming with rain looming.

"It has started!"

In the courtyard next door, Hanyu and Nisse got to their feet. They were wearing a special protective suit to block off the corrosion of the dark power.

"Dark power is a branch of Chaotic Power in nature. It is highly corrosive and will devour any ordinary human who comes into contact with it, turning them to become part of the darkness," said Hanyu solemnly. "That's why we have to be well-prepared. Are you ready, Nisse?"

Nisse was adjusting the watch, which was a special instrument, on her wrist. "Ready. I've detected a powerful dark power. It's coming from next door!"

"Then, let's go." Hanyu tossed an irregular-shaped sapphire in his hand. "If everything goes well, we might save many lives. Once the Night Matriarch awakens and goes on a rampage, she will not only murder her family but also ma.s.sacre hundreds of innocent people in her surroundings." Nisse's parents would be among them.

Nisse nodded resolutely. They pushed open the courtyard door and headed toward Lin Xiao's home.

It was now or never. It would all be determined in the next hour because the Night Matriarch was going to awaken and go into a rampage in an hour's time.


The wind chimes were making a pleasant clinking sound in the background as Lange wiped the antique pen in his hand. He looked up and into the distance as if sensing something.

"I'm surprised! I thought I was the only one. It seems someone has awakened to the dark power, too."

No one could understand the terror and scale of the dark power more than he did. It was unlimited energy. As long as one could stand the load, he or she would turn into a perpetual motion machine, bursting with unlimited terrifying destructive power.

In gaming terms, it would be a mage with unlimited spells with no need for a cooldown. The only limiting factor of the Awakened of dark power was his or her physical strength. The awakened would be able to maintain whatever level of dark power he or she could produce with no drop in performance. This was the scary part of dark power.

They did not need cultivation. All it took was silently waiting for the dark power to enhance their physique, a.s.similating themselves with it so they could muster more dark power.

In simple words, this was a terrifying physique that enhanced itself even during its sleep.

"Interesting." Lange smiled.

"If you could make it through, I will welcome you to be my partner," he mumbled and continued to wipe his fountain pen as if the surging dark power out there had never been there before.


"It's coming!"

Inside a hotel near Lin Xiao's house, two men, tall built, wearing white combat suits, were standing in front of the opened window, looking at the dark clouds gathering in the sky.

"How did you know that? I could sense nothing," the other said with surprise.

"Neither did I. It just looks like natural dark clouds," said the first man. "But it is entirely normal because dark power is highly elusive. Everything in the world, different types of energy, of which ninety percent contain dark power. It is everywhere, the foundation that supports s.p.a.ce and time, and the universe. Aside from the Awakened of Dark Power, no one else can sense anything different."

"Then, you?"

"It was just a wild guess, idiot! No dark clouds could gather so fast."

The other man rolled his eyes.

"Let's go. It's time."

The two men closed the curtains and turned, heading towards the door.


In a courtyard unseen by naked eyes, beads of black diamond crystals were floating and spinning quietly in the air. Connecting the black diamond crystals were strains of black silk, on which dark power was flowing like black ink. Just by looking at it, it would make one want to plunge into it.

The courtyard of Lin Xiao's house was filled with these things—in the garden compound, under the walls, beside the table and chairs. These crystals were everywhere.

"Be careful. The dark power is still not that strong now. So long as we get near with equipment and activate the Sober Gemstone, we can leave," Hanyu telepathically said to Nisse. 

"Got it. You be careful!" Nisse worriedly held his hand.

"I know. Here she comes!" Hanyu whispered. "You get things ready while I will buy you some time! We have underestimated the Night Matriarch's ability. She has discovered us earlier than we have expected, but it's okay. If she is a fully grown Night Matriarch, getting KO'ed by her is entirely expected. But now, I can still hold her back for a while."

Hanyu looked up, his eyes focused past the courtyard on the slim figure walking out of the living room. Out of the shadow came a flirtatious face covered in a fuchsia pattern. Lin Xiao now possessed an added amazing charm compared to normal days; people would unknowingly get closer and fall for her look.

"Since we are exposed, let's go for Plan B!" 

Hanyu telepathized and lunged forward. He started to float in the air, leaving behind streaks of irregular trails behind him as he flew at high speed toward Lin Xiao. In his hand was the sapphire that he had prepared in advance.

"Wake up, Lin Xiao!" He hurled the sapphire toward her.

Nightmare's Call 523 Awakening: Part 2

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