Nightmare's Call Chapter 546

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“where am i now?”

the changes in external force slowly awakened lin sheng's original consciousness. if he were to continue to stay in the surround sound of brainwas.h.i.+ng voices, he would sooner or later become a monster of willpower that served only the divine instinct.

he was only an ordinary human with ordinary consciousness. he had never experienced a real mental trial. perhaps the brutal fighting in the dreams was part of it, but it was no way nowhere near the level for him to sustain divine conception.

“wake up! wake up! wake up!”

a familiar voice was ringing in his ears. but there were too many voices. this voice was just one of them, too indistinct that the prayers had drowned it out.

“ahh, i remember now. i'm forming divinity…” lin sheng suddenly woke up to what he was doing.

he looked at himself, bounded by white chains in the void. but something was rapidly dyeing the pure, white chains into the evil gray and black.

“wake up! wake up! your believers' wills are undergoing distortion! stop this! please stop! stop!”

a faint voice drifted into his ear from afar. he could not make out what it was.

protection? believers? he searched his soul. it felt as if there was an added self-confidence in his consciousness. it was absolute self-confidence. anything was possible so long as he followed this idea. the powerful feeling was giving lin sheng the illusion that he had surpa.s.sed the power of the dark wheel.

“is this the guardian divinity? a unique divinity belongs to me?”

he carefully appreciated the amazing thing he had conceived. soon, he figured out what his guardian divinity was all about. the contaminated guardian divinity at the end.

the guardian divinity bred in despair and fear, originally the willpower that got from the peace and sincere prayer of the believers.

however, things had fundamentally changed. only protected and praying believers living in despair and fear could he accept.

“despair and fear?” lin sheng was confused. but he did not have time for this. the moment he woke up, his soul connection with his avatars let him know that shermanton was on the verge of destruction.

“got to go now!”

the rest of the souls who guarded shermanton told him that the situation there was not good.

the white chains that surrounded lin sheng had now turned gray-black. as he got up to his feet, the chains broke, shattering into black light spots and vanished in the air.

“according to the divine pillar guy, this must be the willpower chain that i have formed. they can not only provide me with unlimited willpower but also pollute my divinity, twist my will, and turn me into a fallen divine creature when the belief in willpower changes.”

lin sheng finally understood it. if it were any other days, he would have sat down and taken his time to study it. but not today. he had to rush back to shermanton. otherwise, it would be too late.

“night lord, that fella…” it made his hackles rise. lin sheng stood upright. he a.s.signed the night lord to guard shermanton mainly because of his family's safety. but this guy suddenly became an eager beaver. he went to henricqal and even offered himself to fight. but he got himself into the quagmire and could not pull away. this prevented shermanton from buying more time.

as lin sheng stood up, the multicolored ribbons in the surroundings faded and vanished. he scanned around, trying to work out his bearing. he needed to know where he was because he had hibernated in his consciousness for ten years. the flow of time on the outside might be different, but in the case of his soul, it was ten years. he had forgotten many things.

just when he worked out his direction, ready to head back to his house in the nightmare plain, a familiar voice came from his side.

“you are finally awake.”

lin sheng looked over and saw a slender woman in a dark-green cloak holding the golden ball in which the golden-red humanoid resided. the voice definitely came from the ball, and the ball stayed still in the woman's hand.

“what are you doing?” lin sheng frowned; he did not even notice the presence of the woman at all just now. “whatever. i've got to go now. if anything, we'll see and talk later!”

“err, i'm afraid you're not going anywhere for the next half an hour,” the golden-red humanoid said.

lin sheng ignored it, turned, and then flew in his house's direction, leaving a trail of semi-transparent waves behind him. ward of distortion from his dark wheel was propelling him forward. but just as he was in the air, the woman holding the golden-red humanoid ball had come in front of him. no. it was lin sheng who had returned to his original position to be exact. he was now in front of the mysterious woman.

“what's happening?” lin sheng was desperate to return to save the actual world. but he just could not figure out why he was brought back to his original position. he did not sense any perturbation of the dimension at all.

that level of ability… his face turned serious as he stared at the woman's face hidden under the hood.

“you were the one who did this?” his voice was cold.

“i'm sorry, i activated your soul absorption earlier and your absorption rate was probably too high. so, now we have woken up this fellow, and…” the golden-red humanoid said with a shrug.

“then, who is she?”

lin sheng sensed something was wrong. at first, he thought the golden-red humanoid had found the body of a woman as his new body. but now, this spatial s.h.i.+ft phenomenon that happened made him feel more and more like resonance in the depths of his soul.

“just as you have thought it,” the golden-red humanoid said, “the one who stood in front of you, clutching me in his hands, is aisha, the torturer, the most powerful being after the master in the divine pillar.”

“then why is she standing in front of me? what does she want?”

“aisha has a perverted habit. she likes to savor her prey only when her prey was in its most perfect and delicious condition,” the golden-reed humanoid said. “she was waiting for you to complete the transcendence. but you…”

Nightmare's Call Chapter 546

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