Return Of The Monarch Chapter 47: Becoming One

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The night air was cool. Shrouded in the cover of the night, Feng Hui's expression was optimistic. In his mind, he would restore the world to its former glory so that his mother could come home in harmony.

When that hopeful time arrived, Feng Hui would be able to eat his mother's delicious cooking again. Thinking to this point, his smile was bright. However, the action of utmost importance was to first advance to the Realm of Immortals.

"According to Zhi Xingming, my will is the world's will." Feng Hui thought. With the finding of the correct route, it was best to figure everything out while moving on with his life. Perhaps, he could draw comprehension from a new experience. Regardless of how unwilling he was, he could not rush the process; otherwise, the bottleneck could last forever.

Unfortunately, the thing that Feng Hui lacked the most was time; he wished to bring his mother back as soon as possible. Sighing, he looked at the little Bao Jing gleefully parting her lips to speak.

"What does Master think about the two-week time limit?" Bao Jing beamed. Seemingly, the possible extinction of the entire human race was not on her mind at all.

"Hm?" Raising his sharp brow, Feng Hui was unaware of this so-called two-week time limit.

Seeing her amazing master's confusion, Bao Jing kindly explained, "The system stated that we needed to defeat those ten cultivators in order to escape the punishment of the erasing of our souls. This has to be completed within two weeks. I think this type of impossible mission is occurring everywhere in the world. Those ten were eying us down like we were an extinct race."

Indeed, it would be impossible for normal humans to defeat those top cultivators. Mulling over the little brat's words, Feng Hui nodded, "I understand, thanks."

Simultaneously, Feng Hui erased the system from this talented little girl's mind. With a hidden smile, he opened a portal to clear another disastrous stronghold, "Farewell, brat."

Under the countless looks of admiration, Feng Hui's figure faded away into the portal. Giggling, Bao Jing's cute eyes brightened, "See you later, Master!"

In this life, her mysterious master would always vanish as quickly as he had appeared. Toward this celestial benefactor, Bao Jing would be eternally grateful.

Soon, the light from dawn arrived. Enveloping the entire apartment in a bright light.

Somehow, the entire group had slept through nearly an entire cycle. The apocalypse was too mentally draining, after all. With the protection of Feng Hui, everyone was at ease.

Gradually, the group began waking up one after the other. Upon waking up, all of them drowsily rubbed their eyes. This was the best sleep they've had for a long time.

The last to awake was the beautiful Zhi Ruo. Freshening up a bit, she later walked out of her bedroom with messy long hair. Looking around, she was dumbfounded; she felt like she had the weirdest dream.

The black couch in front of her seemed too familiar for some reason. When Zhi Ruo looked around, she saw everybody staring at her. With a soft voice, she smiled, "Good morning, everyone."

"Mmm. Good morning, Sister Ruo!" Resting on the black couch with her best friend, Feng Mei giggled.

In response, everyone else also greeted the new woman in the group. Upon looking around, Zhi Ruo couldn't see the black-robed figure she was desperately looking for, "Where's Brother Feng?"

Zhi Ruo didn't know why, but something told her to look for the black-robed man. In her eyes, everything was too confusing; her heart was a mess.

Hearing this, Sun Yi shook his head while sitting with his legs crossed on a timber chair, "Truth be told, we don't know. Knowing him though, he will return soon."

"Yup, Dàgē will be back soon." In the view of Feng Mei, her elder brother would never leave unless it was something important.

Smiling, Feng Mei patted the spot to her left on the black couch, "Come sit, Sister Ruo. We can wait together!"

"Okay… Sister Mei." Shyly, Zhi Ruo ended up slowly nodding. Going up to her benefactor's cute sister, she awkwardly sat down next to her. Without Feng Hui, she would have been served on a honey plate to that gangster.

Leaning her little head on the incredibly beautiful woman's shoulder, Feng Mei giggled, "You don't have to be nervous with us, Sister Mei."

Hearing this tender, kind voice, Zhi Ruo's heart softened. A voice in her soul told her that she could definitely trust this mysterious black-robed man; thus, she should be able to trust his acquaintances too. With her mind eased, she smiled, "I know, Sister Mei."

Settling in a comfortable spot in the home, the group engaged in some small talk. Ten minutes later, a pitch-black portal began forming within their expectations. Stepping through the portal, Feng Hui chuckled at the five waiting for him, "Wow, this is quite the sight. Was the sleep pleasant?"

"Mn. Your home is very comfortable, Brother Feng." Softly, Zhi Ruo praised her benefactor's home. For some reason, sleeping here was especially relaxing. Unbeknownst to her, she was cuddling up to Feng Hui's scent for hours.

Praising Feng Hui's home, the rest of the group also brightly laughed. This was a side of this peerless man that they had never seen before. Surprisingly, he loved his home and family more than anything. For w.a.n.g Fang, he had believed that this cold genius student was an unfeeling block of ice with no emotions.

