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At the party, Lance and Amara were standing in a counter near the garden. Well, their job wasn't as hard as Lance thought since their job was only to poured the wine to the guests and added some spell. Lance was wearing a black tuxedo vest, which he got from Amara's closet, and Amara was wearing a long sleeve and long skirt maid outfit, which was not that surprising since that was the dress code.

The party was located in the landlord's manor, which situated on a hill near the port. It took about twenty minutes of walking from the ala folks bar. Though, it wasn't that far either.

"SO OUR JOB IS JUST TO POUR WINE?" Lance said as the guests finally left their a.s.signment.

"Duh Lance, what are you expecting?" Amara said to him as she cleaned her maid outfit.

The landlord came and grabbed a serving of the red wine, "Nice job Amara, where did you find him?" the landlord asked me.

"He is Lance, sir, he is my old acquaintance," Amara replied to him.

"Lance, who anyway? Oh sorry to be rude, my name is Ferdinand Glas, I am a count of this land," He said.

"Pardon me, sir, My name is Lance Sharrington," Lance replied as he poured a red wine to a guest and smiled at him.

"I see, Well, I take my leave then," Count Glas said as he left both of us alone again.

Lance and Amara continued to serve the wine again until the party was over. The n.o.bility that attends the party was wealthy indeed, but something that bothered Lance was the number of privateers that were there. From the horizon of the sea, multiple blips could be seen, which most of the n.o.ble was mistake it as, "The stars look beautiful tonight." The stars were CSG of Gerald R Ford.
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The n.o.bility was drinking and eating all night long. Lance and Amara were sitting on the bench after their job was done. Lance looked around him, searching for his relatives who were already in the open blue sea.

"Amara, Why did this man replace my family as the landlord?" Lance asked him.

"It's a long story," she said.

Suddenly, the landlord approached lance with several bodyguards behind him. The landlord seems to want to get closer to Lance, but for what? Lance stood up and approached the landlord back and asked, "What can I do for you, sir?"

"Lance, can you follow me please?" Ferdinand asked me politely with his intimidating bodyguard.

Lance followed him without any hesitation since a refusal wasn't an option as far as he can see.

The n.o.bleman took him to an empty garden without any n.o.bility, and suddenly, the knight hit the back of his head, and he fell unconscious.

2 hours later

"Where am I?" Lance asked himself as his hands were hanged with a st.u.r.dy rope in a dark room. He inspected his body, and he noticed that he only wore his pants. He looked in front of him, and he only could see a bodyguard and a torch placed in front of him. The guard shouted, and the landlord came back while bringing a whip on his hands.

"Rise and s.h.i.+ne," Ferdinand said as he whipped Lance's body, and he screamed.

Lance looked down and saw his body had a fresh wound. "What the f.u.c.k?" Lance said as he looked at his whip.

"Hmm, what a dirty mouth, covers his mouth with the rag," Ferdinand said as the bodyguard behind him covered his mouth with a dirty brown rag that they found near a corpse in the dungeon itself.

Ferdinand whipped his body multiple times, and Lance screamed hard, but n.o.body can hear it since the party had already over. The whip was flapping from the left and right, whipping his body multiple times.

Ferdinand stopped whipping Lance body and grabbed a stool and sat down, "I thought that the pirate did a good job, but look, he left a boy here. The mighty Sharrington family were wiped out by a single pirate, they are a traitor, what a ruse I have made right?"

"I don't know who the f.u.c.k are you, and I will kill you as soon as I get off of this rope," Lance shouted as the rag fell off.

"Soldier, do a better job, cover his mouth and make sure it's tight and secure," Ferdinand stood up, and he whipped Lance's body multiple times again. More blood was spilled from the wounds, and the count was not going to stop soon.

At the worst timing, suddenly, her daughter came. Lance was hoping that the daughter came and stopped his father from gruesome action, but he is wrong. His daughter brought a metal rod and saw him.

"Hey honey, I brought you a present," Ferdinand said as she let her daughter tortured Lance with that whip and the metal rod of his.

"Thanks, Dad," Her daughter said with a cute evil smile, which was f.u.c.ked up. Her daughter heated up the metal rod with a torch until it turned a glowing red. "Hehe, I like you, my new toy, Traitor," the daughter said as she placed the metal road at the worst place possible for a man; yup, his sinep.

The glowing hot rod touched his sinep, and Lance screamed in agony as his thing was fried by the hot metal rod. "I like you, my new toy," she said as she kicked his p.e.n.i.s with the high heels of his shoes.

Lance further screamed in agony in the seemingly non-stop agony of torture. He felt that he was going to die in the dark dungeon of that manor. The daughter has stopped torturing him because she was too sleepy.

Lance dark pants had turned red from the blood from his body, luckily, his p.e.n.i.s was still intact, but his body was bleeding bad. The soldier seemed to not care about him too much, but the pain was so bad.

Lance pa.s.sed out from the blood loss, and he fell asleep. With blood still pouring down his body, his chance of survival was still unknown. All that he can conclude was that he had become the count's daughter's new toy. Every hope seems to be out of hope until a familiar sound could be heard.


Modern Weapon System 16 The Party...

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