Modern Weapon System 11 Side Story: New Year Above Uss Gerald R Ford

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The new year was coming onboard of the USS Gerald R Ford. The sailors that were stationed there was wearing their civilian clothes, thick enough clothes actually since the breeze of the winter was really cold as h.e.l.l in the northern region. Some of them were carrying grilling equipment, some of the others were carrying the booze and other stuff like that. Lance got the duty to supervise the booze carrying with someone that knew that kind of thing pretty well, Dima.

"Well, general, where should I put it?" The sailor asked Dima.

"There, in the fridge right next to the grill on the runway," Dima said as he talked to his walkie talkie.

"Thanks, sir," He said as he rushed down the runway to put the beer on the big a.s.s fridge that was moved from the supply s.h.i.+p. Though the winter was cold, warm beer was a bad idea too. Lance was still wearing the Christmas hat back from Christmas.

"Dima, what should they do?" Lance asked as he checked his checklist of stuff that should be brought on the upper deck. He checked everything that made the party more fun, including tracer ammunition and some inert rounds.

"Nothing, just enjoy the party generally," Dima said as he stopped a petty officer carrying a vodka and grabbed a bottle from his hands. He walked away from Lance, but Lance followed him from behind because he had nothing more to do.

The sailor prepared the grill fast, and hamburger and hotdogs were served to the starving sailor who was lining up on the upper deck of the aircraft carrier. The clock showed 1900 hours, and they had a lot of free time.
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The F/18s were parked on the lower deck, and few of the SH-60s were moved to the helicopter carrier. Some of the F/18 was ready to take off while carrying a bunch of flares.

Meanwhile, Lance and other flag officers were eating at the island, the meeting room to be exact. Well, to be fair, it's only, so Lance had a reason to sleep on the couch of the admiral's office. After they ate, Dima and Admiral Andersen were talking while Lance had fallen asleep on the couch of the office.

Dima asked the admiral, "Admiral, we have to come such a long journey, haven't we?" Dima poured a whiskey to the shot gla.s.s.

"Yup, you're right, General. Cheers," the admiral did a toast as Lance snored in the background, which disturbs the moment very much. Dima wanted to drug him with spirit, but Admiral prevented him from doing so. They drank all night long while Lance slept on the couch of Admiral.

After a lot of drinking, Dima and Admiral Andersen had pa.s.sed out on the chair while Lance woke up to see the fireworks that he had prepared for the new year eve. Lance went for a balcony on the island to saw the fireworks. The F/18F took off from the carrier right when his clock showed 23.45.

"Well, the show is going to start soon," Lance said as he put headphones on his ear since he was standing right next to the Phalanx CIWS. The soldier was manning the HMG with the tracer rounds and started to shoot it later.

The soldier on the upper deck started the countdown, "5...4...3...2..1..., FIRE!!!" the HMG started blasting while the Phalanx was fired to the skies and producing a nice firework-like effect. The F/18F was flying overhead and dropped its flares.

"Well, I guess happy new year," Lance said as he shot his pistol at the skies above.

Modern Weapon System 11 Side Story: New Year Above Uss Gerald R Ford

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