If Feng Hui knew that Zhi Ruo was thinking of him as her esteemed benefactor, he would surely become troubled. Nodding his head, he laughed, "That's good, Zhi Ruo. This can be your home too."

"Mn, thanks, Brother Feng." Gratefully, Zhi Ruo shone a beautiful smile. In her eyes, she would definitely repay her benefactor in the future. Inexplicably, her heart was always unbelievably happy being around this black-robed man.

"There's no need for thanks." Extending his spiritual sense, Feng Hui a.n.a.lyzed the system residing in the minds of these relaxed four. While residing within his domain, the system could not detect nor affect them at all. Waving his hand, he straightforwardly cleared the system from their minds.

Initially, Feng Hui had not cleared the system from Sun Yi's mind as the red-haired man could not cultivate to become stronger. The situation was different now, however. It would be too dangerous to allow the system to remain. One day, he would bring Sun Yi to the Long Kingdom to train as a respected Formation Master.

With a smile, Feng Hui sat down on a timber chair next to Sun Yi. Engaging in some casual discussion, he even laughed a bit. Watching his cute little sister and Zhi Ruo happily chat amused him greatly.

Some time later, Feng Hui suddenly made a request out of the blue, "Guys, could I have a moment to chat about things with my little sister and Zhi Ruo?"

"Of course, Brother Hui." Standing up from the timber chair, Sun Yi smilingly nodded. Peeking to the side, he saw w.a.n.g Fang and Nian Zhen getting up as well.

"Little Fang and Little Zhen come with me outside for a bit. I'll ensure your safety, don't worry. I have some things to discuss with you two as well." Sun Yi laughed, and he walked outside with the two curious teenagers.

Soon, the entire home was encompa.s.sed in a peaceful silence. Looking at the two interested beautiful ladies cuddling on the couch, Feng Hui softly brushed his black robes. Before returning home, he had taken off his mask and cloak.

Without hesitation, Feng Hui broke the bubble of silence, "There's something crucial I have to do. I likely won't return until two weeks later. Mèimei, there's something important I have to tell you once I'm back."

If the nations of the world were wiped without a trace, his family wouldn't have a home anymore. Learning about the two-week time limit, Feng Hui could not allow such a disastrous future. In the end, Earth was their home: nothing could change that.

Continuing his words in a calm voice, Feng Hui closed his eyes, "Zhi Ruo, I know that you're confused. I understand. In your eyes, I'm just a random stranger. But trust me, there's so much more than that. When I'm back, I promise that I will explain everything. For now, please just relax here with my little sister."

Upon finis.h.i.+ng his words, his little sister stood up without a word to tightly hug him, and she lovingly whispered for him to stay safe. Feng Mei clung close to her unfathomable elder brother, "Come back soon, Dàgē. I'll definitely be here."

Meanwhile, Zhi Ruo responded with a little bit of hesitation, "Brother Feng, I don't think that you're just a stranger."

"Since the time I first saw Brother Feng, there was something in my heart telling me that we've seen each other before, and I also think that it was on very pleasant terms." Clearing the worries within her heart, Zhi Ruo decided to state the hidden thoughts that were on her mind.

Stretching his little sister's soft red cheeks in agreement, Feng Hui playfully smiled, "I see. Without a doubt, there is a connection between us. To what extent, even I'm not fully sure yet. Those are my honest thoughts, Zhi Ruo."

For now, Feng Hui could not think of Xiao Ruo and this beautiful black-haired woman in front of him as completely the same. One day, he would seek for more definite answers from his childhood sweetheart's father, Zhi Xingming.

"You can trust me no matter what though, Zhi Ruo. I would never harm you." With a deep laugh, Feng Hui walked toward the beautiful black-haired woman with his little sister in tow. Offering his hand, he added, "When I return, this will become clear."

Looking at the outreached palm, Zhi Ruo speedily grabbed the man's large palm with both her hands, "You don't have to a.s.sure me anymore. I believe that Brother Feng wouldn't harm me."

Having spent time in his welcoming home, Zhi Ruo was more comfortable, and she was beginning to open up. Coupled with the incredible yearning of her soul, she was now much more trusting toward this mysterious black-robed man.

"Mn." The soft little hands were tightly holding onto his palm as if afraid he would disappear forever. Once again, Feng Hui thought, "Too similar."

"Mn. I should get going." Sending some of his bright energy into Zhi Ruo's hands, Feng Hui laughed.

"Now, this fast?!" Feng Mei jumped up in shock, and she grabbed her elder brother's black robe.

"Yeah, Mèimei. The world doesn't wait for anybody." Feng Hui smiled while playfully stretching her soft cheeks one more time, then he cast a portal so that he could inform the other three of his departure.

Noticing the fidgety hands of Zhi Ruo as he was about to leave, Feng Hui sighed. Looking at the beautiful woman, he stood in front of her with a bright smile.

"I-I'm not nervous because of fear. I just feel like I won't ever see Brother Feng again, and it's so painful to think to here." Fidgeting with her slender fingers, Zhi Ruo lowered her flawless face when she heard the nearing light footsteps. In her entire life, the number of times she had genuinely smiled could be counted on one hand. This had all changed after meeting this mysterious black-robed man: her heart became an incomprehensible mess.

"I don't know why, but I've always wanted to brightly smile whenever I see Brother Feng, and I've never enjoyed smiling." Everywhere Zhi Ruo had went, she would feel like an unwelcome stranger; it was a terrible feeling. For some reason, she had believed that the smiles of everyone around her were fake. Living with this depressing thought, her mind was tormented day by day which ultimately led to her currently docile self. There was a dark time where she did not even want to live on anymore.

Feeling immensely nervous after spewing out everything, Zhi Ruo's beautiful eyes suddenly widened. Looking downward, she saw Feng Hui's toned arms wrapped around her slender waist. The warm feeling soothed every doubt in her mind, and she relaxed.

Coaxing the little woman, Feng Hui calmed her emotions, "You don't need to ever worry again."

Imparting Zhi Ruo with one of his vital strands of Qi for protection, Feng Hui chuckled, "You're safe with me. This is certain, believe me. In this life of mine, I've done innumerable wrongs, but now I want to do something right. This time, I'm going to trust and follow my heart instead of thinking about the reasoning behind everything. You're Xiao Ruo; the amazing woman I love."

Life was fleeting and fragile like a piece of fine gla.s.s. In a relations.h.i.+p, it was crucial to have proper communication: lies and stubbornness could easily destroy a once special bond.

"Xiao Ruo, I'm sorry. I should have been by your side during your times of hards.h.i.+p, and I promise I will be from now on. This promise counts for every lifetime between us. I shouldn't have been so selfish. I'm starting to better understand my true emotions now. Please have faith in me, I'll be back soon!" Feng Hui's final words had countless meanings.

Listening to his s.e.xy, deep voice, Zhi Ruo's heart raced, and she struggled to breathe. Rubbing her large eyes, she saw that her white hand was soaked, and her entire face was covered in moisture. Unknowingly, she had cried out an entire waterfall.

The beautiful woman was unaware, but Feng Hui was her sole light in both lifetimes. In this short time she had known him, she was happier than her entire life put together. Subconsciously hugging the black-robed man with both hands, she couldn't hold back her loud tears. Between them, there was something more than fate. In the Eastern World, the vital strands of Qi from both separated bodies of Zhi Ruo were silently coming together to become one again.

In the Long Kingdom, Feng Hui had also imparted his vital Qi to the little Zhi Ruo years ago. Unbeknownst to him, alongside this connection, he had caused the halved souls to start merging when both Zhi Ruo's had felt the same exact yearning. The two were always one to begin with.

In front of Feng Hui, a ma.s.sive change was occurring within the beautiful Zhi Ruo hidden in his embrace.

While Feng Hui was intimately hugging his beautiful lover, he was shocked when he suddenly noticed Zhi Ruo's beautiful body becoming ethereal. Looking closely, he choked on his words upon seeing the familiar incomparably bright smile on her little face.

"Fengge, you big dummy. I'll always be waiting. I've missed you so much." With a sigh, Zhi Ruo noticed her little hand pa.s.sing through the tall Feng Hui. Regardless, her heavenly smile remained, "Come back soon, Fengge. I need you. The Secret Legion needs you more than ever."

For a second, Feng Hui was completely overwhelmed with his bursting love before he hurriedly responded.

"I will, Xiao Ruo, but what's going on? Please explain it to me!" Hastily replying, Feng Hui's pitch-black eyes were desperate. Undoubtedly, this was his childhood darling in full. With utmost ease, he could discern from her emotional eyes that their Secret Legion was facing immense difficulties back in the Long Kingdom.

Zhi Ruo was about to voice her troubles, but she noticed that she could not speak anymore. Shaking her little head, she mischievously walked toward the shocked Feng Hui. Cutely standing on her tippy-toes, she abruptly planted a big, loud kiss on the thin lips of her dearest lover.

There was no tangible sensation, but Feng Hui's emotions overflowed without control, and he tried to pull the cheeky woman into his embrace. Along with this fading kiss, he saw the ethereal body of his lover completely disappearing.

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, Feng Hui deafeningly screamed, "Xiao Ruo, I'll return to the Long Kingdom soon! No matter what, stay safe! That is the most important!"

With her final cute fierce nod, Zhi Ruo's heart melted in happiness as her ghostly body fully disappeared; her most beloved was still alive!

Time flowed like water. Feng Hui's mind was running through a million different possibilities.

"Who dares to harm Xiao Ruo and my Secret Legion…?" Once he returned, he would slaughter all her enemies without leaving even a single speck of ash. Seeing the cool, empty air, Feng Hui's heart was cold. To his side, his cute little sister was tenderly ma.s.saging his temples in shock. Without saying a word, Feng Mei continued to speechlessly coax her mighty elder brother.

Return Of The Monarch Chapter 47: Becoming One

